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The Intern

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Summary: Xander deals with a certain 30 stories tall cartoon mascot from hell

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Movies > GhostbustersTTrunksFR131568062,3151 Aug 091 Aug 09Yes
I do not own G.B. its property of Warner Brothers, and BVTS is also not mine.
Xander sighed as he stared at the sight. Vampires, that was easy, demons no sweat, hell gods, meh that was nothing, but a thirty story tall sailor made of marshmallow and evil magic…

Yeah, he was screwed.


As he remembered the brilliant plan to “Intern” with a couple companies, that Constantine guy had been easy. His demons hadn’t even been solid. Sure the smoking was annoying, but the duds were sharp. Not to mention that wicked golden shotgun thing.

Rayne had been fun. A hot ancient vampire, who wore leather that would make Faith pass out from a nose bleed. Mind you her biting thing was weird, but whatever. She was one skilled chick and her blades were more deadly then Buffy during her 'time of the month'.

Even that freaky blond guy (Leon S. Reagan or something) was fun. He’d used guns, to shoot evil chemically made zombies in the head. Sure some of their big freaky things were well freaky as all hell. Luckily, most of his 'big bads' were taken out by being shot a lot. Xander still remembered the look on that bastard’s face when he’d realized Leon was using an RPG.

That wasn’t even mentioning Alucard, The Frog Brothers, Ash, or goddesses forbid the immortal Van Hellsing.

Although the O’Connell had been a lot of fun. Evelyn was a brilliant woman who reminded him a lot of his Willow. Rick, well Rick had made Leon look like an amateur. Sure mummies were solid, but one good thwack with his axe, and they were on a one way trip back to hell.

Xander shook his head as he said, “I can’t believe I got side tracked, I’m about to fight a friggin' cartoon mascot, a thirty story tall god, wait, a god.”

Suddenly Xander Harris got a very interesting idea.


Two hours later Hander Harris laughed his ass off. Sure, he’d figured his plan would work. Lure the giant marsh mellow to a nearby gas station, have a certain red haired Wiccan friend make the ground over the large gas tanks go somewhere else, and then fire an incendiary bullet into the now gasoline soaked demi god.

Sure, that was relatively normal considering his life. The funny as hell thing had been when Alucard showed up, and Doctor Spangler had started taking readings, as Ray started poking him and asking him lots of personal questions, while Peter hit on his Willow. Suddenly Xander Harris stopped laughing, as he saw a certain older lecher hitting on Dawn Summers. Oh he was so going to get blamed for this.
SO folks, there you go. Just a quick little bit of plot bunny. I know it's rough but I may eventually be doing a bigger Xander as a Ghostbuster story if I get enough feed back.

P.S. I dont' own any of the above mentioned stories or movie franchises that follow, nor the characters involved in said movies.

Constantine-The movie Constantine
Rayne-Blood Raynethe Video Game
Leon S. Kennedy- Resident Evil 4 The video game
Alucard- Hellsing the anime
The Frog Brothers- The lost boys the movie ((First vamprie hunters I ever "knew" about))
Van Hellsing- The Movie Van Hellsing
O'Connell- The Mummy 1, 2, and rise of the dragon emperor movies
Ash - From the Evil Dead movies

So yeah, please R&R

The End

You have reached the end of "The Intern". This story is complete.

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