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Hermione Granger and the girl who died

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Summary: Buffy learns she has magic and travels to Hogwarts to learn. Eventual femslash.

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Hermione GrangerMistofRainbowsFR1836,76503410,8994 Aug 0928 Aug 09Yes

Chapter One

A response to VanillaLette’s challenge, “Hermione Granger and the Girl Who Died.” There will be femslash, and other things that uptight people might have moral issues with. I don’t own any of the characters or settings. Those are borrowed from others, Joss, J.K. and various ideas from a life time of reading. This starts in season 2 but quickly moves to season 7 and book six of Harry Potter. The characters are the ages they should be, the years have been twisted a bit in order to match up. Because Buffy mentioned the dates more than Harry Potter did I’m using Buffy dates if I have to. This is not a part of any of my other works.

Quentin Travers was not a happy man, truth be told he couldn’t remember the last time he was less amused. It was rather understandable when one considered the bumbling idiot darkening his study by his very presence. Having to put up with a toady like Minister Fudge would try a saint’s patience and he was anything but a saint. Still it paid to at least pretend to be polite to the head of the wizard’s government. While normally the two organizations stayed far away from each other there was an ancient agreement that some council moron in the twelfth century had hacked out with the wizards because they needed some magical help imprisoning a particularly nasty demon and hadn’t wanted to wait for the council magic users to get there. No the reason he was less than amused was because that particular annoying document forced him to either bind the current slayer’s magical powers or turn her over to the wizard government for training. The last time they had a slayer witch the girl had lost it and grown corrupted and power hungry, at least according to the old sealed reports, reports that he personally doubted but the world couldn’t afford to not have the slayer protecting it. He was certainly not going to have his slayer trained by this pompous idiot. He waited for a break in the conversation, “I’m afraid I have no intention of turning over the current slayer to you for training, we will regretfully bind her powers in compliance with the agreement of old, being that you refused to retract the agreement earlier.” He had personally hoped to get the greedy bastard to revoke the agreement but no such luck. The old fool apparently wanted to use the girl in some fight against some unnamed dark lord the guy was terrified of. Quentin resisted the urge to sigh as the guy had to be practically tossed out the door. He frowned as he sat behind his desk, he would have to write out two orders he didn’t particularly want to write, one to have the slayer’s magical powers bound and another to have the leak in their organization plugged, family ties with a wizard family was no excuse to sell out the slayer.


Buffy stumbled as a feeling of cold rushed down her spine as her mother hit Spike with an axe. For a moment she felt a sense of loss which she couldn’t understand. Her thoughts were brought back to focus as she noticed her mother’s determined stare. “Time to pay the piper.”

~Several years later~

Spells by their very nature are slippery things, the more you want the less they give, and the higher the price it wants. Magic, especially magic used unwillingly, leaves cracks, small things that most people wouldn’t even notice, but cracks nonetheless. Over the years, much like a curious child might, the slayer’s magic pushed and pulled at the binding magic holding it, sometimes it was even able to sneak out to play, to give the slayer a bit of help, a little push here, a little push there. A stake that slid an inch closer when she desperately needed one, a flash of insight for demonic problems. Most of the time however it slept, that was how it missed it’s wakeup call by several weeks. In it’s sleep it didn’t notice that the watcher that had bound it with a dark spell had died. Had things been different even the wizard dieing wouldn’t have freed the magic, however every wizard in line to control the spell dieing within the span of an instant caused the binding spell to snap. This however went unnoticed by anyone, as everyone that knew about the slayer having her magic bound was now either clueless as to the slayer’s identity or dead from the blast that rocked the watcher‘s council.

Buffy stumbled for a second as she landed on the school bus, she felt a moment of disorientation as she noticed a strange warm fuzzy feeling coming from inside the bus. And felt an energy that had been missing for years awaken inside herself, it felt as if she could do anything.

~Several weeks later~

Dawn couldn’t help but look nervously at her sister, her sister hadn’t been herself for the last several weeks. Ever since the slayer activation spell Buffy had been acting odd around her and Willow, it had come to a head when Buffy had snuggled up to Willow and rubbed her head against Willow’s chest before blinking and looking rather embarrassed. It had taken them days of research to find out that she was reacting to their power. It had come as a shock to everyone that Buffy had a magical core, one quite a bit different than Willow’s, or even Dawn’s for that matter, which considering how Dawn was made was a bit of a mystery.

Xander chuckled, “So any luck finding out why the witchy Buffy is all witchy, or why she’s looking at you like you’re lunch.”

Dawn shook her head, “No but we've been practicing shielding and that seems to help.”

“At least Kennedy seems to be taking it well.”

“If by well you mean laughing so hard she couldn’t stay in her chair then yes, she is.”

Xander shrugged, “It’s sort of amusing, Grim and English is in full research mode.”

