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The Price

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This story is No. 6 in the series "2009 Fic-a-day Challenge". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Things always have a price. In this case Snape was not willing to pay.

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Harry Potter > Cordelia-CenteredEffieFR731,974084,3587 Aug 0921 Aug 09No

Chapter One

Title: The Price
Author: Effie
Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer nor Harry Potter.
Fandoms: Harry Potter and BTVS
Rating: FR7
Summary: Things always have a price. In this case Snape was not willing to pay.
Word Count: 652

Severus Snape woke up the instant the screams started. He rushed out of the bed and ran down the hall, wand in hand. He flung open the door and didn’t hesitate when he saw the writhing figure in the bed. He was at the side of the bed in an instant.

He tried to pry off her hands from her hair as she kept screaming and decided against it when he saw her tighten her grip. He stood next to the side, waiting for it to end. When the screams stop the form in the bed collapsed and began to shudder. Snape quickly took the figure into his arms.

The small head buried itself into his shoulder. He offered what comfort he could but it was mostly fruitless during the actual fits but he knew he could help the aftermath. The child pulled away in a moment.

Snape looked into the dark eyes of his daughter and wondered what she was going to tell him this time.

“He’s coming.” She said simply. “He’s coming and someone is going to die.” She wiped at her eyes. Snape didn’t bother to offer her a handkerchief. She wasn’t prone to many actual tears but dry sobs.

“Cordelia,” He began unsure of how to proceed. “Is ‘he’ the Dark Lord?”

Cordelia nodded. “He’s coming. In a cemetery with Potter and another student there. The student dies.” Snape stilled. The TriWizard Tournament was scheduled for this year, anyone hardly knew. “You’re going to help save him. A potion, he’ll need the ingredients and the man-rat will cut off his own hand for it.” She said shuddering at the images.

Snape hugged her again and was silent waiting for her to calm down and want to return to bed. If anyone had told him that his daughter was going to be psychic he would have laughed. There were no psychics in the Prince and Chase families for as long as anyone could trace. Yet he had a psychic daughter.

He hated it. Cordelia couldn’t control her visions and they were unlike anything any thing recorded before. Visions were not supposed to be violent and leave the recipient incapacitated. When Snape noticed that the visions tended to involve the surrounding area and were tragedies or accidents meant to be prevented he had moved them into the middle of the country.

Cordelia’s visions had been greatly reduced but on occasion came when they involved great events. He stroked her hair gently. They had been increasing since the Dark Lord had made his presence known again at Hogwarts. It frightened Snape. Not because the Dark Lord was coming back again but because he would want to use Cordelia if he could. He would put her near danger in order to try and trigger a vision that would help him.

Cordelia settled into bed again looking tired. “Dad,” She called.

“Yes?” He asked wondering what she wanted. That tone of voice made him nervous.

“How bad is it?” She was young enough have the possibility of a full life ahead of her but old enough to understand that sometimes it didn’t happen.

“Don’t talk about that,” he said and walked out to get a calming draught. “Go to sleep,” he said as he made her drink it. Cordelia’s eyes began to droop and she was asleep in minutes.

Snape ran his hand through his hair. Cordelia’s visions were unlike anything the country had ever seen. They were violent, painful and did more than endanger her when she suddenly collapsed in pain. Cordelia’s brain was slowly dying. For every vision there was more brain damage.

Snape knew the Dark Lord didn’t care and as much as Dumbledore was noble, he would definitely try to use her for the ‘greater good’ if he saw it fit. Snape sighed and feared that she’d be dead long before the war was over and his own death. Cordelia may have saved hundreds of people with her visions but frankly Snape didn’t give a damn if it was going to kill her.
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