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His Curse is His Power

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Summary: Jesse is nearly killed in car accident and his life hangs by a thread. Xander then meets a stranger who offers a deal to save Jesse. But this is just the beginning

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Theme: Heroic XanderbanditobaneFR18413,02326218,07029 Jul 095 Jul 12No

The Rider

A/N: Okay sorry it took so long to get this up. So I hope you enjoy this chapter.

Some reminders I own nothing this all just for fun.

The Rider

Ghost Rider took in his surroundings. The entire area was thick with evil and the guilty were close by. The Rider cracked his fingers and rotated his head hearing his neck crack.

It was time to go to work.

Jake O’Toole smiled as his friend Parker put the finishing touches on and armed the bomb. This school was only going to the beginning of what he had planned for this one horse town.

“This is going to be the biggest bang this school has ever seen,” he said as he used ‘Katie’ to clean his nails.

“Hey did you guys hear that?” Dickie asked them.

“Dickie, nobody’s here,” Big Bob said, “it’s all just in your head.”

“I swear I just heard something.”

“Will you shut up,” Jack shouted at the scared zombie, “there is no one here, not even the janitor.”

“Not the janitor, only Vengeance,” a dark demonic voice said from the darkness.

Out from the shadows a demon wearing spiked biker leather from neck to toe. The jacket had three large spikes sticking out from each shoulder, his hands were encased with spiked leather gauntlets that went up to forearms, and in his right hand was a sawed-off shot gun. But it’s most frightening feature was the menacing looking where his face should have been which was surrounded by fire.

“Party’s over assholes,” the flaming skull said, “Its time go back where you came from.”

“Burning skull…nice effects," Big Bob said walking up to the demonic biker, “But you know you’re wasting your time, right? We’re zombies asshole. Nothing can hurt us or kill us. So why don’t you just…ugh.”

The large zombie was cut off when a large leather encased hand closed around his throat and lifted him clear off the ground. The biker then stuck the shotgun in his face.

“Care to test that theory?”

The shotgun spewed out a burst of hellfire blowing off the head of Big Bob. As soon as the large zombie’s body hit the ground it was engulfed by hellfire leaving only a scorch mark of the headless corpse. The skeletal biker then looked at and stalked toward the other three undead teens.

“Hey listen pal,” Jack said, “there is a bomb here. Think about it. We’re the only ones who can disarm it. Let us go and we’ll do it. Don’t and this place goes straight to hell.”

The demon stopped and turned his head towards the ticking homemade bomb. He turned and went towards the bomb. Grabbing the circuitry he tore it from the explosives rendering it as completely useless as paperweight.

“You were saying," the skeleton said dropping the electronic equipment to the floor.

Staring with wide eyed horror the zombies turned and bolted towards the exit. The skeleton aimed his shotgun at them and fired, hitting Dickie in the back engulfing him in hellfire. Not stopping to see the fate of their friend Jack and Parker hurried up the stairs, the demon started to follow until his foot hit a chain that was left on the floor. If the demon had lips an evil smile would appear for what he was thinking.

Jack and Parker bolted up the stairs trying to escape the flaming demon behind them. Parker was just two steps away from the door when a chain snapped out like a snake, wrapping itself around his ankle causing him to fall on his face. Jack turned in time to see his friend being dragged back into the basement.

Fear was now gripped his entire being after seeing this monster destroy his gang with simple ease. Not wanting to join his companions Jack spun his heels and bolted down the hallway searching for any kind of refuge from the burning juggernaut behind him.

In the library Buffy, Willow, Angel, Faith and Giles were battling the demons known as the Sisterhood of Jhe, a cult of demonic women warriors who were opening the Hellmouth for their monstrous god which was starting to tear through portal.

Buffy and Angel were fighting back to back as the female demons pushed hard. Faith swung her ax with surgical precision hitting any demon unlucky enough to get in her way. Willow was busy protecting an injured Giles, blasting minor spells at any demon that got close.

The Sunnydale defenders were beginning to lose steam for every demon they killed two more would take its place. Buffy was starting to wonder if they would live past this night.

