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Summary: When there are crimes the police can't face, Angel and his team are on the case. At a run they will roam through the town they call home, making the wide world a better place.

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Literature > Horror(Current Donor)ShieldageFR152450015795 Aug 098 May 10No


BtVs by Whedon & M.E., 'Nightlife' a 1991 novel by Brian Hodge and Dell Abyss books

Angel was having a long, bad day.
A new drug had infected L. A.
Green and cut with cocaine,
overdoses brought, with immense pain,
shifts to animals bent on melee.

Skullflush was the street name of the drug
shipped in by someone a bit too smug.
Jungle tribes had used it
respecting the spirit
but when abused it had an evil tug.

The worst of this demonic fauna,
his head exchanged for a piranha,
had, stupidly, been killed
while both drugged and gilled
and saw his undeath as nirvana.

Now free from the need for a new hit,
able to transform when he saw fit,
he began to eat souls,
treating ribcages as bowls.
His stomach was a bottomless pit.

By using his teeth and willpower
he bought enough drugs for a shower.
They severed his head...
then the killer was dead...
and Angel a swan for an hour.
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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking