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A New Life

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Summary: Joyce moves from Sunnydale after Buffy dies. Now she runs a gallery in St. Louis, what happens when Anita gets jealous of her?

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Anita Blake > Joyce-CenteredcrystalFR2143,1570366,10430 Jul 0919 Mar 10No

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: I do not own Either Anita Blake nor Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I make no money off this.

AN: Sorry guys, I promise to update my other stories, but this plot bunny just would not go away. I hope you like it. This may be one of the only stories I write that doesn’t have the main pairing as Slash, but there will be a pairing, I’m just not sure who I’m going to put Joyce with yet. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this new story. ^^ *Ducks flying objects.* hehe

Chapter 1

Joyce watched as a sad Dawn finished packing her things into the car. After Buffy’s death Joyce couldn’t see any more reason for them to stay in Sunnydale, so they were moving to St. Louis, a place where there were no memories of the Buried slayer. Joyce was knocked from her thoughts at her daughters’ voice.

“I still can’t believe that Vampires are so well known outside of Sunnydale,” she said in an awed voice. It seemed that the power of the Hellmouth had blocked all knowledge of the outside world from anyone who entered. Joyce was still reeling from the knowledge that came to her as soon as Buffy’s funeral was over and she was certain that they were moving.

Joyce shook her head before smiling at her daughter. “Well, you can’t expect the world to be completely clueless about what goes bump in the night,” she said as she started the car. “There is only so many ‘Death by Pitchfork’s’ before someone gets suspicious.” Their laughter echoed in the car as they left the town Buffy had died to save.

Three Months Later

It had been three months since they had left Sunnydale. They had bought a house an hour away from the Blood District. Dawn was settling well enough into her new school. She was enjoying her new friends and new teachers. Joyce had gotten a new job at an art gallery run by J.C. Corporation though she had never met her boss.

Joyce smiled as the new Egyptian exhibit was brought into the gallery. She had never thought that having Were’s on her staff would help her so much. “Thank you so much for the help,” she said as the were-leopards put the final box down. She really liked the leopards, Micah was nice and fin to talk to. Nathaniel was just so cute Joyce couldn’t help but want to mother him.

Nathaniel blushed at the praise. He really liked working for Joyce; she was nice to him and always invited them for lunch. ‘She is nothing like Anita,’ he thought as he followed his King further into the gallery.

Micah smiled at the women, “It was no problem,” he assured, opening the door for the now blushing women. “You know we love to help you,” he purred.

Joyce couldn’t help but blush at the man who always made her feel like a teenager. ‘If only Buffy could see me now,’ she thought ruefully, shaking her head sadly at the thought of her oldest daughter. She sent a smile at Nathaniel when he whimpered sadly. She knew the leopards could tell when she was sad. “I’m fine Nathaniel,” she assured as she led them into the kitchen her boss had installed when Joyce had had to stay late for a month on a special exhibit.

Micah smiled sadly at his friend. She had told them after a week of their helping her, just what had happened to her oldest daughter. Micah and Nate had already met her youngest, and both wished they could have met the daughter bother the young women missed so much.

Joyce shook herself out of her thoughts and started making the sandwiches. They had been working all week to get everything ready for when the exhibit finally made its way to their city so she was used to keeping a lot of food ready, especially since lycanthropes seemed to eat quite a bit.

A few minutes of small talk later the sandwiches where ready and served. Joyce jumped only a little when Nathaniel sat on the floor next to her with his head in her lap as they ate. It wasn’t the first time that had happened. It has certainly been an interesting few months. Little did she know that it was going to get even more interesting.

AN: So what do you think? Should I continue?
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