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Stillest Nights

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Summary: They dropped like flakes, they dropped like stars, only to rise again.

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NOTE: This chapter is rated FR15

Rise Again

Title :: Rising Again
Rating:: FR18
Synopsis :: Family was the one thing, the one constant in Dean’s life, before and after his death.
Disclaimer :: Supernatural and all related characters are copyright Eric Kripke, Kripke Enterprises & The CW Network. Buffy the Vampire Slayer and all related characters are copyright Joss Whedon and ME. No infringement intended.

Prompt :: Kerrykhat’s ’When You Smile' by Concrete Blonde

Rising Again

Family was the one thing, the one constant in Dean’s life, before and after his death. He understood loyalty, he understood respect, and he understood taking care of those that couldn’t take care of themselves and when his father, with the help of a few locals, Molotov Cocktailed the place he’d been squatting in Dean had taken the time to gather up the newest member of family as his sire fled.

Angel had only been concerned with his own ass as the family he’d brought Dean into went up in flames and crumpled to ash, the half-crazed chick screeching as the fire ate her lover and then her—apparently the psychic hadn’t seen that one coming. A smirk twisted the corner of his mouth as he shifted, adjusting his body lower in the chair so that only his shoulders were supported by the hard back as his boots lifted, with only a slight tugging of his stomach muscles, to be propped on the bed.

The bed’s occupant remained motionless, slumped on her side and features slack, but with the setting of the sun earlier in the evening she’d went from corpse pale to something remotely human. She almost looked peaceful in her utter lack of movement, as if she were sleeping instead of dead, and Dean ignored the whimpers from the bathroom as her brows drew down and together. The sudden movement followed quickly by the rippling of her skin and crack of bone as her brow-line reformed and sharpened, angles appearing where they didn’t belong.

Whisper-thin lashes fluttered, opened and saffron eyes stared at Dean in confusion as pale lips parted, exposing her curved canines and cuspated front teeth and his slow smile of appreciation inclined her head. Blonde hair falling forward to cover her new features before she rose at the waist, muscles working in tandem to make the movement fluid and oddly attractive. Another whimper drew her head towards the closed bathroom door and Dean’s boots fell from bed to carpet. He stood and felt her focus snap briefly back to him as he made his way across the room to that door.

He turned back to her, watched her face as he twisted the knob and pushed inwards, swinging the door open and baring the bathroom’s contents. Her nostrils flared, eyes narrowing as she pushed back the covers he’d put over her nude, freshly scrubbed, form and stalked her way forward. Dean turned with her, watched the bound girl, tussled nicely in the bathtub, catch sight of his newest family member and begin to scream through her gag, scrambling against the slick porcelain as she tried, and failed, to stand.

Small hands caught her shoulders, dragged her free of that tub and onto the tiled floor before straddling her struggling body. Brown eyes stared past his family to Dean and he inclined his head, a smirk lifting the corner of his mouth as his own brow shifted forward and down, the room suddenly clearer, more in focus and those eyes looked away from him. Tears spilling down the slopes of her cheeks as her screaming ceased and the fight left her body as his family caught her chin, jerking it to the side and brought her own head downward in a smooth arc.

There was a cough and a gag as she bit too close to center and nicked the windpipe, spilling more blood on herself then in her mouth before she angled her head, covering the wound and sucking greedily. Those brown eyes grew unfocused, lids lowering as the human sagged against the floor and the gasp from beneath the gag was almost definitely not pain-filled and after a few short moments her body bucked, nearly dislodging his family as she drew, now shallowly, from her victim’s ruined throat.

A shudder chased its way through her body as those eyes rolled slightly upward, exposing the white as his family drew back and rose in one smooth movement. She turned her head, voice confused and lisping around the edges as she stated, “She liked it.”

A nod dipped his chin as he made his way closer to her and explained, “Some of ‘em do.”

She turned, presenting him with her blood speckled cheeks and smeared mouth. Her jaw thrust forward, eyes closing as a look of concentration fell across her features and the ridges of her true face melted away into a human mask and when her eyes opened they were wide and green and entirely too human. A pink tongue swept across her lower lip, drawing in more blood as she glanced down to the body at her feet and asked, “Why?”

