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Warden Xander?

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Summary: What happens when Xander tries to mix together costumes?

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Literature > Dresden Files, TherothosFR13108,17126930,5857 Aug 0925 Sep 09Yes

Where do we go George?

Disclaimer: see Egyhon part 1

Xander blinked and then looked at George.
“Ok, who and what was that?”

The skull did a pivot from where he was perched on top of a stack of books.
“Well, that particular entity goes by half a dozen names, but it's portfolio is Balance in Magic.
It's a part of magic, pure law whereas you were granted law enforcement responsibilities by the representation of Chaos magic. Maybe I was choosing to teach you the rigidly structured elemental manipulation too soon, so we'll skip to the basics of chance magic. Minor entropy jinxes and some beneficial enhancement spells; you know there's this one spell that....” George stopped as he was straining to hold a ward against a Slayer wanting to crush the demony talking skull with a mace taken from the book cage.

BUFFY!!! Xander and Giles yell in chorus. Buffy sheepishly tries to hide the mace behind her back, looking like a little girl with her hand caught in the cookie jar.

“That skull is a vast repository of knowledge of all kinds, like an ancient version of that infernal machine, don't destroy it.” Giles says hand twitching near a weapon hilt.

Xander just looks at Buffy. “Buff, you have a destiny and nifty powers not to mention Giles. I now have a destiny, just got a set of nifty powers I'm learning to control and that is my Giles; dig it?”

Buffy looks forlorn and the mace drops from her hand. “Yeah, I dig but will my Xander-shaped friend have time for me or Wills now that he has a destiny and shiny new powers of his own?”

Xander's look softens. “Of course, Buff you and Wills are my girls. I always make time for my girls.”
he wraps his arms around Buffy who hugs her best man-friend back.

George claps his jawbone against his upper teeth. “Hey, Xander in case you haven't been listening to the Balance Magic entity you have to reform the White Council. Now that has to start with finding a suitable magic-wielder to become the core of your Senior Council. Now as just a skull, I cast my vote for Mr. Tweed here as he has experience.”

Giles looks at George. “I'll have you know that my name is Rupert Giles and you should refer to me as Mr. Giles.” Giles growls.

George spins to face Giles. “Listen, mage right now you have to become the first part of the Council, the Merlin. That won't be too much of a sacrifice for you because your duties are small, namely controlling the meetings that Warden Xander calls. May as well brush up on your magic too because we might need magical muscle when we start running into warlocks.”

Giles ponders for a minute,then sighs. “Very well, I Rupert Allistair Pennyworth Giles consent to become the Merlin of this new White Council.”

A figure appears in a flash of light, he bears a staff and is cloaked in robes of deep blue.
“Finally someone takes my role as adviser to the magic-wielders. This staff is both a symbol of your authority and burden. Authority to decide the sentences of warlocks that the Wardens will carry out and responsibility to guide them as best as possible.”
With that the figure disappears leaving the staff which is a plain white wooden rod of six feet topped with a diamond.

“Now, next thing is to find other magic users to make up the Council. Your buddy Willow did have some talent, maybe with some work you can make that grow?” George said.

“Well, we found our Merlin let's wait a while until we get our next member, I'll talk to Willow tomorrow after she comes back from Temple services.”Xander said.

“Fine, but we have to work on your magic, Xander.” George said.

In response, Xander lifted his hand and a rolling sound was heard. Eventually there was a knocking on the door and in rolled a wooden ball the size of Xander's hand. Xander picked it up and put it into his pocket.

“What's that magically attuned ball and why is it going in your pocket?” George asked.

“You're looking at my first focus, skullboy. Monday, we figure out where it broke off of and search for more magic.” Xander said before bidding everyone goodbye and walking home with George.
While he is walking home Meryl walks up to him.
“You did good Warden, my bosses are happy. Soon, we're going to have a nice long chat about your powers.”
She walked off into the night and disappeared from Xander's view.
A patrol car rolled up and a window rolled down.
“Excuse me, Mr. Harris do you need a ride home? It's late and we don't want young adults roaming the streets too many gangs around.” Sara's voice said.
“Why good evening officer, I think I'll take you up on that offer.” Xander said
“Now where do you live?” Sara said.

The End

You have reached the end of "Warden Xander?". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking