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This story is No. 2 in the series "A Hunter's Nephew". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sequel to A Hunter's Nephew. To save Sunnydale Willow attempts to resurrect Buffy, but someone else tags along.

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Supernatural > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Sam WinchesterKirallieFR15710,02144921,35623 Jul 097 Feb 13No

Chapter 2

Disclaimer: Not mine.
Glad people like HyenaXander so much.

Chapter 2

Sam looked down to see Xander curled up against his side. The hyena saw him as Xander’s mate? It was a lot to take in after so long thinking he would never get the chance to tell Xander how he felt. But that was still up in the air, they didn’t know why the hyena was the one in control or if Xander’s soul was even in there with her. However, it was pretty obvious now that Sam was around she/he was not leaving their mate. Which could be problematic.

Xander looked up and cocked his head curiously. Sam smiled at him as Xander reached out to trace his lips and then to Sam’s surprise tried to copy the facial movements.

“Xander.” Sam placed a hand on Xander’s chest.
“Xander.” He repeated and then put his hand on his own chest.
“Sam. Xander...Sam.” He repeated the motions several more times and then waited to see what would happen. Xander’s hand slowly came up to rest on Sam’s chest.

“Ssss.” He frowned and Sam nodded in encouragement.
“Ssaa.” Xander tried again and Sam noticed Bobby standing in the doorway, a look of hope on his face.
“Saammm.” Sam laughed and hugged Xander.

“Yes Xander, I’m Sam. That’s brilliant.” Sam praised and Xander smiled.

Bobby checked in and smiled when he saw Xander curled up on Sam, both boys asleep with Dean snoring lightly in the bed next to theirs. Xander whimpered softly in his sleep and Sam shifted, tightening his grip and Xander calmed again. If he’d been able to see into his nephews head at that moment his smile would have been a hundred times brighter.

See going to hell had an unforseen side effect on a person who was technically hosting two souls and the memory of another. It forced them to merge almost completely and then the most powerful took the driver’s seat to protect them, in Xander’s case that meant the Hyena was in control.

It was enough that the demons left him alone; since his soul wasn’t human or demonic they didn’t really know what to do with him. So they’d carved out their own little corner and defended their territory from any comers. When Willow’s spell had reached out in search of the Slayer’s soul all parts of Xander recognised her power and so latched on and let it pull them back. But Xander the human had been pushed down deep to survive with the soldier standing guard. Now that they were out things were changing.

Sam woke to find warm brown eyes staring at him and that was a shock, the whole time Xander had been back they had been the green of the hyena. Sam reached out and stroked Xander’s cheek and Xander turned into his touch.

“Xander?” Xander just stared at him but there was something in his eyes that hadn’t been there before, human intelligence, not just animal. But there was no more recognition of who Sam was than there had been before and that hurt; to be seen as simply his mate due to animal instincts. Sam wanted his friend back and while progress was obviously being made he wanted it to happen quicker. Xander had only been back for two days so maybe he was being unrealistic but still....

“Sam?” Dean called groggily from the other bed and Sam felt a flash of guilt for waking his brother.

“It’s okay, go back to sleep.” Sam whispered and Dean grunted, rolling over to stare at them. Dean gazed at them and then looked at Sam who shrugged.
“His eyes are brown again.” Sam answered the unasked question and Dean raised an eyebrow.

“That’s a good sign right?”

“I think so.”

“Good. So go back to sleep, sun’s only half up.” With that Dean rolled back over.

The week had passed quite interestingly for the occupants of Singer Salvage. Xander was now able to sit and eat at the table and take care of his own needs but since that one utterance of Sam’s name he hadn’t spoken a word. He’d also stopped communicating like the hyena too so they couldn’t decide if it was a step forward or backwards.

Bobby had called Sunnydale again only to find Buffy had been brought back as planned and that she was pretty much back to normal, if a little sad sometimes. The only difference they could find between the two resurrections was Xander’s left over possessions.

So when he dropped into a crouch and began to growl, his eyes once again glowing green the three men lunged for weapons and took up defensive positions at the windows. Though it was hard for Sam since Xander’s instinct was to protect his mate which meant getting Sam out of the line of fire. Bobby’s dog, Rumsfeld (though not the original since he had been killed by Meg), started barking and growling in warning as well from outside.

