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Family Connections

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Summary: Family connections are sometimes supposed to be an advantage, but there are some that some times are better not mentioned or called upon unless you really have to. An eight year old Xander is about to encounter another branch of his twisted family.

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Chapter One

Title:  Family Connections

Disclaimer:  Worlds mentioned in “T.V. & Movie & Other… inspirations” belong to their creators and all others that helped them put it all together. All publically recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. This author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise to the major components within this story. No copyright infringement is intended.

All the characters, worlds, base concepts or general ideas are just a bit food for the writing bug.  This story is pure fiction and is in no way meant to copy or reflect real life, events or people, should this happen then obviously it is pure coincidence.

T.V. & Movie & Other… inspirations:  “Angel”, the Xander bits of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, plus Angel comics (“Omnibus” & “After the Fall”), perhaps Buffy movie vamps, plus he Addams Family Movie trilogy, perhaps even the T.V. Series, although I don’t recall any of the original ones, maybe the newer series and with extreme help coming from http: //en. The_Addams_Family, just the facts that I like for this story.

Author’s Note:  This story will be going through a complete overhaul, as I’ve just acquired the complete T.V. series of the Addams Family and I will be using quite a bit from that as I love the way the characters are portrayed and that the focus is mainly on the kookiness of the Addams reactions to normal human social interactions.  It should be more interesting, but I hope that this story will still flow the in the direction that I’m aiming for.  Enjoy!

Pairings:  Xander/Spike, implied

Speech Legend:

“Normal speech”

(…Demon Languages...Other: Human, if I can’t get a translation using the Web…)


Warnings:  AU: Definitely.  Caveat, I have not seen all episodes of BtVS or Angel, but I have watched the movie, several times, you know the one that led to the series and I may take from that too. 

This story is set before the Buffy episodes, but I’m hoping to progress this story in an acceptable fashion and get it to the point where meeting Vampires is not quite the shock that it seems to Xander.

Summary:  Family connections are sometimes supposed to be an advantage, but there are some that some times are better not mentioned or called upon unless you really have to.  A young Xander is about to encounter another branch of his twisted family.


 Chapter One


Little Xander Harris was saddened by the loss of his grandmother.  She was the only ones that he ever felt cared about him, but there was nothing he could do about it.  He had learned about death with the rest of his primary school class when the class pet had died.  Currently he lay huddled up in his bed and had the pillow over his head hoping to drown out the argument that his parents were having down the hall from him.

“I’m telling you that they would take him and pay to take him,” Tony Harris said.

Jessica Harris was not impressed.  “I don’t want him going to them.  You know that they are different.”

“It doesn’t matter,” Tony said.  “My mother passed away and there is no one else available on my side.  It’s your family’s turn to take him for a few weeks in the summer.  Surely they’ll want to see him and besides they can certain afford to have him over from what I’ve been hearing.  Why have you been keeping this from me?”

Jessica sighed.  It was not going to be an easy thing to explain to her husband that her mother had basically run away from that family and had chosen not to communicate with her fraternal twin sister (…i…).  “Tony please…” she began.

“No,” he said.  “Send him there.  He’ll be out of our way and who knows maybe he’ll stay away for the entire summer.  We only need him back for school to keep the government aid money coming in (…ii…).”

Jessica sighed again.  There was no turning her husband’s mind when it was made up, but she had to try.  “I’ve never contacted them in all of my life,” she started.  “I wouldn’t know where to begin.”

Tony looked positively triumphant.  He pulled out an old shoe box that Jessica thought she had kept hidden among the other boxes in the attic containing her mother’s old things.  She paled when she it and was afraid of the contents.  She just kept that box like her mother had asked, but she never followed through on her mother’s bequest. 

Her mother had asked her to contact that family in order to gain help to get away from this abusive marriage, but Jessica didn’t want to do that.  She couldn’t explain anything about why she wanted to stay or why for some reason to her, it wasn’t as bad as everyone seemed to think. 

“Why don’t you write to your mother’s sister,” he hissed at her.  He pulled out a letter that had the most recent postal date, which was from years before Jessica was born.  “The most recent address is on that label.  Try it out, there is nothing wrong with writing, but make sure that you make an honest effort.”

He flung the letters and headed down the stairs in order to get a beer and watch television.  She was left there with a handful of scattered letters.  Looking down at them she didn’t know what the results of contacting that family would be.  She wanted her son to be safe, but she wasn’t sure how he would be affected, by meeting them.  He had always been special, just like her, seeing things that mostly the rest of this town ignored.

She slowly scooped up the letters that she had never had the curiosity to read in the first place.  She looked at one that had her mother’s maiden name, Valeriana (…iii…) Frump.  She opened one up and made a passing mental note that the hand writing was excellent if slightly disturbing because it was written in red, blood like ink.


My Dearest Valeriana,

I’ve missed you so much that I no longer feel that we are connected in this world.  You are my twin and I had hoped that you would come around to see that the family’s decision …

I’m writing to let you know that I’m married now to a wonderful man…

I hope that one day you may…

…  expecting my first…

You have all my love,

Morticia Addams


Jessica only skimmed the letter and picked out a few words, but in the end she had a name in which to send her request.  “Morticia Addams,” she muttered.  “I hope that you will be kind to my boy.”




(…i…) Valeriana Frump is an idea that popped out at me.  She is the fictional fraternal twin for the dark haired beauty named Morticia.  This idea is original to me, if there are any stories about a similar creature I send Kudos to you, but note that I have not read any Addams Family fanfiction prior to creating this story.  She does not exist in the history of the whole Addams Family world, franchise, etc... so don’t look for her.

(…ii…) I know nothing about American Social Aide for children, all I know is that in Canada parents are supplemented monthly for children under a certain age… at least that’s what occurred when I was a kid.

(…iii…) Name pronounced Val – air – e – aan – a, it’s a made up name based on the Valerian Root, which is often used as a mild sedative and is effective in promoting sleep.

Author’s Note:  The brackets with the roman numeral are formatted like this (…i…) because it allows me to post this story on various other sites, where some formatting gets erased or replaced by funky symbols due to incompatibility.
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