“Any luck yet?”

“Nah, but he’s contacted some old ’friends’ that might have some solutions.”


Xander was feeling less amusement than a few days ago as he watched one of his best friend’s face split open with a crackle of magical energy. He couldn’t help but flash back to the last time he saw her laying in a hospital bed dying. Though they were at the Hyperion Hotel and not a hospital and there were less beeping machines it didn’t change the fact that his best friend was dying as her magic raged out of control. He wanted to scream but there wasn’t anything he could do. He just hoped that Willow and Giles could come up with something.


Willow had been trying for days to find anything to help. She had only managed to come up with two possible cures, one to drain her friend’s magic completely and leave her much like she was before the only draw back was that Buffy would probably end up hollow, depressed and possibly dead. The only other option they had found was an ancient potion that none of them had the skill to brew. Not to mention the unsettling side effects of said potion, but they really were running out of time. She had turned the recipe over to Giles when he had mentioned that he might have some contacts that could help.


Severus Snape was a busy man, so he was particularly annoyed when an envelope dropped out of thin air to appear on his desk. After several detection spells he picked it up and broke the seal. He frowned as he glanced down to the bottom of the letter and saw that it was from an old acquaintance, he read the first part, “Dear Severus, I’m not sure if you remember me but we met many years ago at the London museum, when I caught you trying to use magic to lift several artifacts, despite those youthful indiscretions I’ve recently learned that if one has an impossible potion to make you’re the wizard to talk to. I’ve enclosed a copy of several ancient potions including one that I wish to hire you to make. If you’re interested it will push your potion skills to the max and then beyond.” Normally he would have scoffed at the idea of a potion pushing his skills to the max but several of the recipes included with the letter were horribly difficult monstrosities that make the luck potion look like a simple color changing potion any first year could make. He couldn’t help but be a little intrigued as he realized that several of the potion recipes were potions that’s recipes had vanished centuries ago. Considering any of the “lost” recipes were worth a fortune the fact that his old acquaintance said on the last line, name your price, shook him more than a little. He quickly looked over the notes for the completed potion, ah now he could understand. Apparently they wanted him to make a potion that was if not illegal highly questionable, one that Voldemort would kill for, hell most Wizard’s would kill for it, that is if it really did what it claimed. He shook his head, no that was impossible, you could as easily bring back the dead. He couldn’t help smirking as he penned his impossible reply, “Bring Sirius Black back from the grave and you have yourself a deal.”



Faith couldn’t help but glare at Willow, she was fairly sure that the spell didn’t require her to be naked, the fact that she wouldn’t show her the original spell was in her mind highly suspicious. Even aside from the naked requirement, she couldn’t believe she had volunteered for the mission but after seeing a picture of Sirius Black and hearing his somewhat tragic story she had surprised everyone herself included by volunteering to rescue him from the demon dimension the curtain had tossed him into. That and it was the only way to get the potion’s master to make the potion that would fix Buffy. Faith figured she owed her at least one, which was how she found herself agreeing to the spell to send her close to where Sirius was supposed to be.

Sirius glanced up at the board on the wall that said “Now serving number 1,012“, he couldn’t help but glance down at the strip of paper in his hand that said 320,004. He sighed again, not for the first time he thought about cutting in line but the African witch doctor next to him looked particularly unfriendly, not that any of the people in the large office of what he had been told was a waiting area for souls was particularly nice looking. Most of them looked to have died in horrible ways, one particularly unfortunate bloke had his head on backwards. He smirked as he saw a girl step out of a chalk doorway in the wall. He noticed two things immediately, one was that she was naked, and the second was that she unlike everyone else felt alive. He was still in shock as she walked up to him, “Sirius Black?” He blinked a few times, “Ah yes.” He couldn’t help his eyes dropping to check out her assets before he with a feat of effort his old friend James would have never credited him with ripped them off her chest and back up to her face, “You are?”

She smirked, “I’m Faith, and it’s your lucky day, but we have to hurry before the locals notice I’m here.” She held out her hand and showed him a piece of chalk, “Just follow me and when the door forms jump through.”

He nodded, he wasn’t sure how anyone could fail to notice her but after a second of looking around he noticed that it was true, none of the rest of the people seemed to pay her any mind, which to him spoke of magic because even dead it was hard not to notice a girl like her.

Faith quickly drew a door on the wall like Willow had said, she frowned at it as it refused to do anything for a few seconds, “Damn it.”

Sirius glanced at the door, “What’s wrong?”

“Forgot the door handle.” She finished sketching in the door handle reached out grabbed the chalk door handle she just drew and opened the door.

He noticed that whatever glamor she had used broke when she opened the door, the last thing he heard from the office was screaming about alive people as he was pulled through the door and into the lobby of an old muggle hotel.

