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Eureka.... so go shower or something

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Summary: Someone falls into Jack Carter's lap. Season 1 Eureka, Post season 7 BTVS

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Television > EurekaCrazyDanFR15612,322514348,01721 Jul 0924 Mar 13No

Chapter 6: The Eyes have it....?

Eureka was created by Andrew Cosby and Jaime Paglia and currently airs on Syfy
Buffy the Vampires Slayer was created by Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy.
This is a piece of fanfiction and is not done for any profit.

Chapter 6:

Global Dynamics......

“Where's Taggart?” Stark asked Fargo as he looked up from his data-pad. “Wasn't he supposed to meet us for the basic quarterly overview of his projects?”

“You know how Taggart gets when he's focused on something.” Fargo said nervously.

“Is there something going on that I need to be aware of?” Stark sighed.

“Well....” Fargo trailed off. “It's this thing Taggart's been doing off and on since You-Know-Who got here. He's.... Xander watching.”

“Okay....I understand Xander is an interesting subject, but that's kind of creepy.” Stark said as he sat up in his chair.

“Aren't you still reviewing his brain scans and DNA?” Fargo asked.

“That's different. I'm not letting that get in the way of my day to day work.” Stark said with a wave of his hand.

“Not all of us can focus like you do sir.” Fargo said as he adjusted his glasses. “He has been gathering some interesting data through passive scanning of Xander's brainwaves as he interacts with the hyenas. It's... more primal than what we're used to seeing in a human. Plus there is a pattern we haven't seen before.”

“Interesting. Anything else we should be aware of?” Stark asked as he set his data-pad aside.

“Well....” Fargo said as he winced. “Taggart's not the only one watching him. There's been a local site set up somewhere in town that tracks his movements and what he's doing. It even lists what he eats at Cafe Diem each day. It's getting a lot of hits.”

“Fanboys.” Stark muttered. “Great. Has overall productivity taken a hit yet?”

“Not really no. Some folks are actually finishing projects ahead of schedule for once.” Fargo said. “At least in the weapons development.”

“Interesting.” Stark muttered as he pulled up the figures. “Very interesting. What's the address for the site?”

Fargo told him.

“You can go now Fargo.” Stark told his assistant.

Fargo paused before nodding to himself and walking out of Stark's office. He had his own work to get to.

Cafe' Diem.....

“I'm missing something.” Vince muttered as he reviewed his inventory. His outs were pretty much as predicted but there had been an unusual upswing in some of the classic American Diner dishes like hamburgers and pie but the strangest thing was the amount of Irn-Bru he was going through. It was like a decent chunk of Eureka's population was trying the imported soda and one out of seven of them were actually sticking with it. He'd have to up his order to compensate for the upwards spike in demand.

“This town and it's fads.” Vincent sighed before processing the order and continuing his never-ending task of feeding a town full of the best and brightest.

Global Dynamics Med-lab......

“I think it's ready.” Dr. Allison Blake said as she stared at the regrown eyeball. While not entirely ethical, the research notes on the cloning of Susan Perkins had been extremely helpful. Here in Eureka, there wasn't much that they weren't allowed to research, but cloning was close to the edge. Especially to the level that it had been taken with Susan.

Still, it gave them a viable starting point and a decent idea on what it would take to successfully clone organs.

Something that would pay off in the first cloned organ transplant, even if it was just an eye.

Budgetary Review day......

“So... we're using an orbital satellite to transmit infrasonic rays on test monkeys? How is that even remotely fiscally sound at this point?” Nathan Stark asked as he reviews the budget for possible cuts. He needed to make some hard decisions so the medical research team could go forward with the cloned organ replacements. The cost of having Harris on the Sherriff's payroll was negligible when you considered how much the various departments of Global Dynamics actually spent in any given day.

“Wait...” He said as he reviewed the test stages.... “Dammit we have to stop fast tracking research like this. Mind control while a nice idea... isn't viable if it's going to take that much power for such a limited area.” He made a few notations in his data-pad to have the Satellite reprogrammed immediately. The last thing they needed was something like that floating over their heads. There was no telling how that could go wrong.

