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Second chances

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Summary: Life sometimes gives us second chances where they are most unexpected...if you're wise you'll grab them with both hands. Extremely AU.

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Chapter 1

Authors Note: Just for those that don't watch NCIS – Gibbs, the team leader, has a quasi paternal relationship with his team, who respond in kind and who are extremely loyal to him. Gibbs has been married four times, and divorced three times. The three divorces are fairly public knowledge, what he keeps private is that his first wife, Shannon and his daughter Kelly were both murdered when Shannon witnessed a crime and was prepared to testify against the perpetrators. Gibbs, who was still in the Marines at the time, found out who killed his family and killed the killer himself in such a way that the kill has never been linked to him. However, he has never really had a successful long term relationship since Shannon's death and it is clear from the canon of the show that Kelly's death especially, continues to haunt him.

By the way - I know it's pretty short again - but bear with me.....and thanks for all the reviews!Oh - and I'm British so there will be weird British spelling....for this I apologise...

NCIS Bullpen October 2006


Gibbs’s mobile phone ring was distinctive, probably because Abby had programmed the ring tone. Automatically all three agents looked over at the vibrating phone and noted the brief mention of “House” that glowed momentarily on the view screen before fading. DiNozzo and McGee exchanged raised eyebrows before looking over again at the now silent phone. Ziva David noted the exchange and frowned at both of them, her elegantly arched bows furrowed.

“What? Why are you looking like that? It is only a phone call. No doubt Gibbs will take it when he gets back from speaking to Director Shephard.”

McGee looked at Tony again and when the senior field agent didn’t volunteer an answer he shrugged and turned his attention back to their most recent member.

“Abby has all of Gibbs’s phones set up so they channel through to his mobile and that call came in from his home phone.”

“So?” She was still confused.

Tony sighed at McGee’s ineffectual attempts to explain the unusual nature of the phone call. “Gibbs never gives out that number. Ever. Abby has him ex-directory to the nth degree, any other personal calls he gets come through on his mobile number – “

“Which is different,” McGee interjected.

Tony rolled his eyes at the interruption but continued. “…which as Captain Obvious has pointed out, is different. So that was a personal call from his house phone.”

He surveyed his colleague’s obvious confusion and shook his head. “Ziva – Gibbs doesn’t do unknown personal calls. Ever. As in I’ve been working with him for over six years and in that time I have never seen him take a personal call from his house phone. In fact that only reason I think Gibbs even has a home phone is because Abby set him up with one of those get your cable/Internet from one provider packages and you get your basic phone services for free. So it’s a call from someone who doesn’t know Gibbs, but still some how managed to get his private number, which is pretty much un-gettable and who obviously doesn’t know where he works, otherwise they would have just called the Navy Yard. So that’s pretty unusual. Get it?”

The ex-Mossad member pursed her lips and nodded. That was pretty unusual. She shrugged. “So we wait for Gibbs to come back. Maybe he will tell us what it is about.”

DiNozzo scoffed. “Yeah right. Like when has Gibbs ever willingly shared anything about his personal life?”

The other two acknowledged the point. The chances of Gibbs divulging anything personal in anything less than a life or death situation were pretty much nil. All three of them turned to stare at the silent phone, all of them considering the odds of Gibbs showing up if one of them tried to access the Boss’s voice mail. Then they all shuddered at the potential consequences of getting caught, tried to put the idea out of their heads and got back to work.

It was an hour before Gibbs stalked back into the Bullpen, coffee in hand. Looking over at the industriously bent heads of his team he frowned suspiciously. Something was wrong. Even the threat of his presence didn’t keep them this conscientious. Thankfully he was saved from further conjecture when DiNozzo piped up.

“Your mobile rang, Boss.”

Gibbs glanced over at his Senior Field Agent. “What are you – my secretary now?”

Tony looked back at him as innocently as possible, which of course wasn’t very innocently at all. Still suspicious, Gibbs picked up the phone and glanced down at the call received log - House - and raised an eyebrow in surprise before sweeping a glare at the rest of his team who were watching him with the nose twitching intensity of a pack of bloodhounds on a scent.

Huh. No wonder they were curious. But he wasn’t about to provide any more fuel for that fire. Grabbing his coffee and ignoring the unapologetically curious looks of his personal hound dogs he swept out of the Bullpen and headed for somewhere he could at least a little more privacy.

Roof – NCIS Headquarters

Gibbs frowned to himself as he pressed the voice mail recall button. He never gave out his home number to anyone and anyone who knew him would know better than to call him on it. And it couldn’t be a telemarketer as Abby had his personal numbers locked up tighter to marketers than a fare you well. So this call was an anomaly. And Gibbs didn’t like anomalies. In his experience they always led to trouble.

The voice on the phone was female, cultured, hesitant and slightly nervous with a soft West Coast accent. It was also faintly familiar and Gibbs’s frown deepened as he tried to place it.

“Hello – I’m leaving this message for Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Please ignore this message if you aren’t he. Mr Gibbs, my name is Joyce Summers. I know you probably don’t remember me but we met –“ there was a pause in the message and then what sounded like a brief, hastily smothered rueful chuckle, “about four and a half years ago at the Las Vegas Hilton. If it’s acceptable to you I would really like to discuss something with you. I appreciate this call may be unexpected but I would really appreciate it if you could call me back. It’s important. My number is 310-568-9842. Thank you.”

There was a buzz as she hung up and then the beep of the voice mail cutting off leaving Gibbs staring at the phone. Huh. Now he was completely confused.
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