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Mystic Detective Harry Ragnarok

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Summary: A higher being fell from grace. As punishment for his misdeeds, they banished him to our world. Too bad Harry Potter can’t remember why he's in the middle of it. AU multi-crossover with AU Norse mythology, anime, BTVS (to name a few).

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A small Step forward

Mystic Detective Harry Ragnarok

Disclaimers can be found in the first "chapter".

A/N: I tweaked and redid the entire HP and MDLR (Magical Detective Loki Ragnarok) anime to be more in fitting with the HP world. Some characters are re-named and some may stay the same.


A small Step forward


“How is he?” Fenn asked Jorge when they reconvened in the mansion’s master office after Harry’s self-professed “retainer” had returned from seeing the young boy to bed.

“I think he’s a little out of it.” Jorge replied with a sigh. “I don’t think he’s completely processed everything that happened to him today.”

“I know.” Seo said from where she sat on the desk by Fenn’s side. “There was this glassy look on his face all day when we gave him the tour and introduced some of the more human-looking servants.”

“The sad part of all this is that he doesn’t seem to remember anything at all.” Jorge said. “His first reaction when he saw me approach him after I got out of the car took me aback. The fact that his reaction was fear made me want to level his relative’s house with them inside. No child should react that way automatically on a first meeting.”

“Then I am glad it was you who went ahead to get him out of there then. I would have had no such restraint.” Seo growled. “After we all calmed down from what you told us yesterday, our brother here, was able to dig up a lot of dirt on them that enraged me even more.”

“Indeed.” Fenn said while he typed something into the computer embedded onto the large desk. “The telepathic connection you shared with us when you probed their minds today was disturbing to say the least and it simply compounded their crimes. Mere mortals, even magical ones, cannot hide from the inquisition of a god. Everyone involved will have a lot to answer for.”

“They will get what they deserve when the time comes.” Jorge agreed. “But there is another hurdle to overcome, this time on Harry’s part.”

“Aye.” Seo nodded as she guessed what Jorge meant. “It seems the Norns unwittingly involved him against a mortal prophecy. They apologized once we informed them that we have found him, but their threads have already spun.”

“Unfortunately.” Fenn chimed in. “Once the threads of fate wove itself into the grand tapestry, there is little they can do. I suspect a more sinister plot at work here.”

“It does not help that the sisters made sure to vague it up like all of their prophecies.” Fenn continued with distaste as he accessed the Yggdrasil system for a copy of said prophecy. “The prophecy in itself - is a blank cheque - and this can lead to several interpretations. While it is clear that they, and only they, can land a killing blow and kill each other. The only loophole I can see that does not forbid anyone from helping either of them along on that task.”

“The only thing obvious to me is that we train him while we look for a way to free his true memories.” Jorge said as they discussed the problem. “Even with a tenth of his capabilities activated inside his current mortal human shell, it would be more than a match for any self-styled dark wizard and all of his followers.”

“That could be a problem.” Seo said as she conjured a transparent copy of Harry’s image in the air for them to study. “Unlike average mortal children of his supposed age and stature, his body is way below normal standards thanks to those fools.”

Fenn studied the recorded aura of the image and nodded. “The pathetic necromantic blood safety wards were also detrimental to his health as it was his latent human magic that powered them. If the well-meaning, but prophecy-obsessed headmaster discovered his divine heritage, it would have been worse. If he used that as the source, even we would have serious trouble in finding him. Even the piece of the dark wizard’s soul attached to his curse scar is interfering with his ability to be able to access his hidden powers for any length of time. We’ll have to remove that one soon.”

“What did you do to those wards by the way?” Seo asked, as she could find no traces of it on Harry.

“I transferred it to his relatives.” Jorge said with a grin. “Regardless of the magical humans’ bigoted belief that mundanes have no magic, they in fact, do have a very small amount of it. The ward will simply leach what little they have until they are completely gone. When that happens in a few years, the spell I placed on the contract that freed Harry from them will go down and whatever evidence Fenn cobbled up from various sources and copies of the pictures I took of his cupboard will appear in front of some very interested mundane officials.”