Sighing to himself, Stark began looking at the accounting reports of the other departments. Some fat had to be trimmed, even if just for the sake of appearances. They had a senator coming next week to impress and cutting costs impressed almost as much as ray guns did.

Cafe Diem....

“And then we went out for waffles.” Xander finished, causing the whole table to break up in laughter.

“Okay... you win.” Jo said as she wiped a tear from her eye. “That had to be the strangest first date I've ever heard.”

“Oh, I've got a few more tucked away in the vault.” Xander said as he waggled his eyebrows. He frowned as his pocket link went off. “I have to cut this dinner break short guys. Duty calls. I've got a noise complaint out in the boonies.”

“That would be Spencer.” Vince said with a shake of his head. “It's movie night at his place. I was going to go over there but this impromptu get together seemed to be more entertaining. Which it is.” He said with a grin. “That movie would be playing with or without us there.”

“He's not wrong.” Fargo said with a frown. “Maybe we should build some noise cancellation system for him.”

“Like a cone of silence?” Xander asked.

“Exactly!” Fargo said as he pounded his fist on the table. “Ouchies.”

“When you say cone of silence...” Jack Carter began.

“Don't.” Allison said with a shake of her head. “Just don't go there. This town has been down that road before. Never again.”

“Seriously?” Jack asked.

“Look in your police archives from the sixties. You'll see.” Allison said with a shake of her head.

“She's not kidding.” Jo said as Xander left the building to go quiet the kid down.

“Henry, what's your viewpoint on this?” Fargo asked as he looked up from the napkin he was drawing on.”

“Well... your wattage is off for one.” Henry grinned as he got a look at the rough diagram.

“And on that note.... I'd better be heading home.” Jack grinned. “It's been fun but it's a school night and I need to make sure she's done her homework. I may not understand her homework, but I need to make sure it's done.”

“I need to get home too. Kevin gets upset if I'm home later than the agreed upon time.” Allison said as she checked her watch. “We should all do this again. Soon.”

“Agreed.” Jo nodded.

“Cone of silence!” Fargo said as he looked up. “I just got that!”

“Fargo, focus.” Henry said with a shake of his head. “I'll show you the list of reasons we don't go down that road later tonight.”

“Right.” Fargo said before looking down on the napkin. “Okay, don't you have most of what we would need at your shop?”

“Yep.” Henry grinned. “Vince, two coffees to go.”

“On it.” Vince grinned as he got up from the table.

The outskirts of town....

“That is pretty loud.” Xander muttered as he got out of his service vehicle, a sub-compact that had been supposedly 'tricked out'. It had a direct link to the office and to SARAH as well as enough of an arsenal and a small holding area in the backseat. “I'd better get this taken care of so I can actually get to my job of going through the records.”

Filing reports, budgetary or otherwise was part of his job duties. His filing skills, while a tad rusty from his high school days weren't too shabby. That was enough in Carter's eyes to get him to do it.

That and digitize the old reports. There were more than a few unsolved cases in there. Including one missing Fargo. Something he needed to look into. It smelled funny to him.

Shaking his head, Xander sighed and got back to his job and knocked on Spencer's Trailer door.

There was no answer so Xander knocked even louder. All he got in response was a loud 'Boom' from inside the trailer.

Xander had two options, barge in there or cut the power temporarily. Remembering the freak outs Willow used to have when-ever her computer lost power, he opted on the former instead.

“Damn that's a big TV.” Xander said as he burst into the trailer.

“Yep.” Spencer said as he turned. “Noise complaint?”

“Yeah.” Xander nodded. “Turn it down.”

Spencer nodded and picked up his remote.

“Okay. If I have to come out again there will be a ticket involved.” Xander cautioned the teen.

“Got it.” Spencer nodded.

“Good. Also, how the hell can you have a movie night without popcorn?” Xander asked him.

“I'm not a fan.” Spencer shrugged.

“Okay... I'm making a citizen's arrest.” Xander grinned. “Scoot over. You get cable on this thing?”

Two hours later....

“Shower scene....” The two men whispered as they stared at the screen.

“What was the name of this one again?” Xander asked Spencer.

“Muffy the Vampire Layer.” Spencer said.

“Oh.” Xander nodded. “Not bad.”

