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Final Fate of the Scoobies

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Summary: Side fic for mmooch's 'A Friend in fur for Her'. What happened when Willow, Xander and Anya were reincarnated?

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Multiple Crossings > GeneralDocFR131806031,0093 Aug 093 Aug 09Yes
Okay, so at the end of chapter 4 of 'A Friend in Fur for Her', mmooch sent Anya, Amy, Xander and Willow off to different realities to be reincarnated as the price for tearing Buffy out of heaven. She then said she had no intention of writing their fates.

So she let me do it. Be afraid. New parents found at bottom. Enjoy my little ficlett collection.

Character from Buffy the Vampire Slayer belong to Joss Whedon, Fox and whoever else has their fingers in that cookie jar. Wolverine, Jean, Sabretooth, Theresa, Jamie and Deadpool all belong to Marvel and respective creators. Barbara, Bruce, Dick and Kara belong to DC and their respective creators. Sara Pezzini, Ian Nottingham and the Witchblade belong to Top Cow and their related characters. I do not claim ownership of any characters, nor am I making any money out of this.

“So, what do we do with them now?”

“They have caused great trouble and pain, but it was with good intentions.”

“'The road to hell,' as the mortals say.”

“The Slayer wished for them to have a chance to redeem themselves. We should give them that chance.”

“These worlds require assistance.”

“Separate them?”

“It may be for the best.”

“These four worlds are the worst off.”

“Then these three it shall be.”

“Agreed,” a mumble of approval echoed through the group labeled 'the Powers That Be' as the three souls before them were sent off to their new lives.

Earth 571

“Well, well, looky here,” Sabretooth snarled, striding past the injured Wolverine and Jean Grey towards their youngest daughter. “I was just gonna off Red, but this will be the most pain, for the runt. Don't worry, I'll make it as slow as possible...” the 12 year old scampered back, trying to get as far away from him as possible as the mutant raised his hand, her parents screaming behind her...
Then something inside her broke and fire, not real, yet not of the mind, tore through him, cooking his brain in his skull, tearing the flesh from his bones. Her parents looked at her in shock as Willow Ororo Howlett trembled at the power now at her finger tips.

Earth 772

“He's good,” Barbara Gordan admitted. Bruce Wayne, Batman, her mentor, her father figure after her own father had died at the hands of the Joker, saving her life, nodded.
“As good as his father,” he said as the boy executed a perfect double flip off the parallel bars. “As skilled as Dick ever was, as strong as Kara. He impresses the hell out of me.”
“So, when do I start?” Alexander James Grayson, Xander to his friends, Zan'el to his now-deceased mother, asked, floating some inches above the ground. Bruce smirked at him.
“Once you get that under control,” he said, causing the 13 year old to look down sheepishly.

Earth 839

“Damn you, Ian, why?”
“You should know why, Sara,” Ian Nottingham said to his wife as he prepared to run her through with the weapon she had once wielded, the all powerful Witchblade. “This was the only reason. All I had to do was wait til you dropped your guard. 14 years and now, finally, I can claim it as my own, and nothing can stop me. And don't worry about our daughter. I can't leave any possibility of losing it after so long,” bladed tentacles approached her, ready to tear her limb from limb...
“STOP!” The order was heeded, much by everyones surprise. “COME!” again, the order was obeyed, the gauntlet abandoning Ian and heading to the girl. Not his daughter, but theirs. Sara's...
...And the Witchblade's.
Amy Madison Pezzini, aged 13, closed her eyes as her other parent wrapped around her protectively, holding her lovingly as it bonded with her, before once brown eyes opened, blazing an angry amber. “Daddy's been a very naughty boy...”

Earth 216

“Tha's th' third set of window's she's broken since her powers went active,” Theresa Cassidy moaned.
“She's your daughter,” her husband, Jamie Madrox, pointed out.
“Aye, But ye're the one tha' let Wade babysit her,” Theresa accused, pointing a finger at him. “Honestly, Jimmy, what were ye expecting tae come oot of it?”
“A fixation for guns and sharp objects?” He joked weakly.
“I think I woulda preferred it,” Theresa said. “Instead, it's money she be after.”
“Where did we go wrong?”
“I think I already pointed tha' oot, to ye, Jimmy, m'luv.”
And in her room, one Anya Madrox was giving her bestest friend, one Wade Wilson(who was hidden outside her window) a thumbs up. She'd have that pony in no time flat.


Willow: Jean Grey and James 'Logan' Howlett

Xander: Dick Grayson and Kara Zor'El (Silver Age Supergirl)

Amy: Sara Pezzini, Ian Nottingham (surrogate father) and the Witchblade (raised Amy secretly, bonded in the womb)

Anya: Theresa Cassidy and Jamie Madrox

The End

You have reached the end of "Final Fate of the Scoobies". This story is complete.

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