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Original of the Species Part 3: Adam

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This story is No. 4 in the series "Original of the Species". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Multiple Crossover (mostly DBZ, some SG-1, some Eddingsverse) Less then a year left till the coming of the Androids. Or is it….?

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Literature > Fantasy > Author: David & Leigh Eddings
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MuadzinFR1814125,79325511,55224 Jul 0914 Oct 09Yes





Another part done!

Yeah me!

It has taken me the longest case of writers block to finish this story. But thanks to Shadowmaster’s input I managed to get back on the rails. And I like to think it came out okay.


I’m glad I wrote most of the story in one go as it constantly kept changing in its details, although not in the big outline. What I thought was disappointing in the conclusion of part 2B was that there was little forewarning that Aldur would come to save the day. Had that story been thought out and written in one go I would have added a forewarning already in chapter one.

Henceforth the Slayer dreams in this part. Originally there was no dream for Buffy, she just tagged along after Belmo because she wanted to. Well, because I wanted her out of the way so Faith could shine. But that didn’t make a lot of sense. So the Slayer dreams were born. And then they got a little out of hand and before I knew it they were crucial. Rewrite city!


As you may have noticed this story jumps around a lot in its time. One of the reason I used the A-day minus timer. Although not the main reason (cause I liked it). Originally one idea was to have the whole story told as a series of flashbacks, with each chapter starting there in Botany Bay and then, bam, Flashback city! Chapter one was already written that way.

Then writers block set in and real life followed suit. At one time I was even busy with four bands at the same time, going on tour with one of them as a sound engineer. But once I got going again, it went fast, chapters coming out once every two weeks.

By that time however the whole flashback thing had stopped. And the smart thing to do was to end the story with Gero coming out of his healing machine. Chronologically it would have made more sense. But I started the story with the flashback so I felt it had to end back where it had originally started. Out there in Botany Bay.


Now in case you’re wondering, hang on, good story, but some of these characters are acting a little out of character. That’s not how I remember them from the shows, well, firstly, that’s writers prerogative. My story, I can make them do as I see fit. Be glad I did not engage in Xander/Spike slash.

Secondly, I lstopped watching Buffy episodes or DBZ a long time ago so I’m operating mostly from memories and summaries. I find that not watching episodes helps me to deviate from canon (the purpose after all of crossover) far better. When I was writing part 1 and the beginning of part 2B I was still watching a lot of Buffy episodes and it caused me to rewrite episodes a lot more then making my own stories. Once I stopped watching episodes I gained more freedom. Unfortunately, it probably also caused some of the characters to act a little different. But then again I’d like to think that as these characters experience different things, their characters change in different ways as well. Xander in particular I wanted to change from a happy go lucky character into a guy who still cracked jokes to keep the others’ spirits up, but deep down underneath he was anything but a happy camper. Becoming a fatalist.

Breakout characters

Sometimes you start writing a story and a character comes along and he grabs you by the throat and demands more time on stage. Amūn was such a character in part 2A, creating his own story in the process. And Giles and Daniel Jackson of course. Alt.Buffy, Xander, Angela and Ferucca did so in part 2B. There were no real breakout characters in this part, although Jonas Quinn did for a while (I know he’s become his own TV Trope as the poor replacement for a beloved character, but I always liked the character way more then Daniel Jackson). Faith’s always good at grabbing more attention, but that’s deliberate on my part. Not because she’s a particular favourite of mine but because I feel the story shouldn’t constantly be about Belmo, Buffy and Xander. And I think Adam was a minor breakout character of course, who demanded he became more then just a pawn in the Galactic chess game

The Majin

In case you’re still wondering, the Buu like creature Belmo and Buffy were fighting isn’t Majin Buu, it’s a prototype that Bibidi had created earlier and one he set lose once he no longer needed it. It was an idea Shadowmaster came up with in response to my lamentation that I needed a suitable WMD o’doom that would solicit the SGC having to ask Belmo for help again. And Shadowmaster, the veritable cornucopia of plotbunnies, came up with one. Much obliged, dude!

While stronger then a Super Saiyan, the Majin is not completely like Majin Buu, a little smaller, it also lacked the regenerative abilities that made Majin Buu so fearsome. It ended up in our galaxy where it was creating havoc until a minor Kaioshin came and forged the Great Alliance between the Ancients, the Asgard, the Nox and the elusive Furlings that would defeat the thing. But a being made from magic could only destroyed by a warrior made from magic. Enter the Slayer. It’s not like the Slayer needed to be physically as strong as the Majin, in the end it was Belmo’s raw power mostly that brought the creature to its knees, it was Buffy however who was able to give that extra juice that would finish the thing off once it was left vulnerable.

Anyway, if you still have any questions, just let me know.

The 9-11 connection

In the epilogue I hinted that the events of the androids will take place during the events of 9-11. I will hereby pledge that despite my own personal views I will not let them influence the story. Fear no strong political views, soapboxes or weird conspiracy theories. Other then those needed to advance the plot of course. ;)


I would like to thank Shadowmaster (I’m hot on your heels now!) for helping me get back on track. 3Dmaster and jKal for having inspired me in the first place. And of course I would like to dedicate this story to the late David Eddings who has gone to the great writers club in the afterlife. Write some good jokes for Kaio Sama! He needs them!


By now you should know what this means, right?

Powah levels!

Well, not much changing at this point. Everybody has the same power really throughout this story. So I’ll just give you the powah levels as they are at the start.

And yes, careful calculations are at the heart of these figures. No asspulling took place. And just to prove it I've added the figures of some now missing characters as well.


Buffy - 221187
Xander - 131129
Willow - 200
Faith - 335715
Riley - 1526
Spike - 200000
Angel - 8099
Oz - 9630
Were Oz - 38522

Yup, they’re that far.

I don’t think I ever created a level for Adam. Nor do I think it matters really. He’s just stronger then either of these characters. With his naquadria reactor as a booster of course. ;)

If there are any more questions, feel free to ask.


The End

You have reached the end of "Original of the Species Part 3: Adam". This story is complete.

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