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August Fic a Day challenge

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Summary: under the name zeevah89 on

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My Alias

Disclaimer: I did not create nor do I own characters of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the Doll House.
Summary: Caroline Farrell was only a cover.
Time Line: Post Chosen, anytime in the Dollhouse

Fic #3

Adelle DeWitt watched from the window in her office as many different dolls wandered the Doll House going from one activity to another. They had a large range of activities that were meant to keep the dolls busy when they were not on assignment. They may have been just dolls with no memory of who they were, but even Miss. DeWitt would not have wanted to just sit around all day. They need stimulation to keep them happy. Out of the corner of her eye she caught sight of Echo eating lunch with Victor and Sierra. She didn’t understand why but she often found them together. Out of all the dolls that were under her care Echo was one of the biggest mysteries.

Each time they had hired a doll they did an extensive background check to make sure they knew who they were dealing with. It hadn’t been as extensive when Echo had signed her contract, but with what happened with Alpha it had been required. However when they went further into Echo’s background they discovered that Caroline Farrell had only been a cover. They were still working on getting past the cover to find out who she really was.

“Miss DeWitt,” a voice said from the door way to her office.

“Yes,” Adelle said turning to find Boyd Langton standing in the doorway.

“I think we may have found something,” Boyd told Adelle.

Adelle motioned for him to come in and took the folder from Boyd. After a thank you Boyd left the room leaving Adelle with the folder. Adelle sat down at her desk and opened the folder. Inside was new information that had been found on Caroline, or as the folder said her name was actually Faith Lehane. She was born and raised in South Boston. Her Mother was an alcoholic that would often leave her daughter alone for days at a time when she wasn’t either beating her or parading new boy friends around the young girl. After she her adoptive Mother had gone missing there was no more record of her until she had showed up in Sunnydale, California. From that point on there was nothing but police charges, one of them being murder of a deputy sheriff in Sunnydale. She had been doing her sentence when she had broken out of jail. There had been no sign of Faith until now. Adelle got up from her desk and looked over at Echo who had moved over to the arts and crafts area. Echo seemed to sense her staring because she looked around the room and unknowingly looked Adelle in the eyes.

“What a mystery you are Echo.”
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