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Zeraki Xander and the Devil Hunter

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Xander Zeraki Universe". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Zeraki Xander Harris runs into the Famous Dante Sparda

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Games > Japanese Fantasy > Devil May CryTTrunksFR15310,709045,2632 Aug 094 Aug 09No

Meet Dante

It is said, thousands of years ago, that this planet started out a paradise, those people are wrong. It is by some thousands of years ago, that this world was a world of demon, destroying and killing, these people are wrong. A few believe that thousands of years ago, the dark knight Sparda, a demon so strong he could be mistaken for the devil himself turned against the armies of hell, and sent them back, these people are also wrong.

What really happened was the world was not all that different. Well okay it was, but in some ways it was exactly the same. A brave and powerful demon on a vacation from hell, met a young pretty, they mated he never knowing she was then cursed with a portion of his power. This power damned to travel from female to female, always looking for a host. She would never know that finding her dead, her body beaten would drive him to a rage that would lead him to kill his own species, if she had she’d have told him who killed her was no demon, except the one who shared the womb with her, her own brother killed her to drive the demon to war.

The demon fought alongside the at that time young slayer line, eventually with the power of a powerful army of good defenders knowing as the Shikigami, they drove the worst of the worst demons into their own dimension. They didn’t’ know that by doing this they sealed their own fate. With the help of a priestess of the name Hyuha Kikyo, the dark knight Sparda managed to push the two worlds apart using his last loyal demon underlings, to guard the places faded to ashes.

Again he failed to realize the last woman he’d mated with had not died, thought she was of the slayer line, she conceived two boys. Passing them too her best and most loyal friend, the two boys would sleep until the time they were truly needed. The only obvious mark of their parentage was their white hair.

For thousands of years, the boys were passed down through a secret sect, the order of Sparda. An agreement between the gods and the demon knight the major reason. Sparda had given the only absolute “Open to hell” key to his sons in the form of an unassuming locket. A large red stone, still in a silver or gold broach, and chain wrapping around the neck, that was the form of ultimate damnation.

For thousands of years, the slayer line continued to fight; unaided by the lover it so deserved. Fighting and dying over and over, the demonic taint slowly growing weaker. The true pride of the slayer lost long before recorded history.

Eventually the boys woke up, and they had semi normal life. Until on roughly their 7th birthday, several demons attack the family, slaughtering the boys “Mother”. From there the record is scratchy at best, some say one of them was taken to hell, other say he went willingly. Some Say one walked around, until someone took pity on him and took him in, others say he searched out a monk to train his body.

Regardless of rumors, all that’s known for sure is around the twins 18th birthday they met again, this time as enemies. Virgil, the brother who somehow ended up in hell wanted to destroy the binding tower, thus opening one of the most destructive Hellmouth in history.

Luckily for you mortals, Dante the second son of Sparda was there, with his red coat, and demon guns Ebony and Ivory. He defeated his brother, sealing him in the Hellmouth long before it could totally open.

Then a few years later, Dante fought the one known as Mundus, the emperor of the hell dimension Sparda came from, again Dante was victorious.

A third and so far last time, Dante had fought in an apocalypse, stopping the mad cult of Sparda from opening another hidden and sealed Hellmouth.

This is not to say the son of Sparda only does this, he also saves people in his day to day life, often sitting at his desk waiting for a call, to go hunt the night.

Dante is sitting at his desk alright, a red leather coat on his body. It has red leather straps and polished “Silver” buckles. Under his arms are two guns, one white and one black. Their almost as legendary as he is. Because of their special ability to absorb demonic energy, the bullets harm things normal bullets would bounce off of.

Sitting on the desk in front of him is a cleaver like sword. An eye is in the hilt. This is the last reaming piece of Sparda, the man who lived and died by the sword, unknowingly put some of his essence into it.

Dante seems bored as suddenly the door slams shut. IN walks a woman she has black hair, a very revealing “bra” on, under an unzipped white jacket. On her lower half she has on Daisy dukes, with combat boots. On her back a missile launcher. This lady is called well Lady.

Lady Lady was originally the daughter or a stay at home mom, and an occult scientist. When her father decided to open the Hellmouth by recruiting Virgil Sparda he knew he’d need some demon power. So he cut out one of his daughters eyes, cut out one of his, and killed his wife, replacing her eyes with the removed eyes, and giving himself, and his daughter each one of the eyes.

Years later Lady has accepted her fate as a half demon freak of nature. She now wear blue lensed sunglasses to hide her odd eye color thought.

Dante knew the look Lady was giving him as she said, “Dante, my favorite demon slayer buddy.”

Dante shook his head saying, “Nope.”

Lady looked at him saying, “Come on Dante, it’s not my fault she was a succubus, I thought she was a low class repeater, not a freaking devil.”

Dante just raised an eyebrow shaking his head.

Lady begged, “Come on Dante, those eyes and hair freak me out, I mean how many people do you know with pink eyes and bright pink hair, dumb bitch probably dies it black so she can be “in”!”

Dante shook his head some more saying, “I’ve killed three devils this week alone, it’s annoying, you got yourself into this, get yourself out, if you find something interesting tell me.”

Lady mumbled as she went to go kill her demon, and make her money, the problem was the damn thing moved around all the time. Ah well, she’d go check the university, most of the victims were enrolled their.
Hey Ttrunks here at the start of the DMC ark. Lots of fun ahead, most of this was taken from an already written and beta'd chapter, even if it didn't really fit where I had it. I'm working on getting chapter two out as soon as possible. So until next time R&R

Oh, and I don't own anything involved here, except the ideas.
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