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Naomi has a secret

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Summary: Who is Blair's father?

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Television > Sentinel, The > GeneralJMannFR71808081,3292 Aug 092 Aug 09Yes
Disclaimer: Copyrighted characters are copyrighted. The Sentinel belongs to PetFly. Buffy belongs to Josh Weldon. Follows “Private Eyes” in the Sentienel and “The Dark Age” in Buffy. “Private Eyes” aired earlier that “The Dark Age” so I have pushed the timeline a little for the Sentinel.

The case was over. Gwen Angeloni was back safe and sound with her parents. Charlie had actually come through at the end and helped saved the day. Jim saw Naomi and Charlie Spring off by themselves talking in the park. Jim found himself drawn into their conversation.


“You told Blair I might be his father, but you and I both know that is not possible.” Charlie said. “You gave birth to Blair five or six months after I met you. Why get the boy focused on me? Not that I mind terribly much, even though I know he’s not mine, he would make any father proud.”

“Do you remember when we first met? You saved my life and probably Blair’s by taking me with you.” Naomi replied.

“You mean that trip to Oklahoma, to the commune there? Hey, wasn’t that also when you got that weird tattoo removed?”

“While we were at the commune, I met a Shoshone holy man. He knew what the mark on my arm meant and held a cleansing ritual for me.” Naomi looked at Charlie very intensely. “Charlie, you have been friends with me for so long. And I appreciate your support during my pregnancy and Blair’s early years. There are some things that once you know them, you can’t go back. Are you sure you want to know?”

“Yes, I’m here now and will be here in the future, no matter what. If you had said yes all those years ago, I would be Blair’s father regardless of who was the actual sperm donor. “

“My family is associated with an ancient group. Most of the people who serve this group are descendants of the original ten that formed it. I was a wild child and my father, a strict Rabbi, sent me to the school for Watchers, even though the invitation was through my mother family. He hoped it would cure some of the wildness in me.”

“At Aston University, I fell in with an even worse crowd. It was the age of sexual freedom and everyone was looking for the best high. I found it with a new group of friends. That tattoo that I had removed during the cleansing ceremony was the mark of Eyghon. There were several of us involved, Phillip, Ethan, Ripper, Diedre, Russell, and myself, and we would invoke the Demon just to get a high. I would probably still be there except for the wakeup call I had one morning. I had been sick three mornings in a row, and the third morning, my roommate handed me a pregnancy test. When it was positive, I panicked. The previous night, I let the demon ride me. What did it do to my child? I ran, and the first place I thought of was home.”

Naomi stopped here and started crying, Charlie, bless his soul, had a handkerchief which he gave to Naomi. “Keep going” he said.

“My father cast me out, I was pregnant and the child was probably a demon seed.” Naomi passed for a few deep breaths. “I came across you soon after and you took me to the commune in Oklahoma where I met Red Feathers. He took me through the cleansing ritual to remove the mark of Eyghon. He also checked out my baby for demon possession. Given what I had been doing, I was afraid it was very strong possibility. What he told me frightened me almost as much. My child was destined to be a shaman to a very powerful warrior for good.”

“Ellison?” asked Charlie

“Yes, but you can’t tell anyone. It would be like saying Clark Kent is Superman. Charlie, I’m very serious, you can’t go there.” Naomi replied.

“So what do I tell your son when he asks?”

“Just that you are a potential father. I’ve always told him you were the best candidate.”

“And if he wants a DNA test?”

“Do what you feel is best, even if you aren’t his father, you are a far better candidate than Russell, Phillip, Ethan or even, God forbid, Ripper. It is best that he never knows.”


“Hey man, are you spying on my mother?” Blair asks Jim.

“Wait, disregard that question and spill, what are she and Charlie talking about?”

In that moment, Jim Ellison decided two things. First, he was going to look into the names that Naomi had identified in her story. Second, he was going to back her story until something changed his mind.

“Charlie is giving your mom a hard time about having a son that he didn’t know about. If you really want, I bet he would take a DNA test, Chief.”

“No, as flaky as he is, I like the idea of a potential father. I’m just afraid as silent as Naomi has been on that subject, that Charlie’s not really the answer.”

The End

You have reached the end of "Naomi has a secret". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking