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Extended Family

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Summary: What would happen if it was discovered that the Boy Who Lived was related to the Girl Who Died? Headmaster Dumbeldore discovered just that, join the action as the family meets, and goes on to have some very interesting adventures

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Theme: Real Family
Harry Potter > Dawn-Centered > Theme: Real Family
KindredsHeartFR13715,3430912,26631 Jul 0931 Jul 09No

The Home Coming

Chapter 2: Chapter 2 The Home Coming


DISCLAIMERS: 1. I do not own these characters. They belong to their

Original Creators: J.K. Rowling and Joss Whedon Praise

Be the Creators of two of the best fandoms

2. I am not making any money off of the story that I am

Creating to indulge my fantasies in.

3. This is for my own sick twisted plot ideas, I promise

When I am finished, I to put them back where I got

Them from completely and totally unharmed;

Well… almost completely unharmed.

SPOILERS: (From the twisted mind of Kindred’s Heart) I figured after season 7 of Buffy would be a good place to start. Since there is no more Sunny Dale, I moved the Characters to the East Coast and into New Jersey, to an area where I grew up and could have been a Hell Mouth. Also the way I figured it; because Spike gave his life to save Buffy and the rest of the slayers, the PTB decided to give him back to Buffy in all his ‘Big Bad’ glory (Forget about Spike going to ATS; didn’t happen). The only thing that the PTB did was make him able to go out in the sun. Harry Potter things are just after OOTP.

PAIRINGS: BS/SS, WR/ RL, DS/DM, HG/RW, HP/F. (SPIKE AND BUFFY ARE JUST BEST FRIENDS ALMOST LIKE SIBLINGS) I know some of the pairings have been done, but this is a different twist type story, so who knows where these relationships will wind up after the few of my twisted chapters are used to torment them wah ha ha ha. Oh, and I loved Spike, and I just couldn’t see keeping him dead, so I had to bring him back to add an old but well loved twist to things….

SUMMERY: How does Harry feel about having more family? Spike is Draco’s great great-great-great grandfather…. But feels like Dawn’s big brother and is just as over protective as Big sis the Slayer? Draco better look out for the Summers Girls…


Harry looked confused at the way both Buffy and Faith tensed at the guy in the back calling them Slayerettes. The guy in the back resembled Draco Malfoy to a large extent. Harry decided it would be best to let the matter rest until he could hear what the whole story was. Buffy turned on the local radio station as they drove down the BQE to the 49th Street Bridge to get to Midtown Manhattan.

Harry’s eyes glazed over at the sight of so many Muggle buildings and people in one area. Everything was so tall, it almost blocked out the sky. Buffy slowly drove through the morning rush hour traffic and made her way towards Madison Square Garden, then to where the Empire State Building was. During the tour, she explained some of the sights to her new family. Occasionally Dawn would chime in some bit of American movie trivia about some of the things they were seeing.

At one point Buffy drove past the New York Public Library, and Dawn chirped out, “Did you know that they used the facade and the top floor of the library when they filmed the original Ghostbusters movie. And they only had a couple hours each day in the morning before the library opened to be able to set up lighting, film, then tear everything back down?”

Dawn seemed so excited over that bit of trivia, Harry didn’t have the heart to tell her that not only did he know that, but that he also knew that they did the basement scenes in the LA library and on a sound stage for all the ghost effects. He learned all that while doing a report for the start of term for the Muggle Studies class that Hermione talked him into taking this year. Pretty soon Buffy made her way to the Lincoln Tunnel and they were in New Jersey. Harry watched the skyline as they drove around a giant horse-shoe shaped bend; and he noticed a large gap in the buildings.

“Umm, Buffy; why is there a gap in between those buildings? Is it some sort of park or zoo or something?” Harry innocently asked watching as all three girls sort of stiffened then got sad looks in their eyes.

“No Harry; about 2 years ago some terrorists hijacked a couple planes and flew them into the buildings causing their collapse and the deaths of an unforgivable amount. Our dad was one of them, along with his secretary. Dad and whatever her name was, I never knew or cared, was working on the floor that the plane hit. They never made it out; now dad’s company is paying the surviving families whatever the employee would have made for 10 years.” Buffy said in a sad sort of detached voice.

