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Summary: A one shot BtVS/JLU crossover that I decided not to continue, but a decent one shot. Continued by popular demand.

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DC Universe > Justice League(Current Donor)dogbertcarrollFR15514,3474516162,04221 Jul 0930 Sep 13No



“I wonder how long this dream is going to go on for anyway...” Xander wondered aloud.

“You're not dreaming,” Flash said, dropping out of the conversation on how a native born Brit could become an American president.

Xander laughed. “I go from fighting demons and working as a stripper, to hanging out in the Watchtower with some of the greatest heroes in existence, in a world where the good guys win on a daily basis? I'm not sure this dream could get any better.”

The door behind them opened and Xander turned his head just barely catching a glimpse of Power Girl before he found himself flying across the room and crashing into her chest.

“OK, now I believe he's magnetically attracted to breasts,” Hawkgirl admitted.

Xander, his face buried in a startled Power Girl's cleavage, said something, but it was so muffled that no one could hear it.

“What?” Flash asked.

“He said 'I stand corrected,' and 'best dream ever'.” Power Girl replied, before floating off the floor and finding much to her amusement that he was indeed stuck to her breasts.

“Yeah, I can't see convincing him he's not dreaming now,” Flash admitted.

“I just stopped in to say I'm going off the clock for about 12 to 16 hours. That last mission really wiped me out. I'm looking forward to a long hot shower and some decent sleep – unless the world is ending don't call me,” Power Girl announced and relayed from her cleavage, “Ditto. We'll worry about the magnetic thing after some sleep.”

The door closed behind the ‘attractive’ couple to complete silence.

“Didn't she already?” Wonder Woman began.

“Yep,” Flash replied.

“So what she really plans on is...”

“Indeed,” GL nodded.

“Aren't you going to say something?” Wonder Woman asked Superman.

Superman scratched the back of his head, embarrassed. “The last time I talked to Power Girl she said that if she couldn't find a man who didn't chicken out on finding how strong she was, she might start turning her eyes to me... and this farm boy is from Kansas not Kentucky.”

* * *

“So it was a subconscious use of his unknowingly acquired abilities that sent him flying into Power Girl's chest?” Batman asked.

J'onn nodded. “Yes, now that Xander knows about his abilities we shouldn't have any subconscious accidents of that type again.”

The door to the medlab opened and Xander went flying, his face landing in Power Girl's cleavage once more.

Batman raised an eyebrow.

“I said no more subconscious accidents like that, that however was a conscious use of his abilities.

Xander said something that was completely muffled, but Power Girl heard him anyway. “I don't think you can claim my breasts in the name of Xander-topia. However land usage rights might be attained.”

Power Girl looked over at J'onn.

“I know, 12 to 16 hours of downtime. I'll see to it,” he replied as she left with Xander still attached.

* * *

Most of the heroes were in civilian attire, enjoying a rare quiet day to have a barbecue. “I have to say I envy your empowerment,” Flash said in between hamburgers.

“You'd prefer the power of Gravity over acceleration?” Xander asked.

“No way! I just think the way you were empowered was a lot more fun than mine,” Flash said with a grin.

Xander saw a blonde woman approaching whose eyes were pure white and said with a grin, “I have to go do something over there.”

“OK, seeya!” Flash called as Xander went to go watch Power Girl play volleyball.

Power Girl dropped out of the game to give Xander a kiss and steal his drink.

“Who's that with Flash?” she asked, having noted Xander leave as the girl approached and wondering why.

“Just a young woman who wanted to introduce herself.”

“She works fast,” Power Girl smiled as the flustered Flash babbled at the girl who had plopped herself in his lap.

“You have no idea.”

* * *

Xander and Power Girl strolled through Metropolis, enjoying the sights. She'd seen them all before, but Xander was so excited that it carried over onto her.

“I want to get a shot of the Daily Planet and a bunch of back issues! Man, if my friends could see me now.”

A huge bank vault door flew through the front of the bank and smashed into a line of parked cars, pelting the nearby pedestrians with shards of broken glass and twisted metal, miraculously causing no serious injuries.

“Time to work,” Power Girl sighed, unhappy about their date being interrupted.

“Go get'em honey!” Xander cheered her on, not at all disappointed at a chance to see her in action.

Power Girl blushed and flew into the bank, only to come flying out with enough force to dent the vault door.

A tall robotic figure stepped out of the bank, its right hand giving off a slight greenish glow from the crystals embedded in it.

“After my last defeat at Super Man's hands I decided to upgrade myself. I no longer have to expose my power source to harm a Kryptonian. I will take great pleasure in strangling you to death, almost as much as I shall at Super Man's eventual demise,” the robotic figure stated before stalking toward the downed heroine.

Power Girl struggled to rise, clutching her ribs, but the Kryptonite proved too much for her and as she fell Xander saw red.

* * *

Metallo stumbled and almost lost his feet as the ground shook. Scanning the area for the source of the disturbance he spotted a human stalking toward him.

The figure wore no costume, just a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, but his every footstep sent shock waves through the ground like an angry god.

Metallo powered up the Kryptonite enhanced blaster built into his right arm, only to scream in pain as his arm was brutally ripped away from his body - the material compressed so tightly it vanished.

“Goodbye corpse!” Xander growled his hand reaching out like a claw, as a gravity field formed around Metallo causing the cyborg's metal frame to groan from the forces it was being subjected to.

