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Original of the Species Part 3: Adam

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This story is No. 4 in the series "Original of the Species". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Multiple Crossover (mostly DBZ, some SG-1, some Eddingsverse) Less then a year left till the coming of the Androids. Or is it….?

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Anime > DB/DBZ
Literature > Fantasy > Author: David & Leigh Eddings
Stargate > General
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Original of the Species Part 3 - The Robots and the Saiyan: Adam

Multiple Crossover (mostly DBZ, some SG-1, some Eddingsverse) Less then a year left till the coming of the Androids. Or is it….?

Yes, he’s still alive and kicking. And writing. Same reasons for the delay as before. Yada yada yada, real life busy, yada, writers block, yada, lazy ass bugger. But here it is. Finally! Sortish, I still have two chapters to finish. But some of you have been pestering me for updates, so here’s a few to wet your apetite.

Alright. Part 3. Robots. Originally I wanted to do a big piece, like Part 2, about the events of BtVS season 4. But that took me a year and a half to finish. I didn’t feel like rehashing BtVS scripts any more and I wanted to get cracking on the Cell games instead. Now, occasionally I chat or mail with fellow author Shadowmaster and he suggested doing a series of shorts and drabbles. But I’m just not a shorts kinda guy. Well, I am but not those kinda shorts. And I loath drabbles. But I could do a single multi-chapter story. Like Part 2A.

While I like to think my work gets better I go along and part 2B had some of my most favorite work to date, I still think part 2A is my best. Unlike parts 1 and 2B it’s not a series of episodes but one continuous story. I like the tightness. So instead of posting another set of episodes spread over 16 months slaved over a smaller number of chapters and condense the most important developments into a single story. I even managed to do something that was driving me crazy and which scared away my beta, do shorter chapters. Mostly. ;)

Alright, time for the obligatory. Let us never forget the true Gods who came up with this stuff long before I did. All hail Whedon, Toriyama, the late David Eddings (You Da Man!), the lord of strange worlds Jack Vance. And the buggers who came with Stargate who I’m just too lazy to google. But you know who you are. I myself, I own nothing but the occasional original character and even that is inspired by their genius. Let us also all hail our corporate overlords and their legal minions and government lackeys, who will do nasty stuff to me if I make some money of this. Which I won’t. It’s all just for fun. Honest!

Be Yourself
Audioslave - Out of Exile
Lyrics by Chris Cornell

Someone falls to pieces
Sleepin all alone
Someone kills the pain
Spinning in the silence
To finally drift away
Someone gets excited
In a chapel yard
Catches a bouquet
Another lays a dozen
White roses on a grave

To be yourself is all that you can do
To be yourself is all that you can do

Someone finds salvation in everyone
And another only pain
Someone tries to hide himself
Down inside himself he prays
Someone swears his true love
Untill the end of time
Another runs away
Separate or united?
Healthy or insane?

To be yourself is all that you can do
To be yourself is all that you can do
To be yourself is all that you can do
To be yourself is all that you can do

Kickass solo by guitar god Tom Morello

And even when you've paid enough, been pulled apart or been held up
With every single memory of the good or bad faces of luck
don't lose any sleep tonight
I'm sure everything will end up alright

You may win or lose

But to be yourself is all that you can do
To be yourself is all that you can do

To be yourself is all that you can do
To be yourself is all that you can do
To be yourself is all that you can do
To be yourself is all that you can do


A-Day minus 263


A voice yelled angrily through the cave.


The outcry was soon followed by a thud of an object being thrown against a wall.


It soared through his nerves like a hot knife through butter. Like hot needles twisting around in his flesh. Which probably wasn’t that far from reality to begin with. God did he hurt. Even as his nerves were playing a delightful symphony in the key of pain major he could feel his legs going numb. The pain be damned. He was in dire need of a neuro-surgeon

If he could only make it to the auto-doc he’d stand a good chance. Too bad the damn bitch saw to it that what should have been an easy walk to the next chamber was now the longest crawl in his life.

First he needed to turn over. Gritting his teeth he did what had to be done and rolled over.

“FUCK!” he yelled as searing pain soared through his body, “Goddamn bitch!”

He used his left hand to pound the floor in helpless frustration. It didn’t reduce the pain for one iota. But at least it gave him a way to express some of his anger. Then he looked up. There it was. The likeness of HIM staring back at him. Like HE always did. It was all HIS fault. Didn’t matter she had done it. The whole chain of events could always be traced back to HIM..

It was HIS fault

It was always HIS fault.

He shouldn’t have underestimated him. They should never have underestimated him. They should have killed HIM the moment they first set eyes on HIM. They had been confident. Arrogant even. Now he was the last one. But HE was still out there. HE had to be stopped. For the greater good.

Even now the likeness of his enemy looked down in him. Sporting his accursed smirk. Always the smirk. Oh how he longed to wipe that smirk of his face. But first he would have to get better. Reach the auto-doc before it was too late.

They say all great journeys begin with one step. In his case it would be one crawl. So he placed his good arm ahead and dragged himself forward.

