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Three's a Pain

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Summary: When it comes to watchers, Buffy considers two too many. Three's a pain.

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Highlander > Giles-CenteredAnnadelFR1888,39401011,2211 Aug 092 Aug 11No


Disclaimer: I hold no claim toward the Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Highlander universes whatsoever. I simply love their characters and couldn’t get this story out of my head.

Author’s Note: This is a revamped version of my old story, Through the Ages. The prologue hasn’t changed much, but coming chapters will be vastly different from the original.

The setting is at the very end of Highlander's season one and at the beginning of season two of Buffy right after Some Assembly Required. I know the years don't exactly match up, but let's pretend Highlander was set in the mid 90s for the purposes of this fic.

It was the first quiet evening since school began three weeks ago. Giles didn’t know what it was about the first weeks of school that brought vampires out in droves; it was one reason he hated the back-to-school season as much as Buffy and the others. The children had gone to The Bronze to spend the evening gyrating to the noise they called music, and he was enjoying an evening out with Miss Calendar.

He’d taken her to the only decent restaurant in the wretched town, and they were meandering back to his apartment. Giles caught sight of a young woman being followed across the street, and he felt an overwhelming sense their quiet evening was at an end. Jenny stiffened and motioned toward the young woman as the stalker pounced.

Giles heard her call his name as he sprinted toward the two shadows fading into the dark recesses of the alley, and Jenny’s footfalls sounded behind him. They arrived as the woman’s body fell. The vampire looked down at her body for a moment before raising his distorted face to leer at his next victims. He had the manic look of a junkie on a new high.

Giles moved in front of Jenny as he retrieved a stake and cross from his inside pocket and tossed Jenny the cross. The fledgling moved to pounce, but pulled up short, clutching his sides and stumbling back against a dumpster. Giles gaped, amazed and paralyzed, watching as the vampire screamed in pain before exploding into dust.

“What just happened?” Jenny asked. Her mocha rolled forgotten across the pavement.

“I have my suspicions, but I’m not sure,” Giles answered. The dead young woman sprang back to life with a gasping start. Giles jumped and moved closer to Jenny, blocking her body with his own.

The woman groaned as she pushed herself to her feet and dusted off without seeming to notice her witnesses. A grimace marred her face, and she heaved a disappointed sigh when she saw the bloodstains on her collar. Giles watched as she shook shoulder length, black curls in a familiar sort of way and could have swore he heard her mumble something about, “Bloody messy fledglings.”

By then, Jenny had recovered enough from the shock of witnessing something even stranger than the usual goings on of Sunnydale to sputter a bit, and the sound caught the other woman’s attention. She turned toward her would be saviors, looking nervous. Her posture relaxed and a slow smile graced her lips when she turned brilliant green eyes on Giles.

“Hello Rupert,” she said. “It’s been a long time.”

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