Dean shook his head, allowing his own façade to fall back into place as he shrugged, “Hell if I know.”

Her mouth curved upward before confusion entered her gaze and she glanced around the small bathroom and into the motel room beyond it. “Where am I?”

“Downtowner Motel.”

Her frown became more prominent. “Angel?”

A brow rose and Dean turned, giving the cooling body and his family his back as he made his way towards the bed and explained, “Our sire has left the building.” He took a spot on the bed, leaning against the headboard as she followed him into the room and moved around it, studying the walls, the mirror and her lack of reflection as Dean continued, “My dad came looking for me. He’s a hunter.”

Her head inclined, fingers trailing over the plastic dresser the television was propped on before she turned back to him and braced her hands on either side and hopped her ass onto it. Dean’s gaze dropped to her bare chest as it settled after the brisk movement and her voice drew him back to the conversation as she questioned, “Hunter? Of what?”

“The supernatural,” her wide eyes had him lifting a shoulder, “Mostly ghosts in need of a salt and burn and the occasional demon, but vampires,” he gave a short bark of laughter and shook his head, “I didn’t even think they-us,” he quickly admonished, “were even real.”

A hand rose to run through her shoulder length hair, drawing it back from her face and she paused, shuddering with the movement as she pulled it back too tight and strained the skin at her hairline. She shivered and rolled her shoulders forward and Dean smirked, well aware of the constant rush that any movement, no matter how mundane, felt those first few minutes after feeding. A quick inhale of unneeded breath expelled outward and she opened her eyes, focusing back on him with an intensity that belied her nature. “So your dad, the hunter, came a knocking and?”

“And burned down the mansion we were squatting in.”

“Oh.” Her brows rose, eyes widening. “And Angel?”

“Booked it for the nearest exit.”

She snorted, “Of course he did.”

Dean’s mouth curved downward. “He’s not the most loyal of types.”

“Not hardly.”

His head inclined as he prompted, “You’re not upset?”

“Should I be?” Her head inclined, “Huh,” a shrug lifted her shoulders and breasts, “I’m sure I should care, but I just can’t bring myself to give a damn,” an amused smile curved her mouth, “That’s pretty nifty.”

Dean shifted, slipping his legs off the bed and put boot to carpet once more before strolling towards the dresser and found himself enjoying the way his family watched his every movement. His gaze searched her face as she studied him before hers lifted to meet his and he stopped directly in front of her and asked, “Do you know who I am?”

Her head shook, slowly from side to side, but her gaze remained locked on his before she offered him, “I don’t know who, but I know what,” her smile spread her blood smeared mouth wide, “You’re family,” her chin dipped, gaze still focused on his as she leaned forward, “But are we a brother and sister kinda family or something else kinda family?”

His mouth curved upward as he replied, “Something else kinda family.”

“Good,” her head cocked, “’cause being attracted to your brother is the incestuous-creepy I don’t wanna be.”

“Attracted?” Dean leaned forward, tongue flattening against her cheek and capturing some of the blood splattered there. A small hand curved around the back of his neck and then slipped downward as he took a step closer and that hand flattened against his chest and shoved. Stumbling him back several steps and nearly spilling him on his ass, even with his new and improved reflexes.

“Pfft!” A perfectly arched brow shot up and those green eyes narrowed, “You killed me,” she stated matter of fact-like before finishing with, “You gotta work your way outta that doghouse, mister.”

The challenge in her tone brought an answering spark in his own voice as he corrected, “Dean, my name’s Dean.”

“Buffy,” her brow dropped as she quickly added, “is me and,” her tongue eased out, sweeping her lower lip again as her gaze locked with his, eyes taking on a yellow-hue, “I’m still hungry.”

The end.

Note :: Thank you to those that nominated and voted for the previous chapter/short story for best Angel(us) for the 2010 CoAs. It was flattering and greatly appreciated. Angel(us) isn't gone from this series, but it is now labelled General as this vamp'ed Buffy makes her way through the Scoobies.

The End

You have reached the end of "Stillest Nights". This story is complete.

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