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Finding Their Wings

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Summary: Nathaniel finds out he has a cousin. A cousin that is far too much like him.

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Anita Blake > Dawn-CenteredXeeliaFR1856,70066413,20431 Jul 0928 Aug 09No

More reunions and Discovery

Big thanks to EndlessThyme and Jenni for that incredible beta work!!

The night was almost over, but it didn’t matter. Dawn was sound asleep; curled up with Nathaniel on a couch with Spike as a pillow. They had all talked and caught Dawn up on everything that had happened since her abduction. No one pushed for her to tell her story, they knew better.

She had been overjoyed to find out that her father had lied about the outside world. Unlike what he had told her, vampire rights hadn’t been revoked, weres were not shot on sight, and her friends were still alive. The best and worst news was that Buffy was still in a coma, but not dead.

Angelus explained to the St. Louis people that though all legal documents would say that Joyce and Buffy Summers were killed in a car accident, that wasn’t what had really happened. In actuality, Joyce had been attacked by a dark witch, Amy, because Joyce had been a power latent witch. When she began to explore this, Amy had sensed the great power within her and had attacked, the backlash of the attack had hit Buffy and put her into a coma. She was now, and had been for the past 3 years, in the hospital wing of Wolfram & Hart. Nathaniel had been saddened by that, but still wanted to visit her with Dawn. He had family now, blood family, and he wanted to know as much as he could and support them.

Micah and Anita watched in wonder as both cousins became more chatty and alive as Dawn reconnected with her surrogate family. Both young wereleopards seemed to become more relaxed and calm, especially around the bleached blonde vampire, and Dawn seemed a far cry from the girl they had picked up. She was animated and even a bit brazen at times. Micah couldn’t stop grinning at the joy in her eyes.

But now she was asleep and beginning to dream. Micah watched as Dawn wiggled just a bit and Spike stiffened. The vampire looked like he was frozen in space. Suddenly Dawn began to whimper and as soon as she did Spike snapped out of whatever was happening with him and began to purr while petting her head. “Shhh Little Bit, Big Bad ain’t gonna let anyone make you do anything again. Gonna make sure my baby’s safe I am.”

Micah looked on curiously and never even noticed the witch walk up next to him. “He raised her, he thinks of her as his daughter. They have a psychic link, no one is sure how but the magic in the house that she was in was able to block it. They were both devastated, thinking the other was dead. It’s sort of like a human servant bond but not exactly. They’re both dealing with the past few years right now, Spike just saw exactly what Dawn was dreaming. I think that her cousin might be caught up in it too now.”

Just as she said this Nathaniel whimpered but Spike placed Dawn’s hand in Nathaniel’s and both cousins fell back into a deep calm sleep.
Micah turned and looked at the witch. She was so calm and so powerful, she reminded him a bit of himself. “Will he want to take her back to Sunnydale with him then?”

Willow shook her head. “No. He knows she feels safe here; she doesn’t want to be in California at all. He’s planning on giving the title of Master of Sunnydale to Penn Aurelius, another of Angelus’ get. He wants to move here, under Jean-Claude officially, as liaison between the Aurelian clan and Jean-Claude’s kiss. He doesn’t care about politics, he just wants Dawnie safe.”

Micah smiled warmly. “They both must truly love her.”

Willow smiled back. “They do, they raised her, basically. Dawn’s sister -- Buffy -- was the Slayer, but fell in love with Angelus. The Watchers Council had this whole black and white view of the world, all supernatural things were evil basically, so Buffy broke away from them. They thought they’d lose power and tried to convince her to come back by kidnapping Dawn.”

Micah’s eyes bulged. “How old was she?”

Willow bit her lip. “Dawn or Buffy?”


Willow ducked her head. “Well Buffy was 1 5 when she met Angelus, 16 when they fell in love, and 18 When the Council took Dawn. Dawn was 10 when the council took her, of course she was only there for like three days before the vampires attacked. The Aurelians are strong, vicious, and loyal; they made sure the Council of Watchers was destroyed and all knowledge they held was locked up in the Aurelian vaults.

“Anyway, that’s when Spike became her protector and the weird psychic link appeared. I mean they were always close… Spike and Dawn that is. Her mother was his lover until she died. Just know, Spike will do anything to protect Dawn. He will lie, cheat, steal, kill, and torture to keep her safe, she is absolutely everything to him.”

Micah nodded.

Willow smiled now. “He will protect Nathaniel like that as well, and your pard. Anything Dawn deems important is important to Spike. Nathaniel will get smothered along with Dawn though. He really looks so much like her, I bet he smells like her too.”

Micah nodded. “Yeah they smell a lot alike, more like siblings than cousins, but not quite. It’s weird.”

Willow nodded, she was about to reply when a cell phone broke the semi-quiet of the room. She and Micah both turned to Anita who answered her phone and spoke in tense but hushed tones before hanging up.

Anita stood and motioned for those who were awake to pay attention. “It seems that Mr. Summers has escaped. One of his accomplices has been identified, and it’s not good. He was working with Anthony Dietrich.”

Micah growled. “Gregory and Stephen’s father?”

Anita nodded. “And it looks like he’s in St. Louis.”

Dawn and Nathaniel had woken up and even though they were cuddled together with Spike, Dawn began to shake slightly. Spike ran his hand through her hair. “Hush Bit, not gonna let some wanker human hurt you, I’ll rip his ever lovin’ heart out if he tries.”

Anita looked at Micah. “Micah you need to go get Gregory and Stephen and bring them here.”

Micah nodded and started to leave. Willow tapped his arm. “You want some company?”

The witch and the Nimir Raj left to find the two Dietrich boys before their father, or some lackey of Hank’s, found them.

Dawn sat up, still cuddled close to her cousin and her true father figure, “I think Willow has the hots for Micah.”

Nathaniel snickered. “I think the feeling is mutual.”

Spike ran his hand through both cousins hair and chuckled. “You two quit gossipin’”

The three were interrupted when Jason banged into the room, forcing the door open so hard it hit the wall and tried to slam back into him. Stopping the door he panted for a moment before he finally managed, with terror in his eyes, to get the beginning of his sentence out. “Anita, Edward is here, with some chick and…”

Before he could finish talking in walked Edward and a girl who looked very similar to Anita. Without a second for anyone to stop her Dawn had jumped up and ran toward them. “Tedward! Faith! You’re really alive!”

Everyone who knew Edward watched in total disbelief as Dawn ran to the mercenary and jumped into his arms. They were more surprised to see Edward smile and hug the girl back tightly. “Who dies?” was all he said.

Dawn looked up and smiled. “My father.”

Edward nodded and handed her over to Faith. Faith hugged her close. “Hey little sister.”

The End?

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You have reached the end of "Finding Their Wings" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 28 Aug 09.

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