Dawn smiled as she noticed a naked Faith and a handsome wizard tumble out of a chalk door. She whistled softly, “Hello nurse!”

Faith chuckled, “Laugh it up Dawnie. I should get dressed now.”

Dawn chuckled a bit before tossing her a bathrobe. Not that she wanted Faith to cover up but if she didn’t she really wasn’t going to be able to think straight. “Spoilsport.”

Sirius couldn’t help but agree, he glanced around what he could only assume was the real world once again, “Could someone please explain what is going on?”

Willow shrugged, “Well it’s like this, our friend came down with a sudden case of uncontrolled magic, the only way to fix it, was to get an impossibly difficult potion made, the potion master we contacted set an impossible task, bringing you back from the dead, as the price for his help. After we did a few locator spells to make sure you weren’t in heaven we sent Faith to rescue you. So long story very short here you are.”

Sirius blinked, he was fairly sure the girl hadn’t taken a breath in that whole sentence. “In that case I suppose I owe you one.”

Willow grinned, “I was hoping you would say that. So this is what I need.”


Severus Snape was less than amused by Dumbledore’s request for him to actually make the potion he had been sent yesterday, despite long since giving up on finding out how the headmaster learned of such things he was still a bit frustrated when he did such things. Still he mollified himself with the fact that he was paid with several lost potion recipes and the challenge of the new potion.


Buffy knew she didn’t look good, no one had given her a mirror for the last two days. She didn’t even have flowers in her room, not since two days ago when she had caused the vase they were in to shatter against the wall when she got upset at her appearance in the mirror. She wasn’t supposed to look like someone cut her face up and filled her blood with magical light. It was unnatural, she couldn’t help but feel a certain amount of sadness that she was going to die just when all of the potentials were finally activated and she had the chance to retire. It wasn’t fair damn it. She hardly even flinched as the candle exploded. The candle had replaced the fluorescent lights after they had met the same fate a few days ago. She glanced up as she heard a knock on the door. “Come in.” She couldn’t help but wince at the looks on Giles’ and Willow’s faces. “No luck?”

Giles shook his head, “We have a solution, it’s not a great one but other than binding your magic, it’s the only option we have.”

Buffy wasn’t really liking the idea of binding her magic, despite not having had it for that long she wasn’t comfortable about not having it. It was strange but it was like some part that had been stolen had been returned to her. “No, no binding, what’s the other option.”

Giles fidgeted slightly, “We haven’t been able to test it. But it should allow your body to return to a state where you can learn to control your magic.”

Buffy twitched as a particularly strong spasm wracked her body, “I don’t think I have the time. Just give me the damn potion.”

“You sure?”

Buffy coughed up some blood that crackled with light, “Yeah, sort of running out of time.”

Giles really hoped he was doing the right thing as he handed over the potion.

Buffy didn’t even sniff it before drinking it down, “Huh, tastes like mint.” She braced herself as she felt new levels of pain as her body twisted and changed.

Willow watched in amazement as the years fell away from her friend, while it didn’t look like she lost any height she did lose a bit in the chest department. Even Buffy’s face lost close to ten years in the span of as many seconds. She couldn’t help but think that Buffy made a rather cute eleven or twelve year old. ‘Bad Willow, no Buffy candy for you.’ She blinked, “How do you feel?”

Buffy blinked, she could feel her magic but it wasn’t nearly as wild, though it still felt powerful, just not as ready to come to the surface. “It seemed to work. What‘s wrong, do I have something on my face?”

“Not exactly.”

Dawn winced as she heard Buffy’s scream from across the hotel, “I’m fracking eleven?” Dawn chuckled, “Ah well at least things aren’t going to be boring”

Faith chuckled as she saw Dawn reading over a stack of parchment, “What are you working on?”

“Well it turns out that Buffy’s magic is nothing like Willow’s or mine. So we searched around a bit. Apparently there is a whole world of witches and wizards with magic like Buffy’s hiding. Anyways after looking into things a bit we settled on Hogwarts. The headmaster was even nice enough to offer Willow and me jobs.”

Faith raised an eyebrow, “You a teacher?”

Dawn chuckled, “Well no, I’m a library aid. Willow’s going to be the Muggle studies teacher.”

Faith nodded as Dawn continued, “At least that makes some sort of sense. In exchange for teaching, Buffy gets a full ride scholarship, and I get the chance to learn Willow’s type of magic, not to mention unrestricted access to the Hogwarts library.”

Faith smiled, “I don’t suppose you need a slayer over there for something?”

“You know you just like tall dark and handsome.”

Faith nodded, her and Sirius had spent some time over the last several days getting to know each other and finding just how much in common they had. Much more than her and Wood did. “Nothing wrong with enjoying the eye candy. Even if it means braving the land of tweed.”

~Coming soon, the girls head to England.~
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