The door banged open and Xander snarled, preparing to pounce but Sam held him back as Ruby sauntered inside only to freeze at the sight of a feral Xander. Xander began literally snarling and she backed up.

“Call your dog off.” She demanded and Sam snarled at her. She blinked in shock but wisely moderated her tone.
“I came to warn you, Lilith’s upped the bounty on Sam’s head. And I suppose him being back explains the second one, feral boy is wanted dead too. All of you are actually but the two of you are at the top of the list.”

“Thanks for the warning now get out.” Dean warned and she left in a huff. Xander calmed once she was gone and Sam relaxed his grip a bit. Xander turned in his arms and stared up at him, his eyes brown again.

“Demon gone.” Xander stated and Sam laughed, pulling him closer.

“Demon’s gone Xander.” Sam said without letting him go. Xander looked around the room curiously and then stared at his uncle.

“Un’le Bobby.” Xander stated, not quite getting uncle but the fact that he was talking and knew who they were was a miracle in itself. Xander turned again to face Dean.
“Dean.” Dean grinned and nodded at the younger male. A final turn had him staring up at Sam again.
“Sam. Mate. Mine.” Xander stated and Sam nodded, swallowing thickly.

“Yours.” Sam answered and Xander smiled, snuggling into his embrace.

Sam smiled as he noticed Xander watching him. He didn’t know exactly what had triggered it but lately Xander was beginning to act almost like his old self. Although, it was obvious that there was still a lot that he didn’t remember. As Xander began to reclaim himself, the moments of animal behaviour lessoned. The hyena’s presence was still obvious in the predatory way he would move around the house, and the speed in which he made those movements. Bobby, Dean and Sam had talked it over and the consensus was that Xander’s three personas had somehow merged even closer while in Hell, probably as a coping mechanism.

Xander protectively followed Sam everywhere but he didn’t get in Dean’s way when the two were having fun teasing each other. Obviously Xander knew they were brothers and that brothers often fought without meaning anything by it or really trying to hurt each other. As Xander followed Sam, he began to mimic much of what Sam did. He was relearning how to be human without them having to actively try and teach him.

Sam held out a hand and Xander was instantly by his side, staring down curiously at the book Sam had been reading for research. They desperately needed more information on Lilith and what she was planning to do with her army. She wanted her competition out of the way so she had to have some sort of plan for the army. Sam turned the page and Xander whimpered softly. Looking down Sam stared at the artist’s impression of hellhounds before slamming it shut.

“Xander?” He called but the younger man was backing away, frowning and holding his head. His scream had Dean and Bobby running into the house from where they’d been working on the Impala. Xander collapsed into a huddled heap on the floor, rocking and screaming in fear and pain.

“Sam? What happened?” Dean yelled as Sam dropped to Xander’s side, trying to comfort him.

“The stupid book had a picture of Hellhounds.” Sam told them and they both winced.

“Must have triggered a memory.” Bobby stated and then moved to his nephew’s side to try and help Sam calm him.

Xander screamed as images and sensations bombarded his mind. He could feel claws ripping into his flesh as teeth tore at his chest to reach his heart. He writhed in pain, screaming for it to stop, willing to do almost anything to make the pain go away.

“Xander it’s okay, your safe. Nothing’s hurting you.” He whimpered but relaxed a little from his curled position as a familiar voice reached him. It was soothing and warm and he knew its owner wouldn’t lie to him but then why did it hurt?
“You need to focus Xander, what you’re feeling isn’t real. It’s a memory. Come back Xander, please.” He forced himself to listen, to cling to the voice and slowly the pain receded and he uncurled a little. Gentle arms wrapped around him and familiar scents washed over him. He finally relaxed fully and let himself be pulled into a lap, soaking up the warmth while hovering somewhere between sleep and waking. He didn’t know how long he stayed like that until he rolled over to look up into familiar hazel eyes.

“Sam.” He reached up to trace the familiar face and Sam gave him a watery smile, hugging him close.

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