At least Xander is safe, she thought as she drove her sword into another demon’s chest.

The battle was suddenly interrupted by a large bang. All combatants stopped turned to see Jack O’Toole came running in wide eyed and scared. He didn’t give the Sisterhood demons a second look as ran towards far end of the library.

“Jack?” Buffy shouted out as both sides stopped fighting, “what are you doing here?”

“Summers,” Jack shouted in hysteria and relief, “you've got to help me. It’s after me.”

An inhuman roar stopped the fighters on both sides from continuing their battle. As the doors banged open once again revealing a demon unlike any Buffy had ever seen. It was composed of a skull which was completely engulfed in flame, it wore the clothes an outlaw biker would wear, wrapped twice around him from his right shoulder to his left hip was a steel chain and over his left shoulder was a sawed-off shotgun. The demon stood and rested its empty sockets on Jack. Raising it hand it pointed its finger at Jack.

“You,” it said in a voice as terrifying as its appearance, “guilty.”

Both Angel and Giles looked shocked at the new arrival.

“The Ghost Rider?” Angel whispered, “here in Sunnydale?”

The fiery demon began stomping towards the zombie, who backed up into a bookshelf with a look of pure terror on his face. A Sister of Jhe jumped at the Rider either out of courage, fear or stupidity no one knew. Because the Rider caught her by her throat, holding her off the ground she struggled like a fish on a hook. And with a twist of his wrist a loud snap was heard and the female went limp. The Rider tossed her lifeless form aside and continued toward the teenage corpse.

Jack held up Katie in an effort to hold off the Demon, but he smacked the blade aside as if it were an annoyance. The Rider grabbed the corpse by lapels of his jacket, lifted him up off his feet and slammed him into the bookshelf.

“Look into my eyes,” it ordered Jack, which he did mostly out of fear, “your soul is stained by the blood of the innocent. Feel their pain.”

Jack began to scream as if he was being tortured as his eyes glowed a fiery red, and just as fast as it had begun it was over. The Rider dropped the zombie, whose eyes were now an ashen black. The library was now in an uneasy silence.

“What the hell?” Faith breathed,

A feral growling caught everyone’s attention as a werewolf jumped from behind the bookshelf and attacked the leather clad skeleton. The Rider grabbed wolf and used its momentum to slam it on to a nearby table. The wolf whimpered in pain as the demon struck it across its snout with his hard soled boot knocking it out.

“Easy Fido,” the Rider said,

“Oz!” Willow cried as she tried to get to the wolf’s side only to be stopped by Giles.

“Nobody interfere,” the Watcher told them, “The Ghost Rider is extremely dangerous. Keep your distance and no one make eye contact with him what so ever.”

As soon as the shock wore off due to the presences of the Rider a new sound caught all their attention. The inhuman roar of the multi-headed demon caused all to turn as one just as it sprang from the Hellmouth. One of the Sisters cheered in triumph.

“My god,” Giles said in awe, “Its bigger then I remembered.”

As the defenders of Sunnydale backed away, the mysterious Rider strode forward confronting the living nightmare.

“Hey,” he yelled, “get back down that pit or else.”

All the demon's heads roared at the leather clad skeleton. The Rider just grabbed his chain, which ignited with hellfire and snapped the chain like a whip.

“Your choice,” he said,

He then unleashed a flurry of strikes with the chain. Like a lion tamer the Rider struck each head that tried to attack it. Each strike from the hellfire weapon caused the demon to cry in pain. After numerous strikes the demon finally began its retreat back into the Hellmouth. The rider grabbed one of the heads as it tried escape and forced it to look at him.

“You’re a guard dog,” he told it, “stay a guard dog.” After he said this he slammed the demon’s head in the ground and kicked it into the pit.

The group of demons and demon hunters watched in awe as they saw a demon, which the Sisterhood worshiped as a god, was easily dispatched by another demon. The stunned silence continued for a short while until one of the Sisters tried to escape. The skeletal demon shot out his arm towards the door causing a large wall of hellfire to block her path.

