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Cross Purposes

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Multiple Jurisdictions". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Some days things just don't make sense. (Formerly Titled Multiple Jurisdictions)

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RamenthFR18104,23901738,3847 Aug 091 Sep 09Yes

Chapter One

Disclaimer: Neither NCIS nor Buffy belong to me.

“Let’s go,” Agent Gibbs barked, “Dead ranger at a club in Norfolk.”

“Ranger, boss? Isn’t that CID’s territory?”

“Not today, Tony.”


“What’ve you got for me?” Gibbs asked, glancing down at body sprawled across the alley behind the club.

“The dead agent is Riley Finn, Gibbs.” Ziva replied before tossing Gibbs a set of dog tags.

“Time of Death, Duck?” Gibbs asked.

“Looks to be eight to ten hours ago, Jethro,” Ducky responded.

“That clicks with what the bar tender said, Boss,” McGee added, “She remembers him coming in around ten ordering drinks until eleven thirty but didn’t see him after that.”

“Safe to say he was drunk then?”

“Probably, given how much he drank, but his orders were pretty weak.”

“Like, weaker than what palmer orders weak—” Tony chimed in.

“Hey now, I… right, not the time.” Palmer interjected.

“No offence Palmer. But yeah, boss, it’s why the bartender remembered him.”

“Good to know. Cause of death?”

“Probably a bar fight, Boss. This isn’t exactly the nicest area.” Dinozzo responded.

“I wouldn’t be so sure, Tony. Even drunk, an Army Ranger is quite well trained. As far as death goes, I can’t be sure until I can give him an autopsy, Jethro, but I would guess it was the bullet to the chest. But the wounds have a distinct lack of blood. There’s some, of course, but not nearly as much as I would have expected. It’s possible he was shot post-mortem”

“What about the other wounds, Duck?”

“I can’t be sure but I’d guess something had been snacking on him after he expired. The wounds look like animal bites, but as I said, I’ll need to take a closer look.”

“Get to it Duck. McGee, David, go talk to Finn’s CO. Find out what he was doing here. Dinozzo, go with them and talk to his unit. See if you can find out why he was here.”

“Got it boss.”

“Uh, boss? Who is his CO?”

“Find out, McGee!”
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