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Cross Purposes

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Multiple Jurisdictions". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Some days things just don't make sense. (Formerly Titled Multiple Jurisdictions)

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RamenthFR18104,23901738,3847 Aug 091 Sep 09Yes

Chapter Two

Disclaimer: Neither NCIS nor Buffy belong to me.

“So you have no idea why agent Finn would be in DC, Colonel Halfard?”

“Like I told you, last I heard Finn’s unit was still in Columbia. If he was back he should have let me know.”

“You are agent Finn’s CO, yes? Are we to assume that he was a wall then?”


“I think you mean AWOL, Ziva. But she’s right. If he’s not supposed to be in the country…”

“Now hold on. It’s entirely possible Finn came back to the US for a valid reason. I’m his CO on paper, but I’m not the head of his unit. Let me make some calls and get back to you, agents.” The MTAC’s screen went blank as Halfard clicked his end off.

McGee turned to Ziva and sighed, “Well… that told us nothing. God, I hate Black Ops.”

“On the contrary, Tim, we know that whatever Agent Finn was involved is not sanctioned. I do not believe that Halfard’s confusion was an act.”

“Alright, but we still don’t know why Finn was in town, why he was at that club, or what he’s involved in.”


“What’ve you got for me, Duck?”

“Ah, Jethro, I was just about to call you. I haven’t seen a body like this since I was in Medical School. You see, a poor man, a transient we thought, had passed on one winter night—“

“Get to the point, Ducky.”

“Ah, yes, quite right. As I suspected, Agent Finn was shot at close ranger with a small caliber bullet, probably a nine-millimeter. I gave the bullets to Abby. But Jethro, that is only the start for this poor agent. Is it possible this was some sort of body dump? While most of his wounds occurred post-mortem, his one here on his neck appears to have happened just before, or possible while he was shot.”

“Can’t be, Duck. Bar tender saw him alive a half hour before the time of death.”

“Well then, Jethro, I’m not sure what to tell you. But there’s more, at least two of these look to be covering older similar bite marks.”

“I need answers, Duck.”

“Give me a few more hours and maybe I’ll have some for you, but I make no promises.”
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