“The fact that they’re also self-updating is ingenious.” Seo laughed evilly. “By the time the spell ends on the eve of Harry’s eleventh birthday, all their crimes – be it great or small collected during that time – will be laid bare to the world to see.”

“So many well-kept plans will be broken.” Fenn agreed as both brothers joined in her laughter. “So much chaos, so much change will occur. Father would have been proud at how his children have grown.”

“What are we going to do in the meantime?” Jorge asked when they sobered a little from their mirth.

“First.” Fenn said. “We’ll have to fix all physical and mental damage that was done to him during his stay with them. Second: home school his mundane and magical education of course. Third: see if we can find a way to awaken his divinity and knowledge and merge it with his current mortal existence. He’ll be more or less a demigod until his mortal existence ceases and his divinity is completely restored.”

“What about the prophecy?” Jorge inquired again. “And the fact that we are not as related to his human kin on either of his parent’s sides.”

“Once we think he is of a more stable condition and mindset, we’ll tell him.” Seo said. “The moment he recovers completely, we’ll tell him everything about the damned prophecy. We’ll even tell him about what we know of his human parents, and his history. Even if we can’t find a way to restore his true self to him, we owe him that much to begin with.”

“I concur.” Fenn agreed. “We are doing this for him, we’re not about to become like those foolish mortals or petty gods who would seek to use him for their own ends. We’ve already abandoned our homes for a thousand years above the mortal plane to find him and help him. Now that we have, our duty moves forward wherever he will lead us.”


Harry woke up the next day with a feeling of contentment. His dream had been wonderful. It was like something out of a fairytale every child loved to hear; someone had rescued him from the Dursleys and brought him to live with them in a house larger than theirs a hundredfold. With his eyes still closed, he yawned and stretched his body outwards.

His eyes immediately flew open when his arms and legs met no resistance.

The first thing he noticed was that he was no longer in his cupboard. The bed mattress he lay on was no longer rough and smelly. He tried to look around but his poor eyesight failed to adjust in the darkness of the large, unfamiliar room he slept in. Suddenly, he had to squint and shield them as the drapes on the far left swung open as a black, blurry figure drew them back.

“Good morning, Master Harry.” Jorge said with a smile as he greeted the child.

Harry blinked owlishly at the blurry figure of the man standing at the edge of the large bed he lay in as his hands searched for his glasses. The voice sounded familiar.

“Who are you?” He asked. “And where am I?”

“Sure you did not forget our meeting yesterday, young master?” Jorge said as he handed the lad the new spectacles he brought with him. Seo had destroyed the worthless piece of junk the Dursleys made him use in a fit of pique when she found out that they weren’t even the right prescription. “My name is Jorge Munroe Gand. I took you from the Dursleys yesterday. You live here now.”

“Wait.” Harry said after he donned his new glasses and stared at Jorge in awe. “That was real? This wasn’t a dream?”

“This was no dream, Master Harry.” Jorge confirmed with a gentle smile. “This is your home now.”

Some knocked on the door of Harry’s room and the woman that Jorge introduced as his sister last night, Seo, poked her head in.

“Breakfast is ready guys.” She said from the doorway, and waved at Harry. “Good morning, Master Harry.”

Harry gave her a shy smile and a muttered “Good morning” as he waved back.

She nodded and closed the door. Outside, Seo had to clamp her own mouth shut, she wanted to giggle insanely at how cute the child looked when he did that. Barely containing herself from going back to enter the room to hug the child to death, she forced her feet to march down the hall toward the staircase that led to the main dining hall.

She passed her other brother as he came out of his own room, and startled him with a bear hug.

“Urk!” Fenn said in surprise and winced at the amount of pressure Seo had on him.

She couldn’t contain herself any longer and shrieked out in delight to her brother. “HARRY IS SO ADORABLE!”


Back inside Harry’s room

“Did you hear something just now?” The boy asked Jorge as he got dressed.

“It was nothing, probably just the wind, this place have a lot of large open windows.” Jorge lied with a straight face as he inwardly rolled his eyes at his sister’s antics. Seo was a dark person by nature, but even Hel had her strange and out-of-reality “quirks”.

Women were such unsolvable mysteries, he thought, the divine ones are no exception. The worst amongst them would probably be Aphrodite from the Greek Pantheon, that woman was downright frightening with her mood swings.

