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Eureka.... so go shower or something

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Summary: Someone falls into Jack Carter's lap. Season 1 Eureka, Post season 7 BTVS

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Television > EurekaCrazyDanFR15612,322514348,03521 Jul 0924 Mar 13No

Chapter One

Eureka... so go shower or something.... (working title)
Eureka was created by Andrew Cosby and Jaime Paglia and currently airs on Syfy
Buffy the Vampires Slayer was created by Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy.
This is a piece of fanfiction and is not done for any profit. It's just an idea that ran through my head the other day.

AN: Probably a oneshot. If anyone wants to adopt it, feel free.

Chapter 1:
Jack Carter sighed as he sipped his Vincespresso. He couldn't believe that one road trip to retrieve his delinquent daughter would end up with him being the new sheriff of what had to be the weirdest town on the planet.

To make matters worse, he honestly believed that working in Eureka might be a good thing for him and his daughter Zoe. He looked up as the lights in Cafe Diem began to flicker. “Vince, do the lights normally do that?”

“No. This place has it's own fusion reactor, the power supply should always be constant.” Vince said with a frown.

Everyone that was looking up at the flickering lights noticed one small section of the ceiling in the town's main restaurant was.... shimmering.

“Vince, I take it that isn't normal either.” Jack said as he stood up from the stool he'd been sitting on.

“No, that's new.” Vince said as he began to duck behind his counter.

“Everyone step away from the... thing.” Jack called to the patrons as they were already doing what their new sheriff asked. Jack pushed the button on his radio. “Deputy Lupo, there's a thing happening in Café Diem, please head on over.”

Something fell from the shimmering section of the ceiling. It was a person that looked to be covered in steaming... something. He was also... Jack sighed. “Why does he have to be naked?” He asked aloud before adding “And bring a blanket.” into the radio.

“What for?” Jo asked.

“Someone just fell out of the ceiling.” Jack called.

“No really why?” Jo asked.

“I'm not kidding Jo.” Jack said. “Naked man just fell through the ceiling. You might want to contact Allison and Henry on this too.”

There was a moment of silence before Jo responded. “I'm on my way.”

Global Dynamics Animal Research Department.

Jim Taggart stared at the pair of Hyenas. “What's got you two so riled up?” The only response he got was a snarl in his direction.

“Hmm.... Curious.” Taggart said before going to get some muzzles.

Back at Café Diem...

“Seriously Carter, what was so... Hello!” Deputy Jo Lupo said as she came into Café Diem.

“Naked guy.” Carter told her. “Give me that blanket will you?” He said to the partially stunned woman.

Jo handed him the blanket and Jack covered the vitals. “Anybody know a guy who's missing an eye?” Jack asked as he finally got a good look at the man's face. He didn't get an answer.

“I don't recognize him. We should detain him and get him over to Global.” Jo told him.

“You're sure he's not a resident?” Jack asked.

“Pretty positive. I'd remember a face like that.” Jo told him. “I'll call for an ambulance. He needs to be restrained in the meantime.”

“He's unconscious.” Jack told her.

“He's also fallen from the ceiling and landed in the most secret town in the country.” Jo countered.

Jack sighed. “Fine.” He said before securing the... prisoner.

Just then Henry and Allison came into Café Diem. “Carter what is so.... Why is that man naked?” Allison Blake asked.

“He kinda came in that way.” Carter told her.

“He walked in here naked?” Allison half yelled.

“No, he fell through the ceiling.” Carter told her, which made Henry perk up.

“Really?” Henry asked. “Amazing.” He said. “I'll be right back. I've got some diagnostic equipment in my truck.”

“Bus is on it's way.” Jo told him.

“Good.” Jack said. “We can clear this whole thing up at GD. Including who this guy is once we get him looked at.”

“You're taking him to GD? Why?” Allison asked.

“Even for here, strangers falling through the ceiling aren't normal right?” Jack asked her.

“Yeah. I'll meet you in the med bay.” Allison told him before heading out as Henry walked back in with some equipment.

“Weird.” Henry said as he began scanning the ceiling.

“What's weird?” Jack asked.

“There's nothing, no extra background anything.” Henry told him.

“I saw this guy.” Jack said while pointing at the unconscious man, “Fall through that.” He said while pointing up.

“He's not alone. We all saw it.” Vince chipped in from his counter while others who'd been present nodded.

“I'm going to have to do some further tests then.” Henry sighed. “Jo, run his prints would you?”

Jo nodded before pulling something out of her duty belt and shining a light over the man's fingers. She linked it with her personal comm and waited. “It's going through the DOD database but it's not getting anything.” Jo told him.

Two Paramedics walked into Café Diem. “Let's load him up and get him to GD.” Jack said. “We'll figure out who he is and what to do with him there.”

Later at Global Dynamics.....

“Aside from dehydration and a knock to the head, he's fine.” Allison said as she summed up what she'd gleaned from the stranger. “His internal flora and fauna aren't common in the US. Judging by what we've determined to be in his stomach, he's been in Africa recently. What has the fingerprint scan come up with?” She asked Jo.

“Nothing. He's not in the database. We're running a facial recognition program now.” She told the head of GD.

“Good, we're getting a sample of his DNA run through the databases as well.” Allison said. “Any idea how he got here?”

“He just fell through the ceiling.” Jack said. “Damnedest thing I've seen today.”

“We've got a 93% match on facial recognition.” Jo said as she sat up in her chair. “It'd be higher except for the eye. It matched to two different people, one Nicholas Brendon and one Kelley Donovan. Twin brothers.”

“I swear those names sound familiar.” Jack said. “Anybody?” He asked Jo and Allison who shrugged.

“Maybe Fargo will know.” Allison said.

Both Jo and Jack rolled their eyes. “Fargo.” They both said at once.

Allison sighed but called the man in anyways.

“You guys wanted to see me?” Fargo asked as he walked into the Medical Wing.

“Do you know who Nicholas Brendon is?” Jack asked him.

“Yeah, he played Xander Harris on Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV show. Why?” Fargo asked as he got a look at the man on the bed. “You... that's....” Fargo fainted.

“So, is the actor who played this guy actually missing an eye?” Jack asked Jo who was searching the Internet on her com.

“No.” Jo said as she doubled checked. “Neither him or his twin brother are missing anything remotely like that according to their medical records.”

“Super.” Jack sighed. “So what's a fictional character doing in our town?”

“It's Eureka.” Jo said with a shrug. “Where the impossible is possible.”

There was a clawing sound coming from the entrance to the med bay. Jim Taggart came in struggling with two hyenas on leashes that were desperately trying to make their way over to where everyone was standing.

“Hello!” Taggart said. “Looks like this is where all the trouble at.” He said with a grin. “Something's making my lovelies here go a bit bananas.”

“And you brought them here?” Jack asked him.

“How else was I supposed to find out what it was?” Taggart defended. “Did Fargo faint again?”

“Does he do that often?” Jack asked.

“It's Fargo.” Allison and Jo answered.

“So that's a yes then.” Jack said with a nod. “Someone get some smelling salts or something for both of them. I want this nonsense figured out.”

AN: Not my best work, been reading ultimate Marvel imprint for the past few days. Did Marvel Zombies disturb anyone else on a fundamental level?
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