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New Family

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Summary: What if Hank wasnt Buffy's real father, and Joyce had a few secrets of her own...

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Theme: Real FamilyKindredsHeartFR1345,10616211,37130 Jul 091 Aug 09No

Chapter 3 First Impressions

A/N It has been brought to my attention that Dumbledore was the secret keeper for the location of where the orders hide out was. In Joyce’s letter to Buffy she did not say that it was the orders headquarters, just that it was where her father could be found. For all we know, the paper that Joyce used for the letter to Buffy was an old piece of parchment that Dumbledore used for either Snape or herself.

Chapter 3 First Impressions

**previously: “Who is your father and why do you think that he would be here?” Harry retorted a bit confused as he took in the blond a little more carefully.

“Umm. My father’s last name is Snape. I really can’t pronounce his first name cause like I never got to hear it said before.” The little blond answered as she kind of shifted from foot to foot wondering if maybe this kid was another child by her father.**

Harry has no idea who the two women outside the door are. One says she is Snape’s daughter (who would want to have a kid with that great greasy gitt?!) and the other just makes him feel creepy and scared; so he does what any red blooded scared 16 year old would do… he slams the door in their face and yells for Mrs. Weasley and Professor Dumbledore. From the panicked scream that started in the entrance pretty much anyone who was in the house at the time came running (Tonks, Remus, Sirius, Dumbledore, and all the younger Weasleys).

“What is going on Harry?” Dumbledore enquires as he takes in the area to make sure of the safety of his young charge.

“There are two women outside, and one claims to be Snape’s kid” Harry answered.

“Blimey, who would want to have a kid with old Cranky Pants?” Ron asked without thinking as was usual for him.

“Professor Snape was married a long time ago. And if he wanted you children to know of his personal matters, I am sure that he would have told you then.” Dumbledore answered putting stress on the Professor title and the subtle hint to mind their own business.

Dumbledore opened the door to reveal a petite blond dressed in red leather pants that fit her like a second skin, a black halter-top, black high heeled boots, and a black leather trench coat. As he sized her up he noticed a stick in her hair that he hadn’t seen in many years. He noticed Joyce’s wand being used as a hair accessory. The redhead standing beside the blond seemed to crackle with energy. She had pretty red hair (did the Weasleys have another child I don’t know about?) She stood a little taller than the blond and was dressed in a pair of nice cream slacks and an emerald green top. ‘Emerald green… now where did I see that before…?’ Dumbledore thought to himself as he let his eyes roam over the two girls again. That was when he noticed the ring on Buffy’s finger; the twin Serpents with emerald green eyes. This had to be Joyce’s daughter.

“Buffy? Is it really you?” the old man asked as the rest of the people watched out of curiosity (all except Molly Weasley). Albus stepped back and let the girls have admission to the house without actually verbally offering one.

As the girls stepped in, the Curtin in the front hall blew itself open and the portrait of the former Matriarch of the House of Black started screaming obscenities of all forms being as derogatory as she could. Buffy looked around and cold tell by the expressions of those around that this was a regular occurrence that they would stop if they could. She slowly removed the want from her hair and pointed it at the portrait “silencio permanent” and the portrait looked around in shock that there was no longer any sound coming from her voice.

The rest of the room looked on in wonder at what the little blond just did.

“That was bloody brilliant!” exclaimed Ron as he got bopped in the head by Hermione.

While the excitement was going on in the entry way, Molly went to the kitchen and sent Snape a Floo.

“SEVERUS Get your Bloomin arise here right this instant we have a matter which requires your presence as sooner than humanly possible. You have less than a minute to get here. Also I don’t know what has you all teary eyed, but cut it out and get here 20 minutes ago.” Molly intoned with vehemence which was difficult to do since she was a green head in Snape’s fireplace at the school.

Snape dropped the letter the rest of the way to the floor, stepped into the fireplace and threw the floo powder as he stated his location. The next thing he knew he was standing in the Kitchen at the Order’s Headquarters looking through the door at HIS daughter who was staring at him as though seeing a ghost for the first time.

Father and daughter started to walk towards each other and just enveloped each other into a hug with tears streaming down both their faces…

“My gods she is beautiful. She has a lot of her mother in her, definitely the Malfoy hair and eyes. I wonder how Drako will feel knowing he has a cousin that was raised muggle… maybe we can find a spot for her at school so I can spend more time with her and get to know her…” came Snape’s babbled thoughts.

“His arms feel so safe. I feel like I have finally come home…” Buffy cried contentedly as that thought ran through her brain.

“Something is off about her. She makes my inner wolf want to run and hide and never come out in her presence.” Remus thought as he sensed the slayer in her.

A/N I know that Molly and Severus seem to be way OOC, but think of it this way, Sev had just finished reading teh letter from his dead wife, and Molly tends to be a little mother hen towards pretty much everyone in the order, and her reaction would be the same as if one of the twins or the golden trio had gotten into some sort of mischief. *** this is AU so some may occasionally be ooc***

It is late and I want to think some more on how I want to go about the next chapter where she tells more about who she is and starts to talk to other people in the house…

Thanks again for all the great reviews… you’re the fuel to my fingers fire as they fly over the keyboard…

The End?

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You have reached the end of "New Family" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 1 Aug 09.

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