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Second chances

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Summary: Life sometimes gives us second chances where they are most unexpected...if you're wise you'll grab them with both hands. Extremely AU.

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Disclaimer: I own nothing! Honestly! Everything is owned by the mighty Joss and the equally mighty Bellisario (I think that's how you spell it).

This is AU - very AU - you have been warned!

Second Chances

Somewhere in another dimension, in another time, a spirit who once might have been a young girl named India Cohen turned to her companion and, for the final time, queried her decision.

“So you are decided then?”

The other spirit turned to regard with her with a calm emerald gaze. “Yes. I am. I have rested for long enough. It’s time to be doing again.”

“And you are happy with their choice?”

The other being shrugged. “They tell me that I will be needed. And not just as the Slayer but also as myself. It will be nice to be a girl again and not just a weapon.”

The spirit who had been India smiled in understanding. “The Watchers Council never really understood that about us did they? That we were girls who happened to be Slayers instead of Slayers who happened to be girls.”

“No - they didn’t. Or maybe they just didn’t care.”

“But you changed all that. Changed it for all of our little sisters. For ever.”

The other smiled. “If there was one thing in my life I did that I was really proud of it was that. Everything else pales into insignificance.” She turned her head, hearing a clarion call audible only to her and stilled. “It’s time.”

India smiled gently at her friend and reached out to brush a ghostly hand against her equally ghostly face. “Be well, sister. Be happy.” Her smile deepened, specks of mischief dancing in her deep brown gaze. “And make sure you show them how a Slayer kicks ass.”

The being that had once been Buffy Summers grinned back even as it made to leave. “You can count on it. That’s one thing that will never, ever change.”
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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking