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Summary: When the newest G.B. "Hoss" takes a months leave. The Busters need a temporary replacement, Enter Xander.

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Movies > GhostbustersTTrunksFR1333,813074,5483 Aug 095 Aug 09No

Meet and Greet

This idea it, there’s no way to describe it other than it came to me in a dream…
Tell me what you think…
Oh and I don’t own anything.

Xander 'You’d better not know my middle name' Harris could only smile as he saw the famous sign. A white ghost surrounded by a red circle, and a line through it. Looking up he said, “Wow.”

Walking into the building he looked up at a pretty if older red head looked up saying, “Can I help you?”

Xander offered heir his hand, a business card between his first two fingers as he said, “Yes, I’m Xander Harris, huge fan of their work, I was asked to come and work as your temporary fifth replacement.”

At that minute two of his heroes walked down the nearby Stairs and Xander fought the urge to bow like Garth, “Mr. Venkman, Mr. Stanz it’s an honor and a privilege to work by two such great men.”

As the two men looked at him for a minute, Xander blushed lightly, “Sorry, you figure working a job like this you’d get used to meeting heroes but you guys well you were my idols when I was younger.”

Ray smiled politely and offered his slime covered hand out saying, “Hello and thanks we get that a lot Mr?”

Xander smiled widely, “Harris, Mr. Stanz, my name is Alexander Harris, please call me Xander though, less of a mouth full.”

Ray nodded liking this guy and at the same time wondering why he was wearing an eye patch as he said, “Okay Xander, but I’ve got to wonder why your here, this is a somewhat dangerous area.”

Xander blushed slightly saying, “Well, I’m someone named Hoss’s replacement, while he’s on vacation, I’m from the Council of Watchers, WDJW division, I was told I’d have a months or so to work here and help forge a strong relationship between our organizations.”

Ray nodded as he said, “Oh okay, well welcome to Ghostbusters HQ, Egon and Winston are up stairs, what do you say we go introduce you to them after we go “Flush this trap?”

He held up a smoking ghost trap, and Xander nodded. The smell wasn’t’ pleasant. As he turned he saw with surprise a green floating shot in what look like a jury rigged phone booth. Stepping up he said, “I-IS that him?”
Ray nodded, “Yup, that’s Slimer, nasty little spud, but handled appropriately he’s no danger to anyone.”

Vankman said, “As interesting as dealing with this “new recruit” is, I’ve got the night off, bye.”

Xander felt a little disappointed as Ray saw this on his face he said, “Don’t worry Xander, Peter acts that way with everyone, what do you say we got and empty this trap.”

Walking down the stairs, Ray said, “This is where we put all the vapors and entities and slimers that we trap. Quite simple really. Load a trap here, open, unlock the system. Insert the trap, release, close, lock the system. Set your entry grid, neutralize your field and... the light is green, the trap is clean! The ghost is incarcerated here in our custom-made storage facility.”

Walking over to the set up, he put the trap in, and turned it. Soon a light went from green ot red, and then back to green. Pulling it out he put it into a box saying, “So Xander, do you want to meet up with the others now, and discuss your training.”

Suddenly the red alarm went off, signaling a call as Ray swore, “Damn, looks like your training is going to be on the job, come on.”

As he walked up, he gave Xander a light brown jumpsuit; the typical Ghostbusters symbol on it, but no name tag. Looking at him he said, “I’d change into this first.”
Xander couldn’t believe it, as he changed, he couldn’t help but smile, this was going to be a fun six months.

Hey all, Ttrunks here, I hope you enjoyed the first chapter. The second one should be up soon. This idea came to me in a dream after playing the new Ghostbusters video game. I hope you all enjoyed it.
Until next time R&R, or Read and Review 
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