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New Family

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Summary: What if Hank wasnt Buffy's real father, and Joyce had a few secrets of her own...

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Theme: Real FamilyKindredsHeartFR1345,10616211,38330 Jul 091 Aug 09No

Chapter One

Summery: Buffy is given an envelope that has information about a person that she needs to find. It contains the information that Hank isn’t her father, and her mother was keeping some very deep secrets…

A/N : This is post S7 Buffy verse, just after the final episode; Dawn died in the collapse of Sunnydale with Spike. Its not that I don’t like Dawn, but she doesn’t really have a place in this story. Kennedy also died when Sunnydale collapsed. (I never liked her anyway). This is also A/U for HP verse. Also my rating will be jumping around probably… just fair warning,,, I am starting out slow but I haven’t decided how evil I want to become….
There will be pairings, I just haven’t figured out who just yet besides the obvious RW/HG. Maybe a little BS/SB and a touch of WR/RL or the other way around. Like I said, I haven’t thought that far ahead…. Maybe some suggestions will be taken later in cannon….
Disclaimers: I don’t own anything except the trials and tribulations that I am putting the characters created by Joss and J. K. Rowling through. If I owned them, I would be rich and not have to worry about those pesky things called bills. This is for my pleasure and yours….

Prologue: “Buffy, I need to do this… You heard what Angel said about the twin medallions. One needed to be worn by a champion that was more than human and more than a vampire and the other needed to be worn by the one who was the key to keeping the world safe.” A very stubborn Dawn said as she placed a large ruby medallion with strange gold markings around her neck. “I love you, and as you told me 2 years ago, the hardest thing to do in this world is to live in it, so live for me and remember me and that I love you so very much.”
With that, Dawn hugged Buffy with tears streaming down her face as Kennedy grabbed the tiny blond slayer and shoved her to the enterance of the cavern. Spike was now a bright golden glow of light that was disintegrating the Turok-Han as it touched them and Dawn was beginning to glow a deep emerald green as the enterance to the cavern started to swiral as thought it was a portal that needed to be closed. Buffy fell forward out of the enterance and rocks started to fall hitting Kennedy knocking her out and trapping her in the cavern. She ran up onto the roof of the building and started to run from building to building and finally leaping onto the roof of a beat up yellow school bus and held on as the bus raced out of the quickly collapsing town nicknamed Sunnyhell.
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