“No,” it growled, “you will not escape. You will pay for your crimes. You will pay for the innocent blood you have spilled. Vengeance will be served tonight.”

Two of the She Demons charged at the rider only to get incinerated by two hellfire shots from his shotgun. Grabbing his chain the rider swung at the mass of demons turning them into ash, spinning the chain around his fist he used these improvised steel knuckles to knock one of the Sisters into the ceiling with a straight uppercut. Igniting the chain wrapped fist, the demon thrust his fist forward. The links shoot out like a buckshot, leaving smoking holes in the members of the Sisterhood of Jhe. The last Sister tried to jump him from behind, but was caught by the throat. He lifted her above his head and broke her back over his knee.

It had ended as fast as it had started. All of the demons were now lying dead at the feet the Rider. Walking over to Jack the Ghost Rider grabbed him and dragged him to the open portal to hell. Picking him up by the scruff of his neck the Rider dangled Jack over the portal to oblivion. When Buffy saw this she ran towards the demon to try and stop him.

“Stop,” she yelled, “I’m not going to let you take a human life. I don’t care how powerful you are.”

The Rider lifted up Jack’s shirt and revealed numerous gunshot wounds on his torso.

“He’s been dead for days. I’m just putting this piece of trash back where he belongs,” he told her, “and just because they're human doesn’t mean they’re not evil.” And with that he dropped him into the pit.

“Close the gate,” he yelled,

“Oh right,” Willow said and began to recite the spell to close Hellmouth.

As soon as the portal was closed the Rider turned his head and whistled like a master calling his dog. Seconds later a motorcycle crashed through the window and skidded to a stop in front of the Rider. The bike's tires were aflame, it’s gas tank looked hollow by the intricate flames but had flames burning within the tank itself and head light was replaced by a rust colored human skull who’s eyes were filled with flames as well. This chopper was nothing like Gracie was before it had become as demonic as its new master. Mounting the demonic hog and turning to look at the shocked looks of the Sunnydale defenders The Rider let out a cackle that chilled them each to their very bones. He peeled out leaving only a trail of fire behind and an eerie silence.

“What was that?” Buffy asked breaking the silence,

“A demon in a kick ass jacket riding a bad ass bike,” Faith said.

“Giles,” Buffy called her watcher, “what was that thing?”

“A very powerful demon,” the Englishman replied, “come back tomorrow, I promise I will explain everything to you then. Now it has been a long evening and I believe we could all use some rest.”

“But,” Buffy began to protest,

“Buffy,” Giles said firmly, “tomorrow, like I said. Tonight we are all too weary and injured for an explanation.”

Northern California

The Next Day

The cemetery basked in the morning sun while peaceful birds chirped happy songs added to the scenery. At a colorful flowerbed where the butterflies fluttered and the bees buzzed worked the Caretaker of the graveyard, giving care to the only living things in the place where death reigns.

While the old man worked a young woman walked up behind him. The woman was in her late teens, she had long auburn hair which went beautifully with her pale complexion and lovely features, she wore a white crop top and pale blue jeans.

“Nice to know I can still get a lovely lady to come my way,” the grizzled man said already knowing who was behind him without turning around, “so to what do I have the pleasure of this visit Paige.”

“It’s good to see you too Mr. Slade,” Paige said, “I’ve come to tell you that I was going out of town for a few days.”

“Where ya heading?” Slade asked as he got up and wiped his hands with a bandanna,

“San Francisco,” she told him,

The Caretaker picked up his shovel motioned for the young girl to walk with him.

“It was a surprise at first to learn that the people who raised me weren’t my real parents,” she told him as they walked through the graveyard, “but I did what you told me and not let it ruin my life. That's when I decided to do some research. When my mom died a few years ago, I learned that I have three sisters that live there.”

“Well, good to know you've still got some family out there,” Slade said with a hint of sadness in voice,

Paige felt like kicking herself right there. She remembered the story Slade had told her about what had happened to his family.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean …..”

“Ah, it’s alright darlin’,” Slade told her with a smile, “so San Francisco.”