“But heroes don't kill!” Metallo shouted beginning to panic as mechanical stress sensors blared warnings in his head.

“I'm not a hero, I'm just in love with one,” Xander said flatly. “And you hurt her.”

Staring into Xander's eyes, Metallo would have wet himself were he still capable of it. The pressure around him increased and his left hip snapped before a voice rasped out “Xander.”

Xander dismissed the partially crushed cyborg from his mind, causing Metallo to fall to the ground as he ran to Power Girl's side. “Are you OK?”

“I'll be fine,” she promised him, before pulling him down atop her. “So, you love me?”

“Yeah,” he replied nervously.

“Good thing I love you too then,” she said before kissing him soundly.

Unnoticed a news crew using a zoom lens and shotgun mic broadcast the entire scene live.

* * *

Lex Luthor watched the evening news thoughtfully. “Mercy?”

“Yes, sir?” his female chauffeur, bodyguard and gofer replied.

“Make sure any plans I have involving Super Man are modified to avoid Power Girl's involvement.”

“Yes sir.”

* * *

“Where is Power Girl?” Darkseid demanded, having used a boom tube to appear in Power Girl's bedroom with the intentions of killing her as a means of weakening Super Man.

Alarms blared around the two, as the sensors inside the watchtower detected Darkseid's arrival.

All the humanity leaked from Xander's eyes as he saw the Kryptonite dagger in Darkseid's right hand.

Throwing his hands up, palms out to either side of Darkseid, Xander began to curl his fingers and Darkseid found himself, arms outstretched, unable to move, as if he'd been crucified.

“Unhand me mortal!” Darkseid growled, his eyes beginning to glow orange.

“If you try to fire off those Omega beams the only way I have to defend myself against them will probably kill you,” Xander warned him, trying to hold back his instinctive response which was to remove the threat to his girlfriend permanently.

“You cowards lack the balls,” Darkseid sneered and his eyes glowed bright orange for a second before Xander clenched his fists – the opposing gravitational forces ripped Darkseid in two, showering the room in blood and gore as he collapsed to the floor panting.

“Xander!” Power Girl's worried voice called out as she burst into the room, fell to the ground and crawled over to him.

Her entry was quickly followed by Super Man, who fell to his knees as well, followed by the Flash, who had enough sense to see what was going on and quickly located and removed the source of Kryptonite.

“Speak to me!” Power Girl demanded anxiously, searching for wounds beneath all the blood.

“Darkseid showed up with a Kryptonite dagger, looking for you, I warned him about using his eye beams but he didn't listen,” Xander said, finally having caught his breath after expending so much power. “I managed not to harm him until he gave me no choice.”

“I don't care about him. Are you OK?”

“Yeah, just a bit tired. I could use a long hot shower and some decent sleep, unless the world is ending,” Xander said as if quoting from memory.

“We'll have to use your room. You made a mess in mine,” Power Girl said as she hugged him and the two headed off leaving bloody footprints in the hall.

Super Man sighed as he took in the destruction around him. Darkseid's blood was splashed around as if a giant had ripped him in half... and for good reason. Even concentrating on Darkseid hadn't kept Xander's powers from warping the metal around him.

“This is going to take a lot of work.”

Flash having returned just after they'd left asked, “You're worried about the damage, but not about Darkseid's death?”

Super Man shook his head. “Xander had little choice and gave him fair warning. J'onn reviewed the footage from the monitors and sent me a mental clip of it. Besides he never claimed to be a hero, just a man handed a set of amazing powers that he's still trying to master. Xander isn't a member of the League and avoids violent confrontations because he wants to avoid injuring anyone on accident.”

“So no harm, no foul?” Flash asked, glad to hear Xander wasn't going to be in hot water over this scene.

“He wasn't operating as a vigilante, just a man defending himself. Self defense is every man's right.”

* * *

Power Girl winced as she lay in bed. The pulses were getting closer and she'd have to make a decision soon, but could she really ask him to jump blindly into infinite with her? He'd mastered his powers and used them to help Alfred in his commercial ventures which he was using to bankroll his campaign. Xander had a life here and it wasn't fair to ask him to abandon it.

“So, when are we going?” Xander asked, kissing the side of her neck.

“What?! How'd you know?”

“Because I know comics and I saw Super Girl on the news – which means we have to leave soon.”

“It’s not fair to make you give up your life here.”

“No, it’s not fair to make me give up my girlfriend. Things can be replaced and new friends made, love is irreplaceable. So, how do we jump realities?”

“I don't know,” she admitted, turning around to face Xander with a big smile on her face her pain forgotten, when she felt another pair of lips kiss her neck.

“Uh... Xander, who's behind me?”

“I think its Gravity with either an offer of a threesome or transport to another reality,” Xander said with a grin.

“Can't it be both?” the voice asked, as she pressed herself up against Power Girl's back.

“You sent Xander to me,” Power Girl said. “Of course it can be both!”

“Before we get started,” Xander said, trying to hide his surprise and interest in Power Girl's answer. “What reality do you think would suit us?”

“Your home of course.” Gravity laughed. “Unless of course one of us gets distracted during transmit again ...”


AN: This is a somewhat sketchy outline of what I had planned. Thought I'd share since so many people asked about it. If anyone wants to write a full version, feel free you have my permission – just send me a link.

AN2: Everyone thank Godogma for his work on typing this up.
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