“Fuck! Bitch!” he yelled as he again felt pain. Panting heavily he again glanced at the likeness of his enemy.

“I hate you!” he said through gritted teeth. Maybe it was the pain. Maybe it was just his imagination. Or maybe it was just his sanity giving way but he could swear his enemy’s smirk grew even bigger.








With every utterance he moved himself closer to the other chamber. Towards the auto-doc. Using mostly his good arm, as the other one was mostly as useless as his legs. As he dragged himself forward he left behind him a trail of blood.

For he moment he stopped to catch his breath, laying there panting heavily.

“Not… like… this,” he panted, “Not like this.”

“You’re going to die here,” HIS voice said from the poster on the wall. That accursed voice. The one he would never forget.

“Shut up!” he panted back.

“Make me!” HIS voice said mockingly. He glanced upwards at the likeness of his enemy.

“I swear I will end you,” he said resolutely. His enemy seemed unimpressed, he just kept on smirking.

“Oh yeah,” HE said back confidently, “You and whose army?”

“You know perfectly well,” he said back.

“Talk is cheap,” HIS voice said, “you’ve failed. You’ve failed at every turn. You’re failing even now. Not only are you broken, you’re bleeding all over your precious cave. You’re bleeding to death.”

“Just… wait…. Until… I… Make … it…. to… auto….,” he panted as he resumed his crawl.

A silent laughter filled the room.

“Fool!” HIS voice thundered, “even if you make it to your contraption, it’s nothing like a real doctor. You’ll still be a broken shell of a man.”

“I.. don’t…. need… my… body… to… defeat…. you…,” he panted as he neared the other chamber, “my… brain… is… all…. I… need….”

This time there came no reply. Causing him to halt and look over his shoulder at HIS likeness.

“Shut you up, didn’t I?” he said triumphantly. His enemy didn’t reply. His likeness on the wall just continued his smirk.

“Asshole,” he muttered as he continued his slow crawl. At least he’d shown HIM. Now if only the world would stop spinning.

Only through sheer force of will did he not pass out and manage to reach the auto-doc. It helped that after a while the pain become so overwhelming that it began to dull his senses. As he pulled his leg inside the auto-doc he could finally relax in its recliner seat.

As soon as the door closed an anaesthetizing mist began to envelop him as the auto-doc came to life. Gradually his pain began to dull until eventually it disappeared altogether. As it did he also began to feel drowsy.

But before he gave in to the auto-doc’s healing process he used his good arm to connect several electrodes to his brain. Then he activated VR slumber mode. No need to waste away most of the time he was going to spend in here. Over time he had spent a lot of time in the auto-doc, and the virtual reality slumber mode would allow him to continue to work while he was healing.

Waste not, want not.

After all, he had to start all over again.

It is good to be the king.

Or so a Tau’ri saying supposedly went.

While Anubis was the first to admit that being a part of the Goa’uld ruling elite had its many perks, those tended to go down the wayside once you underwent such minor detail as Ascension and partial Descension. It was kinda hard to sample the simple pleasures in life once your body ceases to be. But there were still the pleasures of the mind.

Unfortunately for him he had so little time for them. Ever since his defeat at the hands of Amūn it had taken a lot of time and a lot of short lived hosts to rebuild his powerbase. At least it would seem he no longer had to fear that tin pot Goa’uld warrior wannabe and his Saiyan body. Reports had it the idiot had died, probably as he could no longer maintain control of that Saiyan body of his.

Big surprise there. Ever since Saiyan mercenaries had been made available to them via Freeza, many Goa’uld had dreamed of possessing such superb bodies. They had all failed as the Saiyan body proved impossible for Goa’uld to habit. It was said that a Goa’uld might enter a neutron star first before ever being able to enter a Saiyan.

Still, even for a limited time Amūn had proved himself able to do the unthinkable. He had entered and controlled a Saiyan host. It might be worth investigating how he had done it if it weren’t for the fact that there were no more Saiyans. Freeza had destroyed their world. The chances of finding another were slim beyond hope.

Plus the only people who possessed the knowledge to do so were his former Jaffa. Who so far had resisted all attempts by any Systemlord to be assimilated into their service. They had even dared to set themselves up as independents. Following their own religion. Even spreading it amongst the Jaffa of other Systemlords. They had to be dealt with.

But not by him. At least not now.

They would be dealt with. Once he had full control over the other Systemlords. But until then they would have to be somebody else’s problem. For now regaining the control he used to have over the Systemlords was his first and foremost priority. That and finishing off the Tau’ri. Which was both a means to an end (destroying the Tau’ri would garner him great honor and credit amongst the Systemlords) and as a purpose in itself (for the Tau’ri homeworld would give rise to a great danger that would consume them all).

So it was off towards plotting and scheming again. Lucky for him, his time being Ascended had given him extensive insight into the knowledge and technology of the Ancients. And what they had left behind in deadly unattended technology and weaponry in the Galaxy would make a sane man tremble in fear and a megalomaniac water his mouth in lust.

