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Another Day

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Summary: The firefighters of 62 Truck in the FDNY get a woman in their house. Is she more woman than they can handle?

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Television > Rescue Me(Past Donor)SnagFR183135,0092117668,2761 Aug 0931 Aug 09Yes

Interlude - Giving Back

Disclaimer: Copyrighted characters are copyrighted. Property o' Joss Whedon and Denis Leary.
Summary: The firefighters of 62 Truck in the FDNY get a woman in their house. Is she more woman than they can handle?
Warning (if any): Strong language, adult situations, violence, graphic descriptions of burn victims, and gender, religious and racial epithets.
Author's notes: Fic, fic, fic. The first of a series of interludes about how Faith came to be a firefighter and in NYC.


A Honda Accord pulled up in front of a set of gates and came to a stop in the drop off zone. The passengers didn't jump out right away, however.

"Are you certain you want to do this, Faith?" Giles asked, putting the rental in neutral.

"Yeah, I'm sure." Faith pushed a few errant locks of hair out of her eyes. "I know, I could stay if I wanted, but this is somethin' I feel like I gotta do."

Giles studied Faith quietly for several moments. "You don't owe anything. You spent your time in jail of your own accord, and Angel's interceding on your behalf with the courts - "

"That's not it, Rupert." Faith shook her head. "This has nothing to do with Finch or Professor Worth or any of that. I did my share of damage to Boston long before any of you guys met me, and I haven't done anything about that yet. Angel always said that redemption is an ongoing journey. So, I'm journeying. I've gotta be giving back somehow."

"Good enough, then." Giles nodded with a notable air of approval. "But do try and be careful not to outperform the other candidates too much."


"That appears to be my lot in life," Giles agreed with a sly look, before he turned serious again. "You've really come a long way, Faith. The person you've become isn't that angry young woman anymore; it's plain to all of us. I've no doubt you'll do well here."

"Physical stuff, sure. But I think I was absent the day they taught school." Faith fussed uncomfortably with her duffel bag.

"I think you'll find it's different when you're learning things that pertain directly to the job that you intend to do. You'll be fine." Giles gave Faith a reassuring pat on the shoulder, and the emotional bonding moment was done. Neither British Watcher nor Boston Slayer were much of a mix for heartfelt encounters.

"We'll see. Gonna be confusing, not having to go through a bunch of books to find out the cause of the fires, tho'."

Giles quirked a shoulder in a half-shrug. "People are the more likely suspect in this setting, it's true." He shifted topics for a moment. "Once you're through training and assigned to a fire station, I'll see what we can do about getting you a field Watcher." It was well known that with Giles running the organization, he wasn't going to be able to spend nearly as much time in the field as once he had.

Faith gathered her duffel bag into her lap with a shrug. "No big. It's not like I'm not used to going it solo."

"Still, you'll have enough on your plate, being a new firefighter and trying to fit in without adding in keeping tabs on the supernatural goings on. The days of the Slayer - er, Slayers, doing everything on their own are quite thoroughly over." Giles reached out to squeeze Faith's shoulder with something close to affection. "Good luck."

"Thanks." Faith replied roughly, then cleared her throat, and her moment of emotion was done. "See y'all at graduation, I guess."

With that, Faith slid out of the car and began to stride purposefully through the gates of the Boston Firefighting Academy.
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