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The one who sees and the one who's slimed

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Summary: When Xander goes looking for his father, what will be the results, and why is he always attracted to hot bookworms? ((An Extreme Ghostbusters crossover.))

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Movies > GhostbustersTTrunksFR1556,74721210,3684 Aug 0914 Dec 09No

In the witches lair....

Okay, I swear I had this written and posted a LONG time ago. Maybe it was a Fubar computer thing, maybe it was my fault, honestly I don’t know, but I had to retype it, so I’m blaming everyone. Well my sister at least, ANYWAY on with the story. Actually the more I think about it the surer I am I’ve written this 2 times…. Ah well….


Xander sighed as he held his knife ready moving with the skill and efficiency of a soldier. Xander really wished his pack would work, but since it wouldn’t even turn on that meant he might really be in another dimension.

The Spider’s venom was slowly damaging his body by sending his soul more and more to this location. If he didn’t get out of this bitch dimension and get back to the Ecto one soon he might be stuck here indefinitely. Pulling his knife slightly closer to his body he honestly wished they’d attack him, Spiders were the most dangerous when hiding.

Instantly Xander wished he hadn’t thought that as a tarantula as big as his face seemed to jump from nowhere only years of fighting on the Hell mouth saved him a bite as he punched it. He wasn’t sure why but he felt the odd urge to say he was a man afterwards, but shaking it off he brought his knife down into the creature’s under belly even as he turned trying to at least act like he had some semblance of a defense going.

He froze as eight of the naked pale females bodies walked up to him upon a quick glance he knew they weren’t naked but had Spider Web covering their most private areas. It still had his hormones increasing slightly as he said, “Back up you Spider witches, I don’t plan to let anyone drain my juices and hang me upside down.”

Suddenly he felt two very female lumps against his back a lusty echoing and yet scary and soft voice spoke, “Really now Xander, I’m sure there’s at least one juice you’d love for us to suck out of you.”

Xander tried to turn but the insanely strong demon lifted him easily saying, “Time to eat my Sisters.”

Xander kicked one hard in the face even as he jammed the knife into the one hold him up, the dagger went deep into her eye making her die in seconds even as he twisted the blade turning he BARELY blocked one of the Spider witches claws, moving back. He knew the knife couldn’t take many more of those even as he gunned the pack again and again, finally the fourth time it stayed on longer than a minute as he thumbed the trigger the short but powerful Boson dart of energy blew all three of the remaining Spider witches HARD into the walls where Xander was quick to finish them with knife strikes. He checked his pack and wasn’t surprised to see it off.

Sighing Xander considered moving into the tunnels one of the witches had tried to escape into but nixed that idea as it was beyond dangerous and they probably knew them better than the hall way. Xander kept the knife clutched tightly in his hand despite the fact it dripped black blood. He kept moving hoping the various Spider witches didn’t know where he was, though he was also careful to limit the noise. As he finally reached the evil portal he ran for it, only to dodge at the last minute as a Spider leg pierced the air where his heart had been. He fired a single proton stream rolling his body with his hit and let out a scream as pain racked it, his soul and body being pulled together.

Xander blinked as Egon stood over him saying, “Welcome back Xander.”

Xander nodded even as the other Gb’s sighed in relief, before Kylie was knocked away by a long Spider arm. Instantly the various Gb’s were pulling Xander up as they were surrounded by easily a hundred Spider creatures. Egon sighed, “I was afraid of this, when you crossed over the pulse brought you over but it also brought them over as well.”

Xander nodded, “So Capture and contain as normal Egon?”

Egon nodded but realizing each of the Buster’s were watching the enemy he said, “Yeah Xander, same as always.”

Kylie who hadn’t even hit the ground from her blind strike just flipped in the air nodded moving back to back with Xander she said, “Okay buster, on 3.”

As one a single voice comprised off all the Busters including Egon called out, “THREE!”

Then nothing but the sounds of proton streams, sizzling demon flesh and metal traps sliding on the tile floors.

Three Hours later five very tired people sunk almost as one into the couch. Xander saying, “Next time evil Spider witches try to eat me, I say we just let them do it, my whole body is going to ache tomorrow.”

The group nodded or let out noises of agreement as Egon said, “oh and Xander, Lewis said he’d be happy to let you keep his old apartment in the Zuul building.”

Xander nodded even as Kylie asked, “Why is it called the Zuul building, didn’t Gozar rise from a portal on top?”

Egon nodded, “Yeah, but technically Zuul and Vince were made with the building, and Zuul sounds better for the group giving tours of it, and much, more evil.”

Kylie nodded lightly before she fell asleep, neither of the two exhausted busters noticed Xander’s arm around Kylie’s shoulders.


Hello all, there’s that. Please R&R sorry if this wasn’t up to my normal quality, but as I said, I’ve written this now 3 times….

The End?

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You have reached the end of "The one who sees and the one who's slimed" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 14 Dec 09.

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