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Off the Edge of the Map

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Summary: How far is Will going to go when Elizabeth disappears without a trace? A BtVS/Pirates of the Caribbean crossover

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Movies > Pirates of the Caribbean > Multiple PairingsKarenUFR1889,0110146,27512 Oct 0314 Dec 03No

Off the Edge of the Map

Title: Off the Edge of the Map

Author: Karen U


Category: BtVS/PotC

Pairing/Characters: Will/Elizabeth, Willow/?, Buffy/?, possible Faith/Jack Sparrow

Disclaimer: All BtVS characters belong to Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and others that aren't me. Pirates of the Caribbean belongs to Disney. Damn it.

Distribution: ask first

Rating: R

Spoilers: PotC - after the movie; BtVS - starts in season three, will probably use parts of seasons four and five. Big change - Dawn already exists, and while the Scoobies will start off as seniors in high school, Dawn is a freshman. Also, Will and Elizabeth's ages were never expressly stated in PotC, so I'm going with Elizabeth as 18 and Will as 19 or 20.

Summary: How far is Will going to go when Elizabeth disappears without a trace?

Notes: Yes, I'm nuts.


The light breeze swept her long hair back away from her face, a slight smile touching her lips as she took a moment to just simply stand there, her eyes closed. The bustling sounds of Port Royal were behind her as she stood along the beach, and she could picture the people finishing up their work for the day and closing up their shops. That, of course, meant that Will would be finishing up his work soon and coming to meet her here as he had promised. Will Turner was a man that always kept his promises, and she liked to pride herself on keeping her own promises as well... All except for one, that is.

Elizabeth Swann shuddered slightly at the memory of her short-lived engagement to Commodore Norrington. Though she knew he was not actually a bad man - far from it - she did not love him. He was quite a bit older than her, already a man back all those years ago when they had first found Will in the waters. She had been just a girl then; only now had she reached eighteen years of age. And while it was true that many girls her age were married already, Elizabeth was not altogether certain she was ready for marriage. Unless, of course, it was marriage to Will. They would have to wait awhile, of course, a proper courtship must be had now, especially since so many of the people in Port Royal had thought without a doubt that Elizabeth would be marrying the Commodore.

"But that is not to be," the slender young woman whispered quietly as she finally opened her eyes, a soft sigh coming from her. Never had she been as grateful as she was when the Commodore had allowed her to break their engagement. And no, that was not entirely true. She had been just as grateful when she had opened her eyes in that cave to find Will there to rescue her, and then when Will had suddenly appeared on the Black Pearl when she'd been certain he'd died in the explosion of the Interceptor. Plus there was the overwhelming relief when she had gone to the caves to rescue Will and discovered that he was indeed still alive. Yes, Elizabeth Swann had a great deal to be grateful for, and she intelligent enough to realize it. She was even grateful that Jack - wait, *Captain* Jack - Sparrow had been allowed to escape that day two weeks ago... And had it only been two weeks since that entire adventure had ended? Life had settled into something of a routine since then, a happy routine for Elizabeth and Will, and it was difficult to believe that only weeks before she'd been held captive at the mercy of cursed pirates.

"Now *that* is a story to tell our children. If we ever have them," Elizabeth whispered softly, glancing down at her flat abdomen, wondering what it would be like to carry Will's child. Perhaps it was wrong of her to think such things - especially since they were not yet married; Will had not proposed yet or anything of the sort - but she couldn't help it. The thought of marrying Will, settling down with him and having a family... Little girls, perhaps with her hair and Will's smile, little boys with Will's eyes and his fair face... There was nothing she wanted more. She was not a girl that cared too much about the luxurious things in life; love was far more important to her... And she loved Will Turner more than anything.

With a soft smile, the tall young woman began to walk slowly along the beach, fully aware that she had come down here early, and that she would have to wait for Will, at least for a brief while. Though it did not matter to her, he insisted on cleaning up before coming to see her, not wanting her to see the dirt and grime that he collected while he worked during the day. She would have to teach him that she did not care about such things, but Elizabeth knew that they had time later for things like that. Hopefully, an entire lifetime.

Elizabeth pushed her hair back from her face as she walked, the breeze causing the strands to tickle against her cheeks, and she jumped a little at the feeling of water on her bare feet. The tide was coming in, not that she minded. She liked to walk in the water; she had taken her shoes off earlier in order to do just that. And who really cared if her skirts grew wet from the sea water? Her father certainly did not seem bothered by it, and she knew she wasn't.

"Oh! What is that?" the governor's daughter questioned as she felt something brush up against her toes, something cold and decidedly made of some type of metal. Heedless of her skirts, Elizabeth knelt down in the water, her fingers sifting through the sand as she reached for the item, frowning as the pulled a necklace with some sort of shiny bauble - an odd gemstone surrounded by gold - hanging from the heavy chain. "Where did you come from?" she wondered, studying the sand-caked treasure. "Probably one of Jack's treasures or something."

A small frown on her lovely face, Elizabeth carefully dipped the treasure in the water, wiping the sand away with her fingers, wanting to get a better look at it. Once she was fairly certain it was clean - or at least cleaner, she lifted it from the water, her mouth dropping open at what she saw. "What in the world?"

It was glowing.

Quickly, Elizabeth scrambled up and out of the water, darting back onto the beach, trying to unwind the chain from her hand, wanting to get away from the necklace with the eerie glow. Her heart beating wildly, she shook her hand in order to free it, watching as the glow intensified with every passing second. A small scream erupted from her throat as the tripped over a piece of driftwood, falling backwards into the water, the medallion flying off as a flash of blue light came from it, the medallion once more cold and dark as it hit the beach.

But Elizabeth was gone.
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