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Summary: "...she really wished the blood that covered his usual flattering three piece suit would have made him less attractive..."

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Part One

Title: Recruitment - Part One
Author: smolder
Disclaimer: I own neither Buffy the Vampire Slayer or the Mentalist.

He was the most charming man she had ever met. And in a way the most terrifying.

She knew that a part of her had been waiting for this since she met him.

So no, she wasn’t surprised, in an odd way she was relived that the waiting was over. But now she had call to make.

The note had been simple but she had known as soon as she saw it exactly what happened and where.

Just like he’d known she would.

“I’m sorry,” was all it said. And she knew he was.

Not for what he had done, never for that, but instead, for disappointing her.

She didn’t call it in until right before she entered his house. It’s not that she wanted to make sure, there was no doubt in her mind what she would find, she had just wanted to be the first one there.

She knew that was what he wanted and she had always had a hard time denying him.

Blonde curly hair, bright blue eyes and a mouth that lit up with the same boyish smile as always when she entered the bedroom where his wife and daughter had been killed. She really wished the blood that covered his usual flattering three piece suit would have made him less attractive.

“Hello, Teresa.” he said casually when she kept looking at him.

She didn’t respond but glanced down at the mutilated carcass of the serial killer, Red John, sprawled under the old bloody smiley face that had been his trademark in life.

When she looked back up he was still watching her calmly waiting as he had been the whole time. He could have easily got away after getting his vengeance. Fallen off the grid and disappeared without a trace. He had worked with them long enough to know how and he had the ability to talk his way out of anything. But she had always known he wouldn’t just like she had always known this was coming.

She only really had one question for him, “Was it worth it Patrick?”

His answer was simple and exactly what she knew it would be.

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