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Buffy the Liaison

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This story is No. 3 in the series "ISWC". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: When Vance assigns the team a new liaison the team wonders why Gibbs doesn’t try to fight it. This story takes place a couple weeks after The Past That Haunts Us. Pairings Undecided and Suggestions are welcome.

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Disclaimer: I did not create nor do I own characters of Buffy the Vampire Slayer or NCIS.

A/N: Thanks to all of your awesome reviews you have encouraged me to continue on with "The Past That Haunts Us". I'm proud to say the story got up to 977 views today and six awesome reviews. Special thanks to everyone that reviewed. I hope you enjoy this story. Please let me know what you think and any suggestions are welcome. Enjoy!

A/N: I'm editing some of the chapters hoping to pick up some inspiration. Prologue has been edited as of 1/17/2010


Buffy Summers walked down the hall headed to her new office in the new Washington DC head quarters of her Organization entitled International Slayers and Watchers Council, commonly nicknamed ISWC (which was mostly a name given to the public). The last couple weeks had been really rough and she could not wait to finally get a weekend off. It had been a long time since Buffy could just kick back and relax. She would even have the time to be able to have a longer lunch with a certain Special Agent Jethro Gibbs, who had been the Father of her childhood best friend. They had been meeting a couple times a week when their schedules permitted and she didn’t know if it helped Gibbs, but it was helping Buffy move on from the loss of her friend. She hadn’t realized but after moving away from DC all those years ago, she had never really grieved for the loss of her best friend Kelly. She wondered if that was the reason she was so fiercely over protective of those around her now. She did not want to go through the same loss as she had done with Kelly. However, when Buffy walked into her office and found her old watcher, Rupert Giles, sitting in front of her desk reading a newspaper she knew that the break she had been waiting for all day would not be happening any time soon. If Giles had come all the way from England to talk to her she knew it had to be something important or else he would have just picked up the phone.

“Come to my office all the way from England to read a newspaper?” Buffy teased.

Giles looked up from his newspaper and set it down on her desk. Buffy smiled a little as she realized some things would just never change as Giles took off his glasses and began to clean them.

“I do apologize to barge into your office like this. I realize you have a weekend off coming up, but I need a favor and you’re the only higher up available for the job,” Giles explained.

Buffy knew that he would not have come to her on her weekend off if it had not been absolutely necessary. Buffy sighed as she sank into her comfortable chair behind her desk and motioned for Giles to continue. Buffy and Giles had known each other so long that some formalities were just not necessary anymore.

“It was brought to my attention by your sister that we have a liaison officer in almost all the branches of the government worldwide. United States is no different,” Giles explained.

“Yeah I know Giles,” Buffy told him, "CIA, FBI, all those three letter names.”

Giles nodded and pulled out a piece of paper and handed it over to Buffy before he continued.

“It wasn’t until recently that we were able to get clearance to get someone into NCIS,” Giles explained, and upon seeing her confused expression, “it stands for Naval Criminal Investigative Services.”

Buffy nodded her head as she read over the documents that Giles had just handed over. She didn’t need for him to explain another word. She understood what he was asking of her. He wanted her to be that liaison to NCIS. She briefly got the feeling that she recognized those letters from someplace in her memory, but she couldn’t place the exact reason for the feeling.

“Okay,” Buffy told him, “I’ll do it.”

Giles smiled brightly and thanked Buffy for her sacrifice. Buffy had never worked with any of the government agencies that they were aligned with. She had never really been able to trust the government since what had happened in Sunnydale with the Initiative. She knew Giles realized this about Buffy so if he was asking her then it really meant there was no one else. The only agency that Buffy had come even close to working with was in Israel with Mossad because they were the only government that trained their people about the demons and vampires that were in the world. They trained their people to fight them, and not experiment on them like America had.

“You are to report to Director Leon Vance at this location on Saturday morning,” Giles told her handing her a card of information, “And make sure to get there a little early so you can receive your ID for entrance.”

“I’m all over it,” Buffy replied.

Buffy sighed as she realized that all of this really could have been said over the phone. She wondered if Willow had been calling Giles about the way she had been acting the last couple weeks. She realized she hadn’t been herself.

“What’s the real reason you came here Giles?” Buffy asked, “You could have told me all of this over the phone.”

Buffy knew her assumptions on the real reason he had come to DC were correct when Giles took his glass off yet again to clean them with a cloth he took out of his pocket.

“I’m just concerned about you,” Giles admitted, “You haven’t been yourself lately. I just wanted to be there for you if you needed me. I didn’t want to repeat what happened after…”

Buffy knew exactly what he was talking about. She knew he was talking about how he had thought it was the right thing to just let her get back on her feet after she had been brought back to the life by the gang after what had happened with Glory. Buffy knew that he had felt guilty for leaving her when she had needed him the most. Except Giles had not known that she had been in heaven and even though she had wished he had been there for her she knew that it wasn’t completely his fault. She had not been completely honest with him either.

“I know,” Buffy told him, “But trust me Giles if I needed help you’d be the first person I would call.”

Giles nodded. After reassuring her old watcher even more he left the office to head back to England. Buffy glanced back at the paper work and something told her that life as she knew it was about to change.
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