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Extended Family

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Summary: What would happen if it was discovered that the Boy Who Lived was related to the Girl Who Died? Headmaster Dumbeldore discovered just that, join the action as the family meets, and goes on to have some very interesting adventures

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Theme: Real Family
Harry Potter > Dawn-Centered > Theme: Real Family
KindredsHeartFR13715,3430912,26431 Jul 0931 Jul 09No

Chapter One

DISCLAIMERS: 1. I do not own these characters. They belong to their
Original Creators: J.K. Rowling and Joss Whedon Praise

Be the Creators of two of the best fandoms

2. I am not making any money off of the story that I am

Creating to indulge my fantasies in.

3. This is for my own sick twisted plot ideas, I promise

When I am finished, I to put them back where I got

Them from completely and totally unharmed;

Well… almost completely unharmed.

Chapter 1: Chapter 1 More Family


SPOILERS: (From the twisted mind of Kindred’s Heart) I figured after season 7 of Buffy would be a good place to start. Since there is no more Sunny Dale, I moved the Characters to the East Coast and into New Jersey, to an area where I grew up and could have been a Hell Mouth. Also the way I figured it; because Spike gave his life to save Buffy and the rest of the slayers, the PTB decided to give him back to Buffy in all his ‘Big Bad’ glory. The only thing that the PTB did was make him able to go out in the sun. Harry Potter things are just after OOTP. Pairings BS/SS, WR/ RL, DS/DM, HG/RW, HP/F. ( SPIKE AND BUFFY ARE JUST FRIENDS ALMOST LIKE SIBLINGS)I know some of the pairings have been done, but this is a round robin story, so who knows where these relationships will wind up after the few of us torment them wah ha ha ha . Oh, and I loved Spike, and I just couldn’t see keeping him dead, so I had to bring him back to add an old but well loved twist to things…. Spike is Draco’s great great-great-great grandfather…. But feels like Dawn’s big brother?

Chapter 1 More Family

Harry Potter was starting another dismal summer at number 4 Privet Drive; made even more so with the death of his Godfather Sirius Black. Before he left school, Harry subscribed to the Daily Prophet which was delivered everyday by a cinnamon colored owl that was only half Hedwig’s size. Most of the articles were about how ‘You know who’ was on the rise. The paper also had an article explaining how the Restriction for Under Aged Wizards and Witches was suspended indefinitely. Upon seeing the news, Harry grew excited and accidentally left the paper lying on the table in the sitting room where he knew his ever nosey Aunt Petunia would find it and read with the hopes of making his summer even more miserable. Harry also no longer had to sit in his room at night to do his homework as there were also articles that explained how the Ministry wanted students of Hogwarts to be practicing their DADA lessons as much as possible outside of school; this of course made the Dursley’s ever more cautious around Harry. Although Harry would be elated about his family being so cautious around him, he was still sad about the loss of Sirius.

About a week into his vacation, a snowy white owl similar to Hedwig tapped on his window in the early June morning. Harry opened the window and let her in where she perched on top of Hedwig’s cage and patiently stuck her foot out for him to take the letter tied to it. The envelope was cream colored with emerald green writing that Harry knew very well along with the crest that Harry knew would be from Headmaster Dumbledore

Mr. H. Potter

Smallest Bedroom

4 Privet Drive

Little Whinging


Harry broke the seal and pulled out the cream colored parchment that had deep blue writing and read:

Dear Harry,

I hope this letter finds you well. You have my deepest sympathy over the loss of Sirius. I understand how much he meant to you. On the lighter side of things, I have received word from some friends belonging to a different agency that is ran by Muggles who work with both our world and theirs that may be of interest to you. I have to give you a decision as well, where you wish to spend the remainder of your summer. The news is that we have found another relative of yours. It seems that your father James had an older sister who was born a Muggle, and was married with a daughter while he was still in school. Unfortunately your Aunt Joyce died 3 years ago; but you do have your 2 cousins in America; one of which is your age, the other is about 6 years older then you. The Ministry and I feel that you should be allowed the opportunity to meet your American relatives. Should you choose to spend the holidays in the eastern states of America, you must swear to follow their rules about going out at night. Also to make the time there easier on you all, word was received from Ms. Summers that you are very welcome to bring Ms. Granger and Mr. Weasley. They do not know about you three being of the wizard world, but they will know as the end of summer comes; as I will be making a trip out to visit and see how you are progressing. You will have full permission from the ministry for full use of your wand as long as it is supervised. I believe one of your cousin’s friends will be able to full fill that capacity. This should be a very educational trip for you and I look forward to the letters you can owl me.