The problem however was that almost all of it was scattered in the territory of various Systemlords who would use those Ancient artifacts against him in a heartbeat. So he had to thread carefully. Make do with what he had, the Ancient knowledge he remembered, some of the Asgard knowledge he had stolen from Thor.

It had enabled him to strike a series of alliance with various minor Systemlords. So far all the major Systemlords had refused his offers of alliance, with most of them being downright hostile to him. And as luck held it, all the really cool Ancient artifacts were still in the territory of his enemies.

He was sitting in the stellar cartography chamber of his stronghold. The holographic emitters capable of reproducing any corner of the Galaxy to its minutest known detail. Technology any Earth planetarium would kill for to possess. As he studied the Galaxy’s stellar-political map it became apparent that he had reached an impasse. No more Systemlords would flock to his banner. His only course of avenue now was to unify those that did into a single force and make the others see reason.

The problem was that he had the power to overcome most of the major Systemlords, a few were still beyond him. Powerful Systemlords like Ba’al and Yi could resist him for a long while and make him pay dearly. And if he were to make a move against one, the others would combine against him. Like they did in the past. He therefore had to find a way to take them one at a time without the others taking notice and ally against him.

Which brought him back to his original problem. How to make some of the major Systemlords see reason? His reason of course.

As he mused staring at the territory of a particular troublesome Systemlord he nearly didn’t sense the presence of somebody behind him.

“I gave strict orders not to be disturbed,” he said without looking over his shoulders.

“That’s alright,” a voice said behind him, “I can wait.”

To Anubis’ surprise the voice spoke neither in the dialect of his Jaffa, nor In the subservient manner that was their custom. Curious he turned around and saw that there was nobody there in the blackened room.

Had he been a normal Goa’uld in a normal human host body Anubis would not have seen who had dared disturb him in his inner sanctum. In his semi-Ascended body his vision was greatly enhanced. But that body had been destroyed by Amūn and he had to make do with normal human host bodies again..

But he was still far from a normal Goa’uld. Rather then a parasite inside a human host he was mostly energy inside a human host. While it caused his body to deteriorate rapidly it also enabled him to see that a faint outline of a human like shape was leaning against what was the doorway out of the map room.

“Who are you?” he demanded to know and reached for the communicator that would bring in his Jaffa.

“I wouldn’t do that if I we’re you,” the unknown visitor said offhand. Somehow Anubis halted his action. There was something…. Not the voice. But the way his visitor felt was familiar.

“Been busy plotting and scheming?” his visitor said as he walked through the room, walking through holographic planets and constellations, “I guess you have to keep yourself busy in some form or another.”

“Who are you?” Anubis asked again. His visitor halted and his outline, still the only part of him that was faintly visible shrugged.

“Who I am is not important,” he said offhand, “Who I represent is far more important. You owe us a debt, little worm, and it is time to pay up.”

It was only then that it clicked inside what passed for Anubis’ brain.

“You are…..,” he stammered as he took an involuntary step backwards. The outline shook its head.

“I am nothing of the sort. I am just the messenger,” it said smug, “But thanks for thinking that I am though. I appreciate that.

I am here to give you a message little worm. And it goes like this. Once there was a little worm. Who pissed off to many of his fellow little worms. So they decided to get together and kick his sorry little ass out of their little worm club. And so they did.

So the little worm found itself all alone and dying, when he came upon a gullible Ancient called Oma Desala. Who turned out to be a sucker for a sad story. She took pity on this little worm and Ascended him. But once she did she found out what a bad little worm he really was. After all, you must be a really bad little worm for the other bad little worms to take offence. Upon seeing his true nature the other Ancients banded together to imprison the now shiny little worm in a private fun dimension of his own. And there the story would have ended. Case closed.”

The outline walked over until it stood in front of Anubis.

“But the story didn’t end there, didn’t it, little worm? Desperate to escape again you contacted my employers. They saw great potential in you so they helped you escape the Ancient’s version of your private fun house. It was they who let you keep most of the goodies that come with Ascension, even though you are now a denizen of the lower plain again.”

“Them!” Anubis hissed softly and the outline nodded.

“You didn’t think They had forgotten about you, little worm?” the outline said disparagingly, “You owe them and the time has come to collect. Now, so far you have been a major let down. We have yet to see the flames of your crusade burn across the Galaxy. In fact we have yet to see much of anything.”

Anubis wanted to protest but the outline put up the outline of a hand and cut him off.

“Yeah, I know. It’s not your fault. You had bad luck. You were thwarted. You had a bad childhood. The list of excuses is endless. Still doesn’t change the fact that they are just that.”

The outline placed a hand on Anubis’ shoulder, the touch of which was revolting even to the likes of Anubis.

“Now it so happens that you are in luck, little worm,” the outline said cheerfully. Then it used its other hand to touch the controller of the holographic emitter and the focus of the holographic maproom changed to a little known star system on the outer end of one of the Galaxy’s spiral arms.

“You can repay your debt to us in such a way you will be the better for it as well. And all you have to do is this simple thing. Such a little thing.”
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