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Cross Purposes

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Multiple Jurisdictions". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Some days things just don't make sense. (Formerly Titled Multiple Jurisdictions)

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Chapter 10

“What am I in here for, Agent Gibbs? I’m an Army Ranger. I don’t answer to NCIS.”

“Just a few routine questions, Agent Miller. I’m sorry to have pulled you in on your holiday. You worked with an agent… Riley Finn, correct?”

“I did. What’s this about, Agent Gibbs?”

“When was the last time you saw Agent Finn?”

“Before I left my unit three days ago, Agent Gibbs. He’s in Columbia.”

“Now why don’t I believe that, Agent Miller?”

“Just what are you implying, Sir?”

“Implying? I’m not implying anything, Agent Miller. You knew he was AWOL. He’s been stateside since before you left Columbia.”

“Alright. Fine. You got me. I came back to look for him. Riley is a friend and I was worried.”

“Oh, now, that I believe Agent Miller. But I don’t think you were worried as much about Finn as you were about Milicevic.”

“Samantha? What does she have to do with this? She and Finn split up months ago. Did that bastard do something to her?”

“Riley Finn is dead, Agent Miller. And I think you know why.”

“He’s dead? Good. Bastard had it coming.”

“Just a minute ago you were telling me he was your friend, Agent Miller. Tell me, what am I going to find when I run your gun against the slug we pulled out of Finn’s body?”

“Look, Agent Gibbs, I think you already know where this is going. You’ll find the slug matches my gun. Of course you will; you wouldn’t have found my gun if it wouldn’t. I wouldn’t be here if you wouldn’t find the match. Finn? Finn had it coming. I respected the man, once, but he is… was, not the man I called my friend.”

“So you shot him?”

“I had my orders, Agent Gibbs; General Voll is not a man you say no to.”

“You’re telling me, Agent Miller, that a General personally told you to kill the head of your unit?”

“I’m not telling you anything, Agent Gibbs. We both know I’ll be out of here before you’re done processing me. Having NCIS handle the investigation is cute, but Voll has the connections he needs to make this, or me, disappear”

“So talk, Agent Miller. Why did Voll want Finn dead?”

“Finn had been found not once, not, twice, but thirteen times that we know of with hostile agents.”

“I’m still not clear on who these ‘Hostile Agents’ belong to, but we’ll get back tot hat. Finn was a traitor?”

“I wouldn’t go that far, Agent Gibbs. But he was a liability. One that General Voll couldn’t tolerate any longer.”

“And what, Finn got word? Went into hiding?”

“Finn wasn’t AWOL, agent Gibbs. He was recalled. Just like I was.”

Gibbs sighed, “I don’t suppose you have proof of that?”

Miller shook his head, “And we both know I’ll be out of here before you’re done processing me.”

“There’s one thing I don’t understand, Agent Miller. What about the bite marks on Finn’s body?”

“What the hell. Tell me, Agent Gibbs, do you believe in Vampires?”


“Welcome back SG-1. Please report to General Hammond for debriefing.”

“Any idea why Hammond called us back early, Walter?”

“Sorry, Dr. Jackson, not a clue.”

“So, Colonel, what do we say about the Vampire?”

“For the last time Carter. That. Was not. A Vampire.”


A/N: A sequel will follow at some point. Hopefully one that's not entirely dialogue.

The End

You have reached the end of "Cross Purposes". This story is complete.

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