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The People You Meet

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Summary: Dawn goes to the bar to forget her day. Tony’s there to do the same. What happens when they meet? Written for August Fic a Day Challenge

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: Only in my dreams do I own these characters lol. Someone else, not me, owns NCIS and Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters.

As Dawn walked into a bar in Washington DC all she wanted to do was get a drink and try to forget about how long her day had been. She sat down on one of the bar stools and didn’t have to wait long for the bartender to come over to take her order. After showing him some ID she asked for a dirty martini. She had never had one before and figured she would try something new.

“Interesting choice,” the man beside her commented.

“It’s been a long day,” Dawn replied with a small smile.

“I hear that,” the man said, returning a forced smile, “I haven’t seen you around here before. I’m Anthony DiNozzo.”

“Dawn Summers,” Dawn offered as she shook the man’s hand in greeting, “I just moved here a couple weeks ago.”

“Oh aren’t you lucky,” Anthony told her, “My friends call me Tony.”

Dawn nodded before the bartender handed her the drink she ordered. It wasn’t that big and she asked him to bring her a Long Island Ice Tea. The bartender didn’t make any comments as he turned to take other customers orders. Dawn downed the drink in seconds. Dawn noticed from the shot glasses in front of Tony that he had to be on his fifth shot. She wasn’t sure what he was drinking, but she sure wished she could be on the level he was. It seemed he read her mind because of what he asked her next.

“You ever tried the flaming Dr. Pepper?” Tony asked her.

Dawn shook her head.

“You need to try it.”

Even if Dawn had wanted to object she did not have time as Tony waved the bartender over who placed Dawn’s Long Island Ice Tea in front of her. He ordered them and Dawn sipped on her drink while they waited. When the bartender finally came back he placed a beer and a shot glass in front of each of them. Then the bartender lit the shot glass on fire. Tony explained how they had to drop the shot glass in the beer and then chug it down. Dawn understood the concept immediately. She followed Tony’s lead and dropped her shot glass in the beer. She downed it in seconds and placed it back on the counter glancing over at Tony.

“We should do that again,” Dawn told him, “I enjoyed that.”

“I’m happy I could introduce something to you.”

Dawn ordered the next round and before long they had done six rounds of flaming Dr. Pepper. Along with her Dirty Martini and her two Long Island Ice Teas, Dawn could say that she was pretty drunk. She knew Tony, her new companion, was just as wasted. She decided she was drunk enough and that she had completed her task of forgetting about her day.

“Want to share a taxi?” Dawn asked Tony.

“Sure,” Tony replied.

After they each paid their respective tabs it wasn’t hard to get a Taxi when they exited the bar.

“I hope I get to see you again,” Tony told Dawn, “I had a great time tonight. It made me forget about my horrible day.”

“Same here,” Dawn agreed as she wrote down her number and handed it to him, “Call me sometime.”

Tony nodded. Dawn really hoped she would hear from him. She hoped it wasn’t just because they were drunk but she felt a connection. The taxi arrived at her stop way to fast. Dawn paid the taxi driver what she owed him.

“I hope to see you around Anthony DiNozzo,” Dawn said before got out of the cab leaving Tony behind.

“You definitely will,” Tony called out to her from the cab as it drove away.
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