“At least that Wanker got what he deserved for deserting you and Nibblet when your mom died pet.” Came a male voice from the very back.

“Spike, I thought you were asleep; or doing something useful like looking at that book I know Dawn left in the back.” Buffy admonished while she continued to drive up the highway.

“Umm, Buffy, that was a private book. It is my diary.” Dawn whined.

“Are you enjoying the drive Harry? We should be home in about 2 hours as long as traffic stays light.” Buffy said as she glanced in the mirror at Harry sitting there squished between Dawn and Faith grinning as the thought of Harry and Faith possibly getting together.

“I must admit that things look so different here Buffy, I mean; WOW! The city was amazing, and you and the rest have been so friendly. So far this trip has been better than anything I have ever known living with the Dursley’s.” Harry replied as he blushed deeply as he glanced at Faith.

As the short conversation ended between the cousins, Buffy’s cell phone started to go off. Willow handed her the earpiece so that she could legally talk, and she answered. “Hello?”

“Hay Buffster, Ron and Hermione wanted to know if we could make a stop for some food and stuff. I know there is a Mc D’s and a DD’s up here. Wanna stop for a cuppa’?” Xander asked his friend as Giles maundered the vehicle through the traffic.

So far for the drive since they left the airport, the two teens in the back of Giles Yukon never stopped asking questions, mainly the girl, about the area, what different buildings were; Hermione even started asking about where they were going and what did their professor mean by the rules regarding going out after dark. Giles was finding the girl’s curiosity entertaining as they drove.

“Decide which you want Xander, and I will get off for that one. I do think the kids would prefer Mc D’s though. Or do you want both, breakfast from Mc D and coffee from DD?” Buffy asked as Willow started to giggle next to her and Dawn watched in amusement.

In the other vehicle, Giles started to chuckle at Xander’s little squirm and answers to what would obviously be Buffy asking what HE wanted. Ron and Hermione both thought it was kind of funny how Xander started to talk in some sort of code to Buffy; after a minute though Hermione figured out that Xander was talking about a couple restaurants, and which they would stop at for a bite to eat.

About 5 minutes after Xander hung up from Buffy, Giles turned his truck into a Mc Donald’s parking lot next to Buffy’s black SUV. When everyone had gotten out and stretched, they went into the restaurant, used the bathrooms; and then proceeded to the line to order their breakfasts. Harry and Hermione knew what to expect and asked what would be good to last them till they got to Buffy’s house. Ron, who had never been to a Muggle establishment, was blown away by the different choices and the strange names they had for everything.

“Umm, excuse me, Buffy; what is an egg Mc Muffin pancakes, and what are tater tots?” a very confused boy asked so no one else could hear.

“Just trust us, how bout you just get the breakfast combo meal with juice. We are stopping one other place so we can get some coffee and my bagel.” Buffy reassured the boy.

As the group walked into Duncan Donuts, they all smiled at the widening eyes and dropped jaws of the three teens. Xander being his usual hungry self rushed passed everyone up to the counter where a tall brunet was standing.

“What’ll it be love?” the girl asked as she flirted with her early morning customer. The eye patch seemed really sexy on this guy she thought.

“I’ll have a dozen jelly filled, a large coffee with a splash of milk, and whatever the rest of the gang wants. Buffy, Wills? Faith, Harry, Ron, Hermione; anyone want anything? Wait; add 2 boxes of mixed donut holes and anything else they want.” Xander said to the girl without stopping to take a breath or wait for everyone else’s reply.

“Sure sweet heart, anything else?” She replied and asked the rest of the group that was crowded into the small counter area.

“I will have a whole wheat bagel, toasted with cream cheese, and 7 coffees that are light and sweet.” Buffy answered as she looked at all the available selections. “You guys want anything else? The coffee is better here that is why I said to get the juices before. We still have about a half hour before we get home.”

“Umm, can I try one of the ones with chocolate frosting and sprinkles?” Harry asked with a hopeful look in his eyes to Buffy. Buffy watched the boy’s reaction as the girl handed him the donut.

What the hell did those people that he was staying with do to him? Wills, you have any idea if we can find out without hurting him?” Buffy thought through her connection with Willow.

Best if we just ask him, after all we will still have to have a long talk with everyone about everything; mainly the power that is radiating off these three. They have wands; I can feel them
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