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Dark Xander

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Summary: Buffy/Incarnations crossover, Pairings to be determined, but they will be slash. Darker than usual.Off screen character death...sort of

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Literature > FantasyDennSedaiFR1821,820061,98129 Jul 0929 Jul 09No


Disclaimer. Buffy The Vampire Slayer and associated characters belong to Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, etc. The Incarnations of Immortallity belong to Piers Anthony, etc.
Acknowledgments/Notes: This is a response to Odinmage's challenge found at . Many thanks for this truly original and evil idea *smirks* I definitely like it.
Rating: For now Fan Rated Mature, for off scene violence, death, etc. It may later (and probably will be) upgraded to FRAO
Summary: One person has been pushed too far for the final time. Vengance shall be his at last, but will he find a balance between light and darkness?

Staring at the scene before him, Xander swore softly under his breath. Sure things had gone well for a little while with the activation of the Slayers, it had even made it easier to handle issues. But now so many of them were dead. And not just the Slayers, but Dawn as well.

The Powers That Be, had chosen to take everything and every one from him that he cared for. Well, enough was enough. Yeah Willow and Buffy had always been the 'special' one's with powers. He'd not bothered to abuse them of that notion. Instead he'd kept his own secrets closely and let them take the lead. He'd learned slowly and carefully, taking the time to fully master each and every lesson before he even tried to move on to the next step.

After the possessions with the Hyena Primal Spirit, and later that oh so useful possession from Halloween with the memories that had stuck, because of Ethan's spell...well now it was time to set things right.

The Powers That Be, weren't the only one's who wielded enormous power. Now was definitely time for things to be put back to rights once more. What had been, could be changed, if he was willing to pay the price. Which he definitely was. The first part of the problem was tracking down the Incarnations first. Then he'd have to bargain long and hard in order to gain their blessing and acceptance of his plan. That would be the only downside of his plan. It could take years or more to find them, and win their promise of aid.

Still he knew where to start at least. Once he'd gotten the first one, the rest would be easy enough to track down and find over time.


Glancing over the intricate diagram that had been laid out, with candles set at the appropriate points, he nodded slowly . The smallest mistake would be disasterous for him. The weeks he'd spent practicing the pronounciation of the words had left them ingrained with perfect clarity in his mind. As had the time spent tracing out the delicate tracery of the patterns of the spells diagram.

The collecting of the various ingredients had taken close to a year. None of them could be simply bought, but had to be gathered under very specific conditions and with specific propriations by the petitioner.

Still nearly a year and a half later he was at last ready to attempt a ritual that not even Giles or Ethan Rayne would have dared to attempt. The outcome would either be his salvation or utter destruction, but at this point it made little difference to Xander which would happen to him. For in either case, it would be a ending of all that had happened up until this point.

Grabbing the box of matches, he lit the candles in precise order, speaking the ritual words as each candle was lit in turn. Finally as the last candle was lit and the final words of the first part of the ritual were spoken, he sat down in the second circle that had been drawn and prepared.

Reaching for the pile of carefully prepared herbs, he tossed the first pinch of them upon the brazier that sat between the two circles. Speaking the words of invitation and calling, he waited several minutes before adding the second batch of herbs to the brazier, speaking the next invocation that the ritual called for.

Slowly for nearly an hour he repeated the proccess, each step carefully and revrently done, approaching the midnight hour. He smiled ever so slightly as he felt the stirring of power in the air, as the ritual moved on steadily in stately procession.

At last the time was here for him to begin the final evocation.

Slowly a darkness grew within the circle before him. A darkness that seemed to swallow up all of the light that the candles cast forth. Gradually a form slowly formed with in the circle, growing taller as it took at last the shape of a woman wrapped about with a cloak.

"You dare much mortal, still I would hear for what reason you risk your utter destruction in calling upon me first," a soft, silken voice said from within the darkness.

"I have little to loose and much to gain, oh Mistress of the Night and of Darkness. I call upon thee Lady of Darkness that I might bargain for thy aid," Xander said slowly, forcing himself to remain perfectly still, his head bowed before this being of power.

A soft chuckle was his only reply as he waited silently. Knowing that he dared not speak or make a move without permission. To do other wise was to court certain destruction.

After several long minutes, Nox chose to speak once more at last. "It seems, that unlike other fools in the past who have dared to call upon me, you at least have learned to be patient. Still, I have yet to hear a single reason why I should give you aid, or at least not destroy you for your sheer impudence in calling upon me."

"I offer freely the memories that I hold, if you wish to measure them, or to see what I seek. I ask for your aid, that I might seek out the various Incarnations of the Day, and gain their promise of aid, along with yours that I might slip back in time, with all my knowledge and alter what has happened. The Powers That Be, have taken from me all those that I love and care for. They have destroyed all that I hold dear and I wish to return that favor in full measure to them," Xander offered still not moving from where he sat with his head bowed. "I wish them to feel the pain, that they have caused others, and to prevent the destruction that they nearly loosed upon the world."

"And what price are you willing to pay, to gain my favor and my aid, mortal child?"

"Whatever price, you ask of me. No price, can be too great to repay what has been taken from me."

A small smile crept across her face at that. "Very well, Alexander, you shall have my aid and my favor. I shall aid you in your quest to find and gain the favor of the other Incarnations. The five Neutrals are the ones who you must persuade on your own, though I can guide you to the first. The two Eternals are the greatest challenge, though only one must be persuaded by you, the other owes me a debt that I can claim to gain you his favor. Still that task is yours and yours alone to persaude the other six."
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