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Pass the Andrew

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Summary: Andrew needs to get out more, so the Council is sending him off as a liason. Round Robin, so feel free to join in.

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Multiple Crossings > Andrew-CenteredNerdgirlFR181856047153 Aug 093 Aug 09No
Round Robin- Pass the Andrew

My idea: Andrew is getting far too annoying, so the SWIC (Slayers and Watchers International Council) send him off to 'intern' in other fields. He spends time in the new organization, learning, growing and, generally, making a pain of himself until the new place breaks and they send him off for more 'training.' Any may add.

Disclaimer at end.

Life at the SWIC was going smoothly. After the first initial months of scrounging for funds, living off ramen, and fighting to stay alive, Willow had managed to hack her way into the old Council accounts. From there on in, things had progressed in leaps and bounds. Council houses had been set up, training and patrol schedules had been established. None of the girls went out alone, and the Slayer mortality rate was far below the previous norm. All in all, the Scoobies had it good. While running an organization was far different from fighting for their lives on a Hellmouth, they liked to think they had it well in hand. Everything was mellow, in fact, except for...

Boom! The sound echoed through the halls of the Council headquarters.

"ANDREW! You idiot!" came Faith's angry screech. "What have I told you about playing Star Wars here?"

"But Faith!" came a sulky whine, "I almost had it this time! And it would make your patrols so much easier. Nothing would get by you, and it would look so cool! You could be my Jedi Master; I could be your Yoda. Faith? Faith?! Come on, you know you want one. EEEK!"

Faith dragged a somewhat singed and soot-covered Andrew down the hall by his ear. "I don't care how cool it would look, geek boy. One of these days you're going to blow us all up with your attempts at a lightsaber. We said no more Star Wars!" She dragged him off.

Later that evening, at the weekly Scooby meeting...

"Guys, something needs to be done about Andrew. That's the fifth time this month he's blown something up with his Star Wars projects. I mean, he's smart, but he's kind of like Willow with her potions. The stuff that works, doesn't usually do what it was supposed to, and the rest of the time it just explodes." Dawn frowned. "He needs a better hobby or something. He hasn't been out of the headquarters in a long time."

"Little D's right. Geek Boy's shut up in here, and it's makin' him weird. He needs to get out more, do something different, or some shit like that." Faith leaned back in her chair.

Giles looked around. Everyone was nodding in agreement. He sighed. "While it does seem imperative that we help Andrew regain his focus, I would find it difficult to simply order him out. He would take that badly, as a sign of rejection. Andrew when depressed is, if at all possible, far worse than when focused on Star Wars."

"What if we give him a project? Something that he could do, without seeming like we were sending him away?" Xander suggested.

"OOOH, I know, I know!" Willow bounced in her seat.

"Calm down, Wills, we're not in High School anymore."

Willow shot her best friend a dirty look. "I know that, thank you very much, Alexander Lavelle Harris. Now, why don't we send him off for training or something like that? or, oh, let's call it liason work. We can find some small group or agency that we wouldn't mind bothering too much, and send him off to intern with them? That way, he feels important, might actually learn something, and probably won't do too much damage. Best of all, he wouldn't be able to blow up the building for a while."

Giles smirked. "That is a very sound idea, Willow. All in favor?"




"Yes, indeedy!"

"Why not."

"All opposed?"

"Very well, the motion is passed. Andrew will be our new liason. Now we simply have to decide where to send him."

One week later...

Andrew adjusted his suit nervously. It was black. He hung his black sunglasses on his collar. He played with his briefcase (also black). He walked up to the front desk, trying to hide his nervousness and excitement.

The secretary looked at him and raised an eyebrow. "May I help you?"

"Yes," he replied. "My name is Andrew Wells. I believe I am expected?"

With a smile, the secretary pointed. "Down that stair, just follow the signs. I'll have them paged for you."

"Thank you." Andrew turned on his heel and marched down the stairs. He soon found the small office and knocked. "Agent Mulder? I am Andrew Wells, from the SWIC. My organization believes that we have much to learn from one another. I too seek the truth. I want to believe!"

Agent Mulder sat back in his chair. "Oh, boy," he muttered, "this is going to be interesting."

A/N: Ok, who wants to continue this? What is Andrew going to do to the poor X-Files crew?

A/N: I do not own Buffy or the X-files. No money is being made (unfortunately).

The End?

You have reached the end of "Pass the Andrew" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 3 Aug 09.

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