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An unexpected ending

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Summary: Dexter meets his match with Faith

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Television > DexterJMannFR151592061,7071 Aug 091 Aug 09Yes
Faith belongs to Joss Whedon and Dexter belongs to Jeff Lindsay.

~Wayland Mears. It’s one of Deb’s cold cases from her vise days. He has four deaths that can be attributed to him. Deb caught him in the act and arrested him. Within two hours his high priced law firm had him released. Dad always told me to stay away from people associated with Wolfram and Hart, but I seem to be drawn in. Auroa, a woman from my NA meetings, has attracted his attention. She talked to me about being afraid. Now, watching him, watching her, I feel she might be right.~

Auroa moves through the crowd at the club stopping briefly to speak with some of the regulars. It is part of her job as manager. One of the new clients is waiting, anticipating her walk by. He continues to bother her on a deep level, but her boss has told her to get over it. Unknowingly, someone else is watching and waiting, Dexter is also on the hunt tonight.

~ I follow Wayland following Auroa as she escorts a high profile guest out to his car, both to ensure that he is not driving and that he makes it all the way to his car. Wayland is waiting in the alley close to the club ready to catch his prey. Too bad for him, I’m also ready.~

I inject Wayland with my standard dose, and he doesn’t go down. Fortunately, since the Little Chino episode, I carry a spare needle for these occasions. With the second dose, Wayland is unconscious. I take him to the abandoned warehouse that he owns and set up.

I’m waiting for Wayland to wake up, and its taking longer than expected, even with two doses. I check his pulse, and am surprised and disappointed that he is dead. Just as I find this out, I am joined in this secret place by someone else.

(Faith’s Perspective)

I follow the Vamp that has been hunting here in Miami. He must run a brothel in addition to his public feeds, because they are few and far between.

I hit the local clubs and surprise, there is Wayland and he is scoping out his next meal. Five by five with me, simple in and out. Until I notice the other watcher. He is way too intense, so I called into the big guy. He sent me here after all.

Giles says that I probably looking at Dexter Morgan. He has been on the watchers radar for a while. Given that he kills humans that kill humans, they have left him alone. Now he has stumbled on to something he doesn’t know about.

I burst into the warehouse and find an amusing scene. Dexter looks very sad and my vamp is playing possum.

“Dex, I can call you Dex, right.” I said as I came into view. He stumbled back, stunned by my appearance. “Listen, this isn’t like your regular deal. It’s a special case that needs someone like me to handle. “

I move forward and dust the vamp while he is still immobile. He looks a little shocked by the body turning to dust.

“Dex, you ever run into anything like this again, give me a call.” And I hand him a card with my name and the phone number for the IWCS on it.

~ Wayland Mears was more monster than I realized. I take out a test tube to capture some of the ashes for my trophy. It is a whole new area for me to persue..~

The End

You have reached the end of "An unexpected ending". This story is complete.

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