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This story is No. 2 in the series "A Hunter's Nephew". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sequel to A Hunter's Nephew. To save Sunnydale Willow attempts to resurrect Buffy, but someone else tags along.

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Supernatural > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Sam WinchesterKirallieFR15710,02144921,34923 Jul 097 Feb 13No

Chapter 6

Disclaimer: Not mine.
Sorry for the very long wait.

Chapter 6

Sam woke up, smiling when he found Xander fast asleep on his chest. Xander had finally managed to sleep the whole night through so talking to Buffy must have helped. He wished their talk had helped more but he was juts glad Xander was finally sleeping. He placed a gentle kiss in Xander’s hair and was nuzzled in response, making him smile again. Dean had called the night before and they would be back the next day so they only had today left to themselves. Sam was going to make it the best day so far. Sleepy brown eyes stared up at him and Sam winced.

“Didn’t mean to wake you, go back to sleep Xan.” Sam whispered but Xander shook his head, moving up to kiss Sam good morning. Sam eagerly returned the kiss and then began running his fingers through Xander’s hair, making him purr softly.
“You slept the night through.” Sam commented and Xander looked up at him in surprise.

“What time is it?” Xander asked and Sam glanced at the clock.

“Seven twenty eight, that’s nine hours straight.” Sam grinned and Xander smiled.

“You slept too right?” Xander asked and Sam nodded, kissing him again. Xander cuddled in closer and Sam wrapped his arms around him, both content to just lie quietly together. They only got up when their stomachs would no longer be ignored, working quietly together in the kitchen to make breakfast. Instead of eating at the kitchen table Sam tugged him through to the living room where they curled up together on the couch to eat. Xander laughed when Sam held out some food but let him feed him.
“Sappy today?” Xander asked and Sam shrugged.

“Bobby and Dean get back tomorrow; this is our last day alone, just want to make it special.” Sam admitted and Xander lent in to kiss him.

“Thank you.” He whispered and Sam smiled, flashing dimples.

“I missed you so much Xander.” Sam admitted, pulling Xander into his arms once he’d put his plate down. Xander relaxed in his embrace, soaking up the human contact. It was funny how much he’d missed something he’d never really thought about before but in hell no touch was gentle, not that many things had managed to touch him. Xander twisted in Sam’s arms so that he was straddling him and then leant in for another kiss. Sam’s hands moved to rest on Xander’s hips as they kissed. Xander leant more of his weight on Sam, letting their groins brush and Sam gasped, staring at him in shock and Xander stoped, worried he’d gone too far.
“Xander? You sure you want…’s not just her wanting us to mate?” Sam asked hesitantly and Xander grinned at him.

“I want it, like you said they’ll be back tomorrow. Don’t want them around for the first time and when will we be alone again?” Xander answered and Sam nodded, pulling him in so their bodies were aligned even as he kissed Xander again, his tongue teasing Xander’s lips to deepen the kiss. Xander began moving his hips against Sam’s as they kissed, breath coming in pants. Sam broke the kiss to smile at Xander, brushing Xander’s hair off his face.

“Bed?” He offered and Xander nodded, scrambling off him and then offering Sam a hand up. They headed upstairs, still hand in hand and went in to Xander’s room, falling onto the bed together. Sam lay on his back, pulling Xander on top of him. He knew what Xander having her meant, hyenas were matriarchal but Xander wasn’t female so he wasn’t entirely sure which way Xander would want to do things. Xander smiled and rolled them so he was under Sam, lifting his hips so Sam undid his belt and helped him out of his jeans before removing his own.
“Xander how do you want to….” Sam trailed off, not sure how to say it and Xander grinned, a faint sheen of green in his eyes, showing she was very much awake.

“Depends on what you want. Mating or just fun? Mating is um… in nature. Fun can be anyway but that.” Xander offered and Sam paused to really think it over. Was he ready for what mating would mean to Xander? Then he smiled, yes he was. He’d already lost Xander once, he couldn’t do it again.

“Anything else involved in mating?” He asked and Xander stared up at him in awe before yanking him down to kiss.

“Not really. At least we’re not actually hyenas.” Xander said with a grin.

“Oh, why?” Sam asked and Xander flipped them over.

“Because you could lose your head if you did something I didn’t like.” Xander answered before locking his lips around one of Sam’s nipples. Sam moaned and held Xander’s head in place as he played with it before moving on to the other one. Eventually Xander began moving down Sam’s body, searching out all the spots on his body that gave him pleasure and memorising them. He finally came to Sam’s underwear and slipped his hands under the waist band, looking up for permission and Sam lifted his hips so he could remove them. Sam moaned as wet heat enveloped him. Xander was new to it but very eager to learn. Sam rested a hand in Xander’s hair but didn’t try to control his movements. Xander pulled off before Sam could reach completion, kissing his way back up his body to grin down at him as Sam tried to calm himself down.

“Tease.” He gasped out before pulling Xander down for a kiss. He flipped them again and began returning the favour.
“Got anything?” He asked and Xander blinked before nodding, reaching into the drawer beside the bed. Sam took the tube and then looked at Xander again. He smiled and nodded so Sam went to work preparing him. When he was done Xander rolled over and got nervously to all fours.
“You sure?”

“Yeah, you?” Xander answered, looking back over his shoulder. Sam leant in to kiss him before nodding.

Dean looked at Bobby who shrugged and then dropped his bag, both listening for any sign of the younger men. Hearing noise upstairs they wetn up and found Xander’s door open. Dean peeked in and then went bright red before quickly retreating, dragging Bobby back downstairs.


“Shouldn’t have rushed back.” He squeaked before calming down.
“About time though.” He grinned and Bobby laughed as he realised exactly what poor Dean had seen his brother doing.

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