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The Knight's Companion

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Summary: Xander asks for help and recieves it from an unlikely source.

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Literature > FantasyFyrlocheFR18619,06094513,1021 Aug 091 Aug 09No

Chapter One

A/N: Okay. This was my first attempt at a 'Buffy' story and I posted it on because site rules prevented it from being posted here. Since the rules have changed, I'm posting it now. I hope that it meets with your approval. I accept criticism well, so if you see any problems or have any ideas about the direction this story is going in, feel free to let me know. I don’t offend easily so I don’t expect you to hold back. Now for the disclaimer - I don’t own ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ or ‘Valdemar’. Enjoy.


The dark haired man walked into the night even though he knew better than most the dangers that stalked the darkness. His need to be alone outweighed the dangers. ‘Besides,’ he thought grimly, ‘there isn’t anything out here that I’m not more dangerous than, right now.’ He snorted. ‘Yeah, right! Who am I kidding?’ Sadness mixed with bitterness swept over him. His friends wanted to keep him out of the fight because he was the ‘normal’ one. He could almost understand their reasoning, but he would be damned if he would accept it. He turned his anguished gaze to the stars. After gazing at the bright points for a few minutes, he bowed his head and remembered something he had heard from a priest one time about the effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man availing much. He didn’t know if he qualified as a righteous man but he was fervent. “Please,” he prayed, “I just want to help my family. Give me the strength to help them, that’s all I ask. I don’t want anything for myself, just a way to protect them.” As he finished, he felt a wave of peace wash over him. Whether it meant anything special or if it was just a lightening of his soul because of the prayer he didn’t know, but regardless of the source, he accepted the peace readily. Nodding with a slight smile on his face, he turned to go to the house he lived in.


“Our child has asked for our help.” A beautiful dark haired woman turned to face the golden haired man next to her. “He is one of the last of our people. We must help him.”

The golden haired man looked affectionately into the starred eyes of his mate. “Indeed my Lady, we do need to help him. What do you propose?”

She smiled at her Lord. “He asked for nothing for himself. Doesn’t that remind you of some of our servants from millennia ago?”

He stared at his Lady in bemusement. “Indeed, My Lady. He does have their qualities. But there are none left to teach him those ways.”

“There were none to teach them when they began either.” she pointed out. “Besides, we can relax the rules slightly in regards to who teaches him.” She smiled with a gleam of mischief in her starry eyes. “After all, we are the ones who made the rules in the first place.”

“What of his powers?” her Lord said, changing the subject. “They exist only in potential at this time. They will need to be activated.”

“He lives near a dimensional nexus.” the Lady reminded her mate. “It shouldn’t be too hard to awaken his potentials.”

“Very well, it shall be done.” The man paused. “When do we answer his prayer?”

“We will need to plan carefully as to how to arrange for his potential to become active.” She paused and then smiled. “I believe I know who among the departed would make the most well rounded partner.”

Vykandis, the Sun Lord of the long forgotten nations of Karse and Iftel, quirked an eyebrow at his mate, the Star-eyed Goddess of the equally forgotten Shin’a’in. “Partner? Don’t you mean Companion?”


A/N: I know it’s short, but it is just the set-up. Later chapters will be longer.
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