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Summary: For the August Fic-A-Day challenge; also, TtH challenge response; Xander has been dreaming

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Television > Sentinel, The > Xander-CenteredSilkenSkyFR1552,5100429,8674 Aug 0924 Aug 09No

Chapter One

Title: Dreamer
Author: Sky
Rating: PG-15
Crossover: The Sentinel/Buffy
Pairing: None
Characters: Xander, Jim Ellison
Word Count: 697
Disclaimer: The characters and stories of The Sentinel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer belong to their respective creators and owners
Summary: Xander has been dreaming
Warning: None
Author's notes: I did it, I committed halloween!fic. I know, I know. I have no shame, and I regret nothing! >_>

He was stalking through a dense, tropical forest, his bow held out loosely in front of him, aware of every movement for miles around him. He could hear the Chopec soldiers that were patrolling with him, spread through the trees. He could hear the quiet babbling of a small stream as it flowed into a roaring waterfall over a mile away. The moisture that pricked at his skin told him a storm would come tonight, and the small shape over his head in the sky resolved into a chopper, twenty minutes out.

He signaled the men following him and they melted through the forest to the only clearing in the area large enough to land something of that size, the same clearing he’d crash-landed in eighteen months ago. The chopper landed and he signaled to the hunters to hold fire, until the soldiers began to dig up the graves of his men. He fired the first shot himself, his arrow flying straight over the leader’s head to bury itself in a nearby tree.

The Chopec continue to converge around the soldiers. From his perch on the ridge, he could see the badge on the soldier’s arm: Special Forces, Ranger, Airborne. He shouldered his gun and headed down the hill to the leader to shake his hand.

“Captain James Ellison. O.D.A. 731. You my relief?”

The soldier –Mathis, you know – looks confused. “Your relief?”

“We were ordered to contact the local tribes and organize a militia. These men and I have held the Chopec Pass for 18 months. And quite frankly, Captain, I'm kind of tired.”

He heard a noise and looked to the sky. A few moments later a flock of birds flew by far overhead.

“Xander. Xander! Do pay attention.”

He jerked in his seat at the main table in the library. From the looks everyone was giving him, Giles had been trying to get his attention for a while. They were in the library brainstorming ways to stop the Ascension, and he had –understandably – nodded off. He offered the group a sheepish smile and once again tried to focus his attention on the book in front of him.

He didn’t need to try to remember his dream; at this point, he could probably recite it by heart. It was just one of many that he’d had over and over for the last two years. At first he’d ignored them, figuring they were just regular dreams. When they didn’t stop, he realized that they had started happening right after Halloween. Since in the dreams he was obviously a soldier, he just chalked it up to leftovers from the magical costume and left it at that. No harm, no foul.

Except, over the following two years, the dreams became less like dreams and more like memories. He could not only remember what happened, he could remember what it felt like. Still, it was creepy, but not really a cause for concern. Hell, after the things he’s seen, this was hardly even a blip on the radar. Then a few months ago, it started again. Not that it had really happened to him the first time, but, whatever. Too complicated to worry about. The point was, his senses were back. He could hear conversations taking place all over the school. There were times he could barely shower because the water felt like a million needles drilling into his skin. When he ate, he felt like he could identify every single ingredient –and that was not something he wanted to be able to do with the school’s cafeteria food, thank you very much. He could read the titles of books on the shelves without leaving his seat, and on patrol, he could smell the vampires.

It was starting to drive him crazy. And other people had definitely noticed. People tended to tread carefully around him these days. But soon, he would have answers. After graduation he was leaving. The Scoobies thought he was taking a roadtrip across the country, but his real destination was Cascade, Washington, a city that featured occasionally in his dreams.
Three more days until graduation. If he survived, he would get his answers.
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