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Extended Family

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Summary: What would happen if it was discovered that the Boy Who Lived was related to the Girl Who Died? Headmaster Dumbeldore discovered just that, join the action as the family meets, and goes on to have some very interesting adventures

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Theme: Real Family
Harry Potter > Dawn-Centered > Theme: Real Family
KindredsHeartFR13715,3430912,26631 Jul 0931 Jul 09No

Chapter 7 Romance part 1

Chapter 7: Chapter 7 Romance part 1



As morning sun rays drifted into her room, Buffy was awoken to a squealing teenager that resembled her little sister Dawn.

“Buffy, I have some exciting news!” Dawn screeched as she dove onto Buffy’s bed.

“Dawn, it is just turning day out there, this better be good. And you better not be doing the kissing thing with another vamp.” Buffy yawned as she sat up in bed to find a former vampire curled up next to her.

“Damn it Spike, what the hell do you think you are doing in my bed? Your room is just down the hall!” Buffy yelled waking the sleeping Spike as he looked confused around the room.

“What the hell slayer, can’t a bloke sleep after a night of getting right pissed with a man like that potions master? Whatever you did to him love, he was in a right state if you ask me. After all, someone has to be your protector from bloody prats like Angel and Riley.” Spike confessed as he sat up and got his shoes on to leave her room.

By now a very impatient Dawn was bouncing on Buffy’s bed where Spike had just gotten up from. “I’m waiting Buff; He kissed me!” She exclaimed. “And what’s more, he wants to take me to the movies tonight to experience what he called ‘muggle entertainment’ whatever that means.”

“I suppose it would be safe as long as you took Faith with you. Besides, I think she may have her heart set on our cousin.” Buffy said grinning as she got out of bed to start her morning ritual.

An hour later, Buffy was outside in the back garden doing a complex series of a Tai Chi when Snape walked out and saw her. He stood on the porch for several minutes in total awe of the tiny woman and the different positions she was putting her body through as well as the energy she exuded.

“Whenever you feel like talking to me I am here Severus.” Buffy said as she did a complicated jump, split, flip; and landed facing him.

“I am not one to normally ask forgiveness, but I must apologize for my actions last night. I have no idea what came over me.” Snape said as he fumbled with the deck chair that he was trying to open to sit in.

“Look Severus, I was just trying to have a little fun at the party, and bring you out of ‘Mr. Cranky-pants’ mode.” Buffy answered the apology as she picked up her towel and started to dry her moist face.

Buffy’s actions didn’t go unnoticed. Snape was watching her every movement wondering what it would feel like to be the one to have made her perspire as she did. Suddenly very annoyed at himself for feeling this way about a Potter, Snape turned swirling his black trench coat and fled the petit blond’s presence.

‘Wonder what that was about…’ Buffy wondered as she walked into the house and made her way to the kitchen where she knew Faith would be starting her cooking for the evening meal. As she walked in the kitchen, she started to count the thumps and curses that were being flung at the poor chicken breasts that were splat on the counter.

“Hay Faith. What’s so wrong that you are killing out dinner?” Buffy asked as she tried to take the meat mallet from Faiths hand.

Faith used her slayer strength to keep her cooking tool.

“Buffy, I think I am in love; if you can believe that. Imagine me, the Slayer who fought, slayed, then laid the nearest guy available then that was it leave... In love, with a younger guy for cripes sake.” Faith went on as she pounded the meat she was working with in the kitchen.

“And older sister of mine, what is the deal with that dark broody guy that you did that awesome dance with last night? I noticed that he was drooling while you did your meditation work out this morning…” Faith asked while trying to change the subject from what she had just blurted out about Harry.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Extended Family" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 31 Jul 09.

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