Harry couldn’t believe his eyes; he had more family… why didn’t he ever hear from them? Harry finished the letter.

As you were receiving this letter, Mr. Weasley and Ms. Granger both should have received theirs. I am expecting an Owl with your reply post haste. If you are going to go, we will have the American paperwork all ready for you and your companions so that we can port key you into the American airport bathroom where you would have to still go through customs and other such things. This will also be where you will be met by your family. Please feel free to owl me if you have any other questions.


Albus Dumbledore

Harry let the letter slip out of his fingers as he thought about what he just read. A summer away from the Dursley’s, and family in America; Ron and Hermione were going to be so excited. He pulled out the parchment and ink he kept under the floor board in his room to respond to the Headmaster’s letter.

Dear Headmaster,

This is such sudden news, I mean; I never knew dad had a sister. Professor, you can count me in for the holiday. I will owl Ron and Hermione to let them know. I hope their parents and my aunt and uncle say yes; even if they say no, I will still be ready to go whenever you say. When will I go? I am sure that the Dursley’s would be glad to get rid of me as soon as possible when I give them the news.

So until September first,

Harry Potter

Harry folded the letter, poured a slight bit of wax on it, and pressed the HP seal he had into it. The little owl helped herself to some of Hedwig’s food and water while Hedwig sat on Harry’s desk and watched in approval at how the small bird patiently waited for Harry to tie the letter to the waiting foot. With that done, the small bird took off like a shot; direction, Hogwarts.

While the sun was slowly rising on that morning, Harry still sat on the edge of his bed and contemplated how this would affect him. He was still glowing over the news of no Dursley’s for most of his summer, he would turn 16 in America (maybe he might get a birthday party), and he would get to spend the holidays with his best friends. Around 9:00 that morning, he heard his Aunt and Uncle get up from bed, and with it being Saturday morning, he knew that it wouldn’t be long before they started yelling for him to make coffee and breakfast. Just as he knew, about 5 minutes after he heard their first movements of the day, Harry was summoned to the kitchen for his morning duties.

“Good morning, Aunt Petunia, Good morning Uncle Vernon.” Harry’s chipper greeting immediately had them suspicious, even more so after the paper that Petunia read the other day.

“What do you want boy?” Uncle Vernon asked as he took a tentative sip of the coffee Harry just put in front of him.

“Can I go to America for the rest of my summer holiday? I received a letter that I have some family there that I would very much like to see.” Harry replied almost too excitedly.

“I don’t know boy, We don’t have the money to be sending you gallivanting all over the globe for the summer.” came Vernon’s reply to see if he could get a rise out of the boy; all he needs is a reason to lock him in his room for the rest of the summer and well longer if he could.

“Actually Uncle Vernon, it wouldn’t cost you anything. My school is going to take care of all the expenses. And I would be there from as soon as the travel arrangements are made until I go straight to school then I would be at school all year.” Harry’s excitement was growing as he saw little to the argument that they could say no to.

Vernon couldn’t see any fault in this argument, except the fact that he would be doing something that would make Harry happy. The thought of not having to see or deal with his freak of a nephew finally won out and he gave his consent. After all, why should he have to deal with the possibility of this murderer coming to his house and killing his family all for the ability to kill one boy?

“You can go boy, on one condition, that we don’t see or hear from you until you are ready to start your summer holiday and you don’t expect anything for your birthday or Christmas.” Uncle Vernon told the excited boy whose eyes seemed to sparkle all the more. “When do you leave boy? After all we can’t have you sitting around here all summer.”

“I am waiting to find out, but hopefully all the arrangements will be made by the end of the week.” Harry happily told his uncle, and then ran up to his room to see if there were any replies from Professor Dumbledore, Ron, or Hermione.

