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Dark Xander

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Summary: Buffy/Incarnations crossover, Pairings to be determined, but they will be slash. Darker than usual.Off screen character death...sort of

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Literature > FantasyDennSedaiFR1821,820061,98129 Jul 0929 Jul 09No

Chapter One

Laying out the final item in the diagram, Xander let a tiny smile cross his face. It had taken him nearly three decades to complete his quest to gain the pledge of assistance from each and every one of the various Incarnations. But at last he had suceeded. Each had eventually been convinced of the worth of his quest. Each had tested him in many ways, and pushed him to his utmost limits to prove his sincerity and his worth in this quest of his.

Sitting back in the circle that he had drawn, he waved one hand almost idly, causing each of the candles to spring to life at once.

Taking a pinch of the herbs that he had gathered all those years before, he tossed them on the brazier between the two circles, and slowly began to intone the chant that Nox had taught him to call upon her at last, when he had suceeded in his quest.

Slowly a shadow appeared once more in the circle surrounded by those candles in front of him.

"So, you call upon me once again, Alexander. The only question that remains to be answered is have you suceeded in your quest, or have you failed."

Clearing his throat Xander spoke at last. "I have at last gained the promise and pledge of each of the Incarnations that you told me to seek out. I have also spoken with and received the pledge that I need from the Incarnation of Evil as well. Each of the Neutral and both of the Eternals have given me their promise of aid and pledge of help, Nox. So I return to you at the last, as you told me to do, so long ago."

Reaching out gently, Nox laid a hand upon Xander's wrinkled brow and tested not only the truth of his words, but the depths of his desire and surety of his will.

After several minutes, she withdrew her touch and nodded at last. "As you have gained the pledges and promises that you set forth, I now also give you mine in turn as well."

"I thank you Lady of the Night."

"But you can not pass back through time as you are now. Instead, your mortal body shall pass on, and your spirit shall pass back through time. You shall be reborn in a manner of speaking into your own mortal body, and you shall be as you were at your fifteenth birthday before you knew of all you know now. Your knowledge and your skills that you have gained shall remain yours. Only one thing shall change Alexander. You shall wake upon the day of your fifteenth birthday and shall bear my mark upon you. Make sure you act with care though. If you change too many things, you may rip the timeline entirely. It is fluid, but that only goes so far."

Author's Notes: Don't expect fast or frequent updates. They may or may not happen. If you have suggestions, feel free to offer them, I can't promise that they'll happen, but who knows. I haven't decided who Xander is going to end up with yet, but we'll see what happens. There definitely will be alterations of what happens in cannon per the challenge.

One final note, I've removed the 'Challenge Response' setting from the story. I am still going to write it, as I write it. Since the original issuer of the challenge has complained about slash with Xander, I am politely removing that link back. I do request that no one flame anyone, as we all are entitled to our views and opinions.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Dark Xander" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 29 Jul 09.

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