The Caretaker was slightly disappointed though. He was sure she had a brother, because he had felt the Rider's powers within her. But, it was most likely some form of magic he felt within her. But what she told him next was what he had been wanting her to say for a long time.

“Yeah, turns out they all live there, except one.”

“Except one?”

“Turns out I have a twin brother too.”

Sunnydale, CA

The Same Day

The library was still in shambles from last night’s battle with the Sisterhood of Jhe and the Rider. The guardians of the Hellmouth were no less worse for wear, all were sporting new injuries from last night. But nothing could match what they had experienced when they saw the flaming demon massacre a group of demons of which even only one proved to be stronger than a slayer.

“Okay Giles,” Buffy said taking charge, “what was that thing we saw last night.”

“Yeah,” Faith said, “that guy all but killed that big ass demon from last night.”

“He is known as the Ghost Rider,” Giles said from the book cage, “he is also known as the Spirit of Vengeance.”

Giles came out of the book cage with a large book and laid it on the table in which the group was sitting, “Um shouldn’t Xander be here?” he asked, noticing that the Harris boy was not among them.

“I’ll fill him in later,” Buffy reassured him, “Now spill, what is the Ghost Rider? Because he was crazy powerful.”

“That thing that came out of the Hellmouth,” Willow said, “it was so scary and he just called it a guard dog and he beat up Oz.”

“And I still feel a bit sore from that,” Oz said from his seat right next to his girlfriend,

“Very well,” Giles opened the book to a page which depicted a skeleton wearing Roman style armor atop a skeletal horse which was rearing up. The skeleton had a Gladius sword in its bony hand raised high above its head. And both the Rider and his mount were ablaze, “The Ghost Rider is very powerful demon. He has the ability to sense the evil within every being, he wields the power of hellfire with which he enchants his mounts and weapons and his most powerful weapon is the Penance Stare, which causes his victim to psychologically receive any injury, both physically and emotionally, he or she has ever done to an innocent life.”

“So how do we stop him?” Buffy asked,

“He is a fallen angel Buffy,” he said as he polished his glasses, “it was believed that he was once the angel Zarathos. Who was charged with bringing souls to heaven. But he loathed the fact that many of the souls had repented on the eleventh hour so to say. And that the innocent lives that they had harmed were left un-avenged. He began to send evil souls who had repented to hell, without the consent of St. Peter. When Michael learned of this he banished Zarathos to hell. While in hell Zarathos was employed by Mephistopheles.”

“Um, who’s Mephistopheles?” Willow asked,

“Mephistopheles is another name used by the Devil,” Giles told them, “Mephistopheles offered Zarathos a chance to avenge the innocent and hunt the guilty by becoming his bounty hunter. Zarathos would do his bidding in exchange he would hunt down the guilty souls.”

“So how do we stop him?” Buffy repeated.

“You can’t. He is too powerful,” he informed them, “you can destroy his host but Mephistopheles would just choose another one.”

“So he’s human?” Faith asked,

“No” Giles told, “Mephistopheles would make a deal with an individual for their soul,”

“What kind of deal?” Willow asked,

“Anything they asked either fame, riches or the life of a loved one. He will then offer that individual a chance to redeem himself by being the host of the Rider.”

“He’ll be pretty easy to spot,” Faith said, “I mean a flaming skeleton riding a bad ass hog.”

“I’m afraid that he only looks that way at night,” Giles informed them, “it is said that during the day he will look like a normal man, but at night in the presence of evil the Rider will take over. But during the day he could be anyone, anyone at all.”

As soon as Giles said that a bang came from the other end of the library as Xander Harris walked in wearing a leather jacket over one of his loud Hawaiian shirt and carrying a large two gallon jug of water.

“Hey guys,” he said, “what’s the what?”

Xander went and sat down with the group and took a large swig from the jug. He looked around and noticed the state of the library.

“Man you guys must’ve had a hell of time last night,” Xander said,

“Xander are you okay?” Willow asked, “you look flushed.” She felt his forehead, “and you're burning up.”

“Me, just getting some high-quality H20,” Xander said to her, “but I’m good. Feels like my skull’s on fire, but I’m good.”

The End?

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