In the days following, Harry received news back from all three friends. Dumbledore sent the same small owl back with the news that he would be leaving at the end of the week, and the rest of his necessary information would be given to him when he arrived at the Ministry. Ron and Hermione both sent letters back with Hedwig that their parents said yes, and that they were both very excited for him and the trip to the states.

Friday came, and with it his departure from number 4 Privet Drive. The Dursley’s were a bit on edge remembering what happened when the Weasley family’ came through the fire place in that blast of green fire two summers ago. Dudley was running from room to room with his pudgier hands holding his wide bottom as he remembered Hagrid giving him a piggy tail; and a mouth full of bubblegum so that he wouldn’t eat anything that these people dropped like he did that toffee that made his tongue swell to almost 4 feet long. Suddenly at half past 9, the fire place spit out 5 people in as various color robes as the personalities that wore them. Harry excitedly greeted 4 of the 5, Tonks showed up in wild purple robes with bright blue and orange hair, while Mr. Weasley wore simple green robes, of course the twins Fred and George were wearing simple robes that looked new with the name of their joke shop on them, and the last person to arrive took Harry by surprise. He really didn’t know why Dumbledore sent Snape, with his greasy black hair and typical black robes, but he greeted him in a friendly enough manner. Tonks took Hedwig’s cage, Fred and George ran to Harry’s room and got his trunk; reminiscing the whole time about the summer 2 years before with the visit to the quidditch; while Mr. Weasley and Prof. Snape took his all his wizarding supplies for the last 5 years as well as his list for this year’s material and placed it in a carpet bag. The odd menagerie of people left through the floo network to arrive at the Ministry where Ron and Hermione were waiting for them.

“Hi there, Harry! Are ya ready for the trip to America? Ready to see if these yanks are better people then those Muggles you live with right now?” Ron’s greeting came in seemingly one breath.

“Ronald, take it easy, let Harry get his breath first. Hello Harry, how has your summer been thus far?” Hermione’s greeting with a twinkle in her eyes followed Ron’s outburst.

“Ron already had me at the Burrow for the start of the summer, and we have some news for you; we’re together. Please don’t let this hurt our friendship or anything, I do like you; but not in the same way.” Hermione started to babble then stopped as Harry started to laugh.

“’moiny, if you and Ron hadn’t figured out that you two belong together, then I was planning on locking you in a closet until you just started to snogg it all out.” Harry replied through chuckles as he lifted his glasses in order to dry his eyes.

“Children, if you are quite through, we are ready to send you on to the States.” Snape growled to the three young Gryffindors. “Here are your passports, and the rest of the paperwork you would need when you fly into JFK Airport in New York City. The Ms.’ Summers and a couple of their friends will meet you as though you were arriving off this flight.” Snape continued as he handed the kids their itineraries and passports.

“Thank you Professor Snape. This port key will take us as well as our entire luggage there?” Harry asked as he eyed a suspicious looking coin.

“Harry, that isn’t the port key, this is the port key.” Mr. Weasley said as he pulled out a cart that looked to be from an airport. “Now watch closely.” with that, he cast a charm that made the entire luggage about the size of small suitcases so that everything fit.

“Now all we need is for you three to hold on to the handle and then you will be off. Have a safe trip, and we look forward to your owls as well as seeing you come the fall term.” Albus finished as the trio took hold of the cart.

Harry, Ron, and Hermione all felt the familiar tug from behind their navel as the port key lifted them up off the ground and within seconds they landed roughly in the bathroom of the airport. Harry was the first to recover and take in his surroundings. They landed very nicely in the Ladies Room, where thankfully there were no other ladies at the moment. Hermione was the next to recover and as she realized where they landed was starting to make sure that no one had seen them. She cautiously looked around outside the main door so that the boys could leave without notice. After seeing it was all clear, she waved the boys out; Ron was a little slower because he still hadn’t fully recovered yet. The boys were waiting outside as though nothing was abnormal for Hermione to come out after fixing her hair and makeup. With it being only 6:00 am, there weren’t many people around the area.

