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Sinful series

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Summary: Willow trades her life for the Scoobies' ones, leaving her in the hands of Jean-Claude and Asher.

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Anita Blake > Willow-Centered > Pairing: OtherSerenaFR1822,540056,70612 Oct 0312 Oct 03No


Title : Ours

Author : Serena

*answer to Jinni’s Quickie Challenge pairing 127*

rating : PG16

disclaimer : Willow belongs to Joss Whedon. JC and Asher belong to Laurell K. Hamilton… damn!


“Take your pick, ma petite.”

Willow shifted nervously from one foot to the other. She twisted her hands, looking at her right, then at her left. It was on that side that stood two vampires, a kind they had never encountered before. They were powerful, too powerful. The redhead knew to avoid their eyes. No fair being enthralled when she had to make the hardest choice of her life.

On the right side were her friends, bounded and gagged. Buffy was unconscious, her head resting in Dawn’s lap. The brunette was tenderly brushing her hair from her face. Xander was silently fuming next to the two women. Amazingly enough, he had been the hardest one to contain.

There had been no warning. They had came through the front door. Spike had been out and they still held hope that the blonde vampire would deliver them. But at what price? Would he give his life for theirs? The two vampires were too strong, master vampires. And even though Spike held the same title, Willow knew he could easily be killed by the supernatural creatures waiting for her answer.

Her answer. On one hand, she had the lives of her friends. On the other hand, she had hers. Choices, choices.

They had heard news that powerful vampires had come into town. They thought they had come to claim the Hellmouth as their playground. The slayer wanted them out. They went, they fought, they lost. They were no match for the two master vampires, even with the slayer’s strength and the witch’s power.

Unfortunately for Willow, she caught their attention. And so, they gave her a choice. Her life for her friends’ ones. It wasn’t a really fair bargain, but who ever said vampires believed in fairplay?

“What is your choice, ma petite?”

She shivered. His voice was like a hand caressing her spine. She had to admit it was tempting. They were very good looking. The one who did most of the talking, named Jean-Claude, was dark haired and wearing clothes that shouldn’t look this good on a man. His hair fell on his shoulders in gentle waves. His voice was hypnotic, beautiful, and he moved with the grace of a feline, sensual-like. She wouldn’t look in his eyes, but she was sure they would be beautiful.

The other vampire had long wavy golden hair and had fair skin. They were pulled back, giving her a good look at his almost perfect face. One half was what made the artists dream of handsome angels. The other half was a mess. It was scarred, but she thought he was surprised she didn’t look that repulsed by them. He was beautiful no matter how many scars he had. Jean-Claude had called him Asher. Just like the dark haired vampire, she wouldn’t look at his eyes. It was tempting, but she wasn’t stupid.

Willow swallowed. She looked at her friends and closed her eyes. Xander rattled his chains when he realised what she was about to do. She smiled sadly to him. She opened her eyes and she looked directly into midnight blue ones. She gasped. Jean-Claude had magnificent eyes and she drowned in his gaze. She vaguely felt herself fall forward into a pair of strong arms, just before she passed out.

* * *

Willow woke up slowly. She was laying naked on a poster bed with blood red silk sheets. The room was decorated in black and white and was illuminated by the soft glow of scented candles spread across what looked like a bedroom.

The witch sat up and hugged her arms around her naked form. She knew the two master vampires were around, somewhere near. Maybe even hiding in the shadows, watching her. She breathed deeply and extended her senses across the room. She felt her magic react. “I know you’re there, so why don’t you quit playing hide and seek?”

Jean-Claude laughed, even more amused when the redhead shivered in pleasure. “But it is such delight to watch you from the shadows, sweet Willow.” He walked to the bed and crawled on top of it. She scooted backward. He looked over her shoulder. Asher was already there, having moved too fast for the young woman to see. He heard her gasp when another pair of arms encircled her from behind.

Asher pressed his smooth cheek to hers. “Do not fear us, Willow,” he whispered. “We won’t hurt you.”

She snorted. “Kind of hard to believe when you took me away from my friends. The last time I saw them, they were chained to a wall.”

“They are safe,” Jean-Claude said. “You made your choice, Willow. If you could change the past, would you?”

She closed her eyes. “No. I’d give my life everyday just to save them. The sacrifice was worth it.”

Asher kissed her cheek. “So loyal. So beautiful. So sad. Why this sadness, Willow? Aren’t you happy that your friends are well because of you?”

“I am. But I gave up my life. Gave it to you, both of you. What are you going to do with it?”

Jean-Claude smiled. “We’re going to make it blossom, ma petite. We are going to give it a little spice, without the sour taste of the Hellmouth.” He looked into her eyes and he smiled when hers widened, surprised he hadn’t been trying to enthral her. “Give yourself to us, Willow. Let your mortal life go.”

She moaned softly when Asher’s lips touched hers. They were so soft, almost warm. She opened her mouth to his persistent tongue. Her tongue caught his fang and Asher sucked on it, tasting the pure magical blood. He moaned in obvious pleasure. He caressed her bare shoulders. Still kissing her, he bent her neck to one side.

Jean-Claude’s eyes darkened with passion when he saw his lover kissing the lovely redhead, the witch whom had given him her life for the sake of her friends. She was loyal and he loved it.

He moved over her body laying in Asher’s lap. His hands trailed her thighs, then up her waist, then breast. He slipped his strong arms around her slight frame. His eyes caught the pale blue ones of the blonde vampire. He had trouble controlling his blood lust. Jean-Claude shivered in anticipation. If Asher was losing control, then the blood of the redhead should be nectar.

He brushed his lips tenderly across the skin of her neck Asher had bared for him. He felt her tense. He caressed her back gently and let Asher’s kiss drown her fear. He brushed his mouth over her ear. “Don’t be afraid, Willow. Let me bring you to ecstasy,” he said softly, his breath tickling her sensitive skin.

Feeling her give away, Jean-Claude bent down once again over her neck. He licked the skin before biting gently in the tender flesh. Magical blood flew to his mouth, powerful blood, pure like innocence, but still tainted with darkness, a promise of high powers. He moaned in ecstasy and pulled the witch more firmly against him.

Willow moaned louder. Asher’s kiss had been more than good. It had been a gateway to the land of pleasure. Jean-Claude’s *kiss* was pure sin. She couldn’t believe how wonderful it felt. She could feel their energy swirl around and throughout each other. Their essence was mixing. Their power combined and pulled Asher’s into the mix.

Willow arched her back and screamed as she came. Jean-Claude pulled on her blood once last time before allowing the redhead to fall back in Asher’s lap. The blond vampire leaned forward and licked the drop of blood lingering of the dark haired vampire’s lip. He then took the redhead and placed her comfortably in the middle of the bed, pulling the sheets over her naked body. She was already asleep. “Sleep, Willow, for in two nights, you shall be in our arms for eternity. One life to save them all.”

With a sigh, Jean-Claude walked in a daze to the couch, Asher following him. “I’ve never tasted blood more powerful than this young witch’s one,” he whispered.

“You’re right,” Asher replied. “She is quite intoxicating.” He sat down beside Jean-Claude. “And she’s ours.”

“Yes, mon ami. She is ours.”
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