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Off the Edge of the Map

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Summary: How far is Will going to go when Elizabeth disappears without a trace? A BtVS/Pirates of the Caribbean crossover

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Movies > Pirates of the Caribbean > Multiple PairingsKarenUFR1889,0110146,27512 Oct 0314 Dec 03No

Part Two

Part Two

***Port Royal***

Will Turner tugged at the tight collar of his shirt, feeling a bit as if it were choking him. He was used to not having to look altogether good; no one often concerned themselves with the appearance of a blacksmith's apprentice. An actual blacksmith now, however, as since his return to Port Royal just two weeks before it seemed that Mr. Brown had fallen ill. It was no wonder, really, not with the way the man lived his life. No good could come of consuming that much alcohol. Will more or less swore off the foul stuff himself. He still was not at all certain if Jack's behavior was due to too much drink or too much sun. Either way, Will was determined to avoid too much of either.

A small frown came to the young man's face as he made his way through the town, noting that despite the lateness of the hour, there were still people about, and he was getting more than his fair share of stares. Not really surprising, he supposed, not after the things he had done after the Black Pearl had shown up here, its captain and crew taking Elizabeth hostage. He was getting more and more speculative looks, and more than one young woman had made advances at him. He paid them no heed, however, for the only woman he wanted was Elizabeth, and for the first time in his life, it seemed that he may actually end up with everything he had dreamed of.

"The blacksmith and the governor's daughter. Isn't that a story?" Will murmured in soft tones, a tiny smile creeping to his face. It was something he had never allowed himself to believe might actually happen. He had known that if he had believed it, and then it had never come to pass, then it would destroy him. But then... When it seemed he might lose Elizabeth to the Commodore forever, he hadn't been able to hold his tongue any longer, and he had confessed the truth, telling Elizabeth that he loved her... And she had chosen him. It still amazed him.

Tugging at his collar once more, Will made his way down to the strip of beach that he and Elizabeth had chosen as a meeting place, glancing down at himself to make certain that he was presentable. Granted, Elizabeth had told him more than once that she did not care how well-dressed he was or if he was dirty from working, she just wanted to see him, but... He just couldn't do that. Yes, it was true that neither one of them had looked too wonderful by the time their ordeal with Barbossa and his men was done, but that had been rather extreme circumstances, and even then, Will had thought that Elizabeth looked beautiful and precious... Like an angel.

"My angel," he murmured, then shook his head, a sheepish smile on his lips at his own thoughts. "Jack was right. I am obsessed with treasure. And that treasure is Elizabeth. It seems that Jack is always right," Will said softly, then paused a beat. "Now isn't that a terrifying thought?"

The young man chuckled to himself as he came to a stop on the small bit of sand between the trees and the water, frowning when he noted that Elizabeth was nowhere to be seen. Elizabeth seemed to always be the first to their meetings, no matter how quickly Will went through the process of cleaning up and getting himself dressed presentably to meet her. She was always on the beach first, her long hair let loose to dance in the breeze, her feet bare as she held her skirts up and walked along the edge of the water. She made a beautiful picture as she walked, though Will doubted she realized that, and he had come to cherish those few seconds in which he could stand and watch her walk through the water, and he especially cherished that moment when she would look up to see that he had come, the way her face seemed to light up as she smiled and ran to him. That was the way things had gone almost every night since Elizabeth had broken her engagement to the Commodore.

Yet tonight, Elizabeth was nowhere to be seen.

"Elizabeth? Elizabeth, are you here? Are you playing some sort of game and hiding from me?" he called out softly, not wanting to draw too much attention to himself. He was fairly certain that the governor - as well as the majority of Port Royal - knew that he and Elizabeth met here each night to walk the beach, but that did not mean he wanted to draw attention to himself. Because he and Elizabeth were so discreet - and the young lady herself was still considered to be beyond reproach despite her broken engagement - no tongues had been set to wagging as of yet, but if he were to be heard calling for her, he knew it would be another story.

"Come on, love, where are you?" he said quietly when there was no answer, the young man beginning to walk along the beach himself. His dark hair was tied back in a band, but several strands had fallen free, and Will frowned as he pushed them back away from his face.

"Something is wrong here," Will stated with conviction, his stomach turning at the thought, and he frowned again when he caught sight of the medallion lying on the beach. Confused, he walked over to it, kneeling in the sand as he reached out and picked it up by the chain. The stone in the middle of the medallion was dull and seemingly black, unsettling Will for reasons he couldn't place. The stone made the young man think of emptiness, and he shuddered slightly as he rose to his feet again, pocketing the odd necklace as his gaze searched the beach, falling on a pair of abandoned women's shoes. Expensive shoes.

"Elizabeth," he managed, all at once knowing that she had to have been here. Elizabeth had been here, but now she was gone. Will tried to tell himself that she had simply left for a moment, that she would be back soon, but why would she leave her shoes here? There was no reason to leave them here, and Elizabeth wasn't foolish enough to wade out too far in the water, which meant... Elizabeth was missing.

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