He smirked when he felt Fenn’s annoyance through their shared familial telepathic link as he loudly berated his sister for her attempt to deafen him so early in the morning.

He was glad that he was nowhere near ground zero.

Jorge turned to wait outside the room as he really palmed his face this time when their sister reiterated at Harry’s cuteness again through their link and drug her older brother towards the dining hall like a stuffed toy.

He sighed in ancient Norse.


Harry’s eyes widened when he entered the dining hall. From the sheer size alone, it looked to be big enough to fit the Dursley home five times over in one line.

“Wow.” A whisper of awe escaped his lips, the “simple” breakfast laid out on the table was enough to get him through lunch. The boy turned to his companion and asked. “Am I really going to eat breakfast here?”

“Yes, Harry.” Jorge said as he led the child towards the table’s head chair and drew it back for him.

Harry looked about to protest when Fenn spoke up from behind the newspaper he was reading on his side of the table. “That is your customary place, Harry. When he said last night that this is your home, he really meant that this IS your home.”

“But…” Harry began. “I’m only still a child; I can’t be the head of anything.”

“I’m sure you have a lot of doubts and questions, my dear.” Seo said in a sweet voice. “We will try to answer them as best as we can. One of the reasons why we know you can sit there is because of an ancient bloodline of which you are the head of.”

“From my parents?” Harry asked.

“In a roundabout sort of way.” Seo hedged with her reply. “But further back and older than your current ancestors. You remember how Jorge made the doors of that cupboard wall of yours disappear right?”

At Harry’s nod, she continued. “It is somewhat like what he can do that is part of the bloodline that you now have a seat in. Many who have seen our ways of magic often mistake us for ‘Magic Users’, we don’t bother to correct them and leave them to their misinterpretation. However, while similar at its basic premise in terms of what we can do, a more correct term would be to call us as “Mana Users’.”

“Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia said that magic isn’t real.” Harry paraphrased his former relative’s words.

“Depends on what kind of magic, Harry.” Jorge said from beside Seo. “The most common ‘Mana Users’ are those that use wands for their foci, hence a ‘Magic User” is nothing more than something akin to journeyman or woman. They label themselves as Wizards – for male – and Witch – for females.”

“So what are Mana Users.” Harry asked, intrigued.

“Mana Users.” Fenn began as he got into the discussion. “Are those that can live without the aid of any kind of focus. They have a wider and more precise control of the power they wield, but sometimes they also need aid; so a wand won’t do for them, but a staff would be perfect to help them fine-tune their powers rather than let it run rampant. And that is the kind of ‘Magic’ we will teach you.”

“Me?” The child gaped in wonder.

“But…” Seo added with a quick glance to her siblings. “There is a higher type of Mana User that barely requires the use of focus at all because their power is absolute. They are Celestial Mana Users. They rarely let anyone see them, and so many believe them to be only myth, a myth that many ‘Magic Users’ strive for but fail to become.”

“How come?” Harry asked. “If they study hard or practice as much as they can, why would something like that become difficult to achieve?”

“That is because they lack one thing.” Seo said with a smirk. “Something that you had to be born into to be able to access a larger well of power that no mortal nor any Magic User or magical beings can ever hope to acquire: Divinity.”

“Magical beings?” Harry inquired. “They’re real too?”

It was then that a pop sounded beside Harry. The boy turned to face a three-foot tall female humanoid creature, with large droopy ears as she appeared next to him. They stared at each other with wide eyes before Harry wrenched his gaze back to the three adults seated on the dining table and noticed that they weren’t as surprised as he was.

“For your first lesson in ‘Magic’ Harry…” Jorge said with a grin. “May I introduce you to one of the magical beings that also work here, our head house-elf cook; Clippy.”

Little Harry took that moment to roll his eyes all the way back into his head and fainted.

“Mean Master Jormangund!” Clippy cried at the sight of her Master Harry falling off his chair in a dead faint. “You broke him!”

Seo’s laughter echoed over the dining hall.


To be continued

The End?

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You have reached the end of "Mystic Detective Harry Ragnarok" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 5 Aug 09.

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