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Not Forgotten

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Summary: cain/glitch Warning Character Death! Summary: I don't want to say too much cause it will ruin the story. There is thinking involved.

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Television > Tin MansciphyFR131705013702 Aug 092 Aug 09Yes
Never forgotten


Author: Sciphy

This is not a happy story. Character death!!!!!!

Disclaimer: Tin man is owned by RHI entertainment. I own nothing.

Author notes at the end of the story

He had known for a few days, ever since the final battle. When he saw the alchemist hit Glitch with a cattle prod his heart almost stopped. Then when the headcase didn’t get back up he had to stop himself from crying out. In that instant his heart almost broke.
Then when the zippered man’s eyes opened Cain’s brain just stopped working. The words left his mouth without him even realizing it “Good Morning Sweetheart.”

The look in those chocolate orbs was enough to steal the Tin Man’s breath away. It was all he could do to stop himself from leaning down to kiss the other man. Luckily for Cain’s sake they were in a time crunch and he was able to keep himself in check.
Thinking back on it that was the moment when he knew. That was the time when he could think to and say “I loved him then.”

That evening he was sitting in the room that they had given him in the palace, thinking things through. He was interrupted by an enthusiastic knock on the door. Before it even opened he could tell that it was Glitch, almost as if his thoughts had summoned the headcase from out of the ether.

Before waiting for an answer the door opens to admit the babbling man. “Hey Tin Man, guess what? They can put me back together. Isn’t that great? Well actually I’m not sure if it is great or not. What if I’m not me anymore? What if…”

“Glitch!” Cain interrupted the distraught man. “Do you want your brain back?”

Thrown slightly off track by the interruption it took a moment for the brunette to register the question. “Yes. It is what I have always wanted.”

“Then I am happy for you.”

The smile that lit up the headcases face reminded Cain once again why he loved his friend. He was brought up short with the thought that this might not be the man he was in love with much longer. There would be no way to anticipate what the results of the surgery would be. It could end with Glitch getting a brain, Ambrose with no sign of Glitch, or some combination of the two men.

Cain had been thinking about revealing his feelings for his friend. But now, If he said anything, he would influence what Glitch did. All he wanted was for Glitch to be happy. Instead he would wait until after the procedure was completed and he was sure that Glitch was actually going to be himself.

If it was still Glitch, then he would tell his friend everything. If not, then he wouldn’t have to hurt as much. The thought of telling Glitch, then having to look at Ambrose wearing the face of the man he loved sounded like the most painful thing he could think of. It would be torture.


Two days later and the world had been turned upside down. There had been “unforeseen complications” during the procedure. Neither Ambrose nor Glitch woke up.

DG and Queen Ozma were both inconsolable, but were mourning different people. Her Majesty was mourning the loss of her advisor while DG was mourning the loss of her first friend in the O.Z., the headcase.

Cain on the other hand has lost more than either of them knew. He had lost his friend as well as the man that he loved. It had never occurred to any of them that a man who survived having his brain taken out, and wandering around the Kingdom for who knows how many years, would be in any danger having his brain put back in.

He didn’t know what to think or do.

Glitch was dead.

The End!


Authors note

Yes I know that you all want to lynch me right now. I am evil, but let me explain.
I love Glitch/Cain but all of the stories I have read have Glitch going through with the surgery with little to know problems. I needed one story to be more realistic. Flame me if you must, but I am happy with it.


The End

You have reached the end of "Not Forgotten". This story is complete.

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