At the end of the evening, Xander had come to a firm decision.

He needed to get laid.

With someone that could keep a secret.

Something that wasn't very likely in this town of talkative techies.

The search was on.

Maybe SARAH could help.

Congressional Review day....

“So... you're actually replacing this man's eye with a cloned one?” Congressman Faraday asked. “Exactly how much did that cost to develop?”

“Unfortunately, the original process was created off site.” Dr. Allison Blake said with a sigh. “Access to the technology came about once it had been realized what had happened. The incident has been redacted, but the technology remains. Essentially we mastered it for very little other than delving into some morally ambiguous territory.”

“So this was developed in someone’s home lab?” Congressman Faraday asked.

“Yes. He's been banned from further genetic experimentation due to this. His actions are now monitored both at work and at home.” Allison said with a shake of her head. “He's too valuable a resource to let his scientific mind go to waste. We're following protocols that were put into place a generation ago for this type of thing.”

“So this has happened before?” Faraday pressed.

“Not this exactly. Some people have their best inspiration outside of the workplace. People deviating out into the fringes of research while risky, also reaps the greatest rewards. It's a fine line what we do here Congressman, but it's worthwhile.” Allison said. “Cell phones, MRI's, hell even the beginnings of Chemotherapy started in shacks on the outskirts of town.”

Congressman Faraday nodded but wondered why the patient on the table looked vaguely familiar. For some reason when he looked at the patient, he thought about his daughter. He would think about it on the flight back home.


Xander blinked.

It was an odd sensation, blinking. Especially since he could literally feel the presence of an eye in what had once been an empty socket.

Still, he had much better depth perception than he did earlier that day.

“So what's the bill?” Xander asked Allison.

“We'll put it on your tab. You should be able to pay it off in about twenty years.” Allison grinned.

Xander snorted. “I thought the job came with medical.”

“It does, but this isn't one of the covered procedures. Yet.” Allison told him. “Still, don't do anything too strenuous for the next couple of days. We don't want to increase the ocular pressure too badly. It could damage the implant. You should be grateful with our tech here. Outside of Eureka, most people spend a large amount of time after eye surgery with limited mobility so they can heal.

“I know.” Xander nodded. “Nothing strenuous for the next two weeks right? Daily check-ups via SARAH as well.”

“For now.” Allison said. “You did great Xander. Get some rest.”

“Sure, like anyone can sleep on the hospital beds.” Xander groused. “Don’t' you guys have some sort of sleep inducer or REM field creator or something so I can sleep it off?”

“Nothing that would work with your specific brainwaves. We're still trying to classify that anomalous reading we get from you. Someone is trying to call it Zeta Waves but that's still being decided.” Alliosn told him.

“They're my brain waves, can't I name them?” Xander asked.

“Not after what you named your car.” Allison laughed.

“Herbie is a fine vehicle.” Xander argued.

“Goodnight Xander.” Allison told him before getting up to leave the med-lab.

The Sheriff's station....

“So how is he?” Carter asked Allison as he picked up his link.

“Recovering but bored.” Allison said with a grin. “He should be ready for duty again in two weeks at the earliest.”

“So is he still up for filing and filtering paperwork?” Carter half begged.

“Dreading the archives?” Allsion laughed.

“In a word.... yes.” Carter agreed. “I swear that filing cabinet is some sort of weird experiment where it's bigger on the inside.

“No comment.” Allison grinned. “Thankfully his surgery was what convinced Congressman Faraday to give us a mostly glowing review. We've got some protocol revisions but other that, nothing on the chopping block just yet.”

“Good.” Carter said. “So... about that paperwork....”

“Just make sure the area is well lit for him to read.” Allison sighed. “After he gets out of the Med-bay. Two days.”

“Good. That means I can put that off for two days. Thanks Allison.” Jack said before hanging up.

“So... got any twos?” Jo asked Carter.

“Nope. Go fish.” Carter grinned.

Both officers paused as a man who was on fire calmly walked past the front windows of their building.

“I got the fire extinguisher if you call the department.” Jo offered.

“This town is never boring.” Jack grinned. “Deal.”


The End?

You have reached the end of "Eureka.... so go shower or something" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 24 Mar 13.

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