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Harry Potter and Andrew in Vegas

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Summary: Harry Potter wakes up in Andrew's bed after a night drinking. Slash inplied.

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Harry Potter > Andrew-Centered > Pairing: Harry PotterMistofRainbowsFR181735051,3783 Aug 093 Aug 09Yes
Disclaimer, this story is not part of my series. It’s in response to Runewitchsakura’s Vegas oops challenge.
~Repost of the challenge.
A definite slash story, between Andrew Wells and Harry Potter, who wake up in a hotel room (in Vegas, of course) with no memory of the night before, massive hangovers, and rings on their fingers.

Kudos to you if you can make a believable top-Andrew and bottom-Harry scenario.

It has implied slash between Andrew Wells and Harry Potter, sorry, about the furthest I can write. Little memory of the night before check, massive hangovers, check, and rings on their fingers, check. Think I’ll pass on the extra credit part of their challenge.


Harry Potter woke with a pounding headache, ‘Stupid American fire whiskey. He blinked as he glanced around the fuzzy hotel room. His breath caught as he noticed a person sized lump on the other side of the bed. He frowned as he searched his foggy memories of the night before. He remembered chatting up a very cute brunette girl the night before, some dancing, something about Elvis and oh god, a hell of a lot of sex. Okay it wasn’t his style to get smashed but being that it was Ron’s bachelor party he had made the exception. His heart stopped as he glanced over and noticed an odd sort of picture frame with some white piece of paper with lines on it. He frowned as he retrieved his glasses from the night stand and looked at the frame. He wished he hadn’t put on his glasses as the wedding certificate sitting on the table snapped into focus, Andrea Wells and Harry Potter. His gaze quickly bolted down to his left hand where a wedding ring was. Oh god, Ginny was going to kill him. He jumped out of the bed as the blond turned to face him and he realized that he wasn’t a girl. He lunged for his wand on the night stand.

Dawn Summers was fuming, pissed beyond words. She was going to kill Andrew, she had just gotten back from an all night research party when one of the young slayers had stopped her in the hall and asked how the cute guy was in bed. She hadn’t understood at first what had happened but Courtney had seen “her” chatting up some guy last night. They were in town trying to deal with some kidnappers, he had promised her he would only use the talisman to take her shape while on the job. The kidnappers apparently had a thing for twins. It wasn’t supposed to be used to chat up some guy. She was too mad to think about the possibility of him having someone in their room as she burst into the room to see a very hot guy holding bed sheets around his waist and what she could only assume was a magical wand pointed at Andrew. “What’s going on?”

Harry blinked, “Now I’m really confused, I remember dancing and then going to bed with you. But then I woke up next to this guy and there are rings and a marriage certificate. What the hell is going on?”

Dawn glared at a semi-sheepish Andrew. “That’s what I would like to know.”

“Well you see I was a bit drunk, I’d taken your form and started dancing and then well one thing lead to another.”

Dawn glared at Andrew, “Well get the marriage annulled, it will be okay.”

Andrew couldn’t help a slight smile as he shook his head, “I’m afraid not, it’s a magical contract, till death do us part and all that.”

Harry glanced at Dawn then back at Andrew, before doing the only thing he could think of to fix the situation, he pointed his wand at Andrew, “Avada Kedavra, evanesco.” He turned his wand on the marriage license. “Evanesco.”

Dawn watched in stunned silence as Andrew died and vanished in the span of a few seconds. She held up her hands as he pointed his wand at her. “Hey, I was going to kill him myself, besides what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”

“In that case perhaps you would like to meet my girlfriend Ginny, I need something to wash the horrifying memories out of my head.”

Dawn smiled, “I think that could be arranged.”

~Yes I know that last part is evil, it's called a psychotic break.

The End

You have reached the end of "Harry Potter and Andrew in Vegas". This story is complete.

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