The kids got their things together and made their way through Customs. It was actually very quick, and they were through in only a couple minutes. As they walked through the sliding doors that separated the customs from the rest of the terminal, Harry stopped short. Ron and Hermione looked where he was looking. There was a group of six people with balloons and a sign that said ‘H. Potter and CO; Here’s Your Sign!’ in blue and gold glitter on pink raspberry colored paper. The group was a strange assortment. There were 4 women and 2 men there. The two men were as different in age and appearance as day and night. One of the men, the older one reminded Harry of a professor he had seen on the television one night at the Dursley’s, all in tweed and stuffy looking; while the other looked not very much older than they were; he wore jeans and a flannel shirt and had an eye patch covering his left eye. The women were even more different in appearance and dress then the men were. There was a tiny blond who though she was small looked as though she carried the weight of the world on her shoulders, there was a taller brunette that strongly resembled the blond except for being taller and having dark hair. There was another brunette who was a little taller than the blond but had the same look in her eyes and the same poise about her body; finally there was a red head who was in between the two brunettes as far as her height was concerned, and she had a very powerful feel about her.

“Umm, are you Harry?” the blond asked as she came forward looking at the trio, but stopping her gaze on the dark haired boy.

“Yes, are you Buffy Summers?” he asked in reply starting to get a little nervous now that he was actually seeing her in person.

“Yup, that’s me. Now for a quick intro to the Scoobies, that guy wearing all tweedy like a stuffy well never mind would be Rupert Giles, the other guy wearing the eye patch trying to look all pirate like would be Alexander Harris, but we just call him Xander. The girls are my sister and your other cousin Dawn, the dark haired girl with the black leather on… Hay Faith, who said you could borrow my leather pants? Umm, sorry where was I, oh yah that is Faith; who is kind of adopted as a sister. And this would be my friend Willow, who would happen to be the biggest bad ass Wicca in the world.” Buffy introduced as she watched the trio’s eyes widen as she said the last part.

“I am Harry Potter, this is Hermione Granger, and this is Ronald Weasley.” Harry replied as he pointed to his two friends.

What happened next, neither Harry nor his two friends were expecting; Buffy, Dawn, Willow, and Faith all came up and gave him a group hug. Harry was surprised by the amount of love and affection that he was getting from family he had just met.

“Well gang, Harry, Ron, Harmony, I think we better get going before we hit traffic. It won’t be too bad leaving the city, but while we are in the middle of it, it will get a little hectic. Since we brought both trucks, you guys can decide who wants to ride with whom. Me and Dawnie will be in one and Giles and Xander will be in the other, the rest you guys sort out amongst yourselves. Geeze, I’m starting to sound like Giles again.” Buffy babbled as they started to leave the arrival area.

Harry noticed Faith watching him, and decided that she was someone he would love to be better acquainted with. She seemed to radiate the same type of power his cousin did, but not as strong. He would have to ask what they were once they were home. Harry decided to ride with his cousins and their 2 girlfriends while Ron and Hermione decided to go with the two men so that the family could get to know each other better. Ron and Hermione also exchanged glances when they noticed how their friend was watching Buffy’s friend Faith and started to make matchmaking plans. Dawn and Buffy noticed everything going on around them. Willow used her little telepathy spell to link her mind with Buffy and Dawn in order to find out what the girls were smiling about as they looked around.

What is it you two, come on share the info Willow went.

Well just look how Harry and Faith are looking at each other. Buffy answered.

If looks could cause orgasm then they would both be in trouble Dawn finished.

Dawn, where did you learn to talk like that? Buffy asked her sister.

Anya taught me well older sister mine. Dawn answered back imitating how Buffy always calls Giles ‘Watcher Mine’. With Dawns antics being the end of the conversation, the three girls started to laugh uncontrollably while the others looked on in confusion.

“We ready to jet?” Buffy asked as she climbed into her black Expedition with darkly tinted windows as someone crawled out of the back.

“SPIKE! What are you doing here? Don’t you know that it is after dawn, and the sun is up… wait a minute, HOW DID YOU GET HERE? I THOUGHT YOU DIED WHEN WE CLOSED THE HELLMOUTH!” Buffy screeched catching the attention of the others.

“Well lover, which is a whole long story that I only feel like telling once, so when we get home I will tell it to you and your Slayerettes.’ Spike easily answered as he crawled back on the back seat and fell asleep before